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Frequently Asked Questions

As we are just starting, we shall see what questions are asked and answer them here!

How do I select which viewing mode will come up?

The system will default to the Latest mode. The Categories mode is one click away under the Category button.

You may set your default starting mode: left click on your icon, click on the gear, click on "Interface" and select your desired default home page.

Also please note that you can force which view will be shown through your selection of the entry URL. The category mode will be loaded if you use and the latest mode link is

Is there a way to move around more quickly?

Yes, the system will accept hotkeys. For example you can jump to the unread message listing by typing gu, or the latest listing with gl.

The full list of hotkeys is available by clicking the 'hamburger menu' in the upper right corner and selecting the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' link.