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Cardinal Flyers Online

The Cardinal Flyers Online has a simple mission statement:

To bring Cardinal Flyers together around the world while communicating Cessna Cardinal knowledge, information, experiences and wisdom in creative and effective ways. We are about building a community of Cardinal owners as well as technical knowledge interchange.

Put a more practical way, the Cardinal flyers are here for three things: Flying Safely, Saving Money and Having Fun. We do that through the use and application of several membership tools and benefits:

The CFO Email Digest

This almost-daily online magazine is an exchange of information between and among Cardinal owners and has become the essential source of information and entertainment for Cardinal owners. Under the inspired leadership of its moderator Paul Millner, the digest covers subjects ranging from the latest Cardinal products and services to where to land when visiting Orlando to the molecular properties of the gas in your nose gear strut, without spending too much time at any extreme.

The CFO Digest provides safety information, cost saving opportunities and a great deal of entertainment as Paul wends his way through the daily flurry and mix of profound esoteria. For more information on the digest click here.

The CFO Web Site

As the central focal point of the CFO, the CFO web page contains three basic categories of information:

  • CFO Home

    Many of the services provided by CFO are on this page. The Classified ads, archives of the CFO Digest and information on the regional flyins are on this page.

    In addition there will be a range of CFO-wear, suitable for showing that you are connected with CFO.

    Learn where the best value in parts is, how to use an equivalent part from a different source or find someone looking to sell the very part you've been looking for. Once good lead from this section of the web page can pay your membership fee for a decade!

  • Technical Area

    The technical area is primarily about safety, although there are many cost savings to be found in these pages. We need to know what kinds of things are going wrong with the fleet, how to detect them and how to fix them right. These pages provide the information you need to do that.

    If you have any technical question about your Cardinal, this is the place to start. The most common, trickiest and most obscure issues faced by Cardinal owners are covered side by side in this area.

    The technical information is presented in a number of ways. The Preflight page helps us catch the subtle details before we fly. The Annual page gives us a guideline to make our annual inspection more effective. And the Index lets us see all the facts, for those times when something odd pops up.

    In addition, the technical page offers information on parts and service sources, operational suggestions, Prepurchase hints and suggestions, data on the Cardinal through the years and several other useful areas.

    If it's not on the technical page, float a question on the digest. You will, at the least, get a number of good guesses!

  • Flyers page

    And finally, we need to have a little fun!

    At the center of the Cardinal Flyers Online are the people who fly these marvelous aircraft. On the Flyers page you will be able to see the things they do to customize their airplanes, the places the go and the things they do to have fun.
    See their aircraft, hear about their good days and their bad days. And check out the links to the many related Cardinal sites on the web.

CFO Gatherings

  • CFO Conventions

    We get together somewhere in the USA just about every year for several days of fun, camaraderie and learning. The location varies by year, always at an interesting location, and includes a more social side trip to a local attraction.

    The main portion of the convention includes technical discussions, programs of interest and an in-depth walkaround of the Cardinals in attendance, as well as good food with fun people.

    In the past we have visited Cessna, Lycoming and a few resorts. Stay tuned for details on the next convention location!

  • CFO Gatherings at Aviation events

    The CFO family gathers at the larger airshows and aviation events around the country, including Sun & Fun, Oshkosh and AOPA.

    The format varies with the event, watch the CFO events pages for details.

  • Regional Flyins

    A number of Cardinal Flyers have volunteered to organize local flyins that have been a great success. CFO is a clearing house for information on those flyins, and hopes to provide an exchange of information to help make those events easier to put on and more fun to attend.

    If you would like to host a CFO flyin be sure to read the policy and instructions first! We've learned how to make them successful, so take advantage of our experience!

Like what you hear? Join us and let's get started!

Copyright Cardinal Flyers Online LLC 1997-2019