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Cardinal Flyers Benefits:

CFO Support

There are times in any aircraft owner's life when you just need a little help.

That might take the form of advice from an expert, a few words of encouragement in the face of a daunting project or a shoulder to cry on when everything goes wrong.

One of the central benefits of CFO is the connection it creates between you and hundreds of Cardinal owners around the country. There are very few situations, from a 'sleeping' valve to a multiple heart bypass, that someone else will not have already experienced. And that experience can be a great comfort and aid when you need it.

CFO joins it's members together in several ways:

  • Through Regional Flyins: Many CFO members have volunteered their time and a great deal of effort to put together regional fly-ins for Cardinal owners. These events give us a chance to meet each other and compare notes (and aircraft!).

  • Through local contact: Between the digest and flyins we learn about like-minded Cardinal owners in our area, and that can have several benefits. Whether you need to find a mechanic in an unfamiliar area or could use a hand out at the airport, a little Cardinal-knowledgable local talent can be a big help.

    We hope to build this network further in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • Through the Digest: The CFO Digest is our primary lifeline for help and support. Often just reading will bring us the information we need to know that we're not alone as we work to maintain and upgrade our airplanes.

    It's when the chips are really down (or in the oil) that the digest comes through. A quick question to the group will bring a fast response with suggestions, support and the occasional miracle. We've dealt with everything from complete oil dumps to the trials of a triple bypass, and we've all grown from the experience.

  • Through the Web Page: As a constant companion to the digest, our web site captures the nuggets from the digest and other member experiences for your browsing and learning enjoyment. This helps us base our conversations on the current state of knowledge and helps us build on what we already know as a community.

    You may recall hearing about a certain problem in the digest, perhaps even looked it up in the archives. But as they say, a picture is worth a lot of words, and the web page tries to put pictures alongside the key words. Many of our members take pictures of there more challenging experiences, and some even build web pages for us!

All in all, CFO can bring the power of the Cardinal community right to your terminal, doorstep or hanger door. Just dive in, pitch in and we'll see where working together can take us!

For CFO contact information. please go to this page.

To join us in CFO, go to this page.

Copyright Cardinal Flyers Online LLC 1997-2018