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Cardinal Flyers Member Comments

Over the years we've had a number of very nice emails from people who found value in the things we are doing here together in CFO. Here are a few of them:

From: George Hanzawa
Subject: Cardinal Ownership input

Keith, I am a new Cardinal owner here in Hawaii. I purchased my 1977RG for Ohio. Has it put in a container railed and the shipped to Hawaii. It is a sweet aircraft.

I have been looking for a Cardinal for sometime now and found this one on the internet. So why am I writing you?

Your web site has helped me not just once but a few time. First the pre purchase check list. AD's, How to fix my doors. but the one that motivated me to write you was, my brake went soft on the left side and I found the swivel fitting leaking in the landing gear.

Note: I am also an A&P and could not figure out how to fix that problem. I looked at it for hours, went home, and looked up the Cardinal web site and found the fix. THANK-YOU. THANK-YOU. THANK-YOU. I will fix the problem this weekend.

Aloha, George Hanzawa

From: "Bell, Ken"
Subject: Stabilator Brackets

I have found the Cardinal Digests and the Cardinal Web Site to be by far the best sources of information to educate me on the aircraft and its maintenance. Certainly we all owe a debt of gratitude to Paul and Keith for their willingness to share their knowledge and to donate their time and efforts. I am not certain that I would have learned about the issue with the stabilator brackets had it not been for these resources.

Ken Bell -- 7534V

From: "Meadows, Gary W"
Subject: Technical Hint information

I just wanted to pass along that while I may not be very active in contributing to the website, nor do I submit stuff to the E-mail newsletter(compared to the experts that we have I just don't have anything good to say or add!) I do appreciate the effort that goes into both. I own a 68 177 (N2934X), and I have benefited greatly from the knowledge and experience that you all share.

My point is: I think the changes to the website are outstanding! The sidebar is really handy and makes information easy to access, and the overall layout is very pleasing. Overall the site has a more professional appeal. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your effort is appreciated and you are putting together a really excellent Website!

Phew! Keith:

Just finished a 3 1/2 session on your web site! What a wonderful job! A complete make over. Love the "frame" technique and all of the newly added information.

I'm glad its the holidays - probably will do a 6 hour session tomorrow!

May you have a happy, healthy and profitable new year,
Elon Ormsby

From: Tony
Subject: CFO:Vinces RG in depth

The write up on Vince in depth is killer, dude!!!!

Focusing on unique and workable solutions to the problems we all face on our birds is great.... showing folks, like Vince, in a personal way who go the extra mile is fantastic.

I embarrased how "stock" mine is.


From: David Campbell

Just wanted to tell you, keep up the good work. I'm a private pilot [VFR] with 325 hrs. I got my license about 4 years ago and am simply having a blast flying. Most of my flying is local restaurant hopping in the 50 nm. range but occasionally the 2-3 hr.cross country with my wife and daughter happen. I'm getting the "bug" to own [maybe next year] and am looking hard [and excitedly] at Cardinal RGs.

I've printed off reams of info from the web site for reading at my convenience. Your website is one of the most info packed sources I've seen! THANKS!!!


From: Don Coles

Hi Keith:

I purchased my Cardinal in New York this past June and flew her back to Michigan with only a few minor in flight problems. But she is now up to specks and the necessary alterations have been made.

Thanks, To you and your site for making this transition such an easy one.

Don Coles
Great Lakes Aerial Photos

From: John
Subject: marker beacon

Thanks to all of you for your help. This was my first inquiry on the news letter and I am very impressed with all the info.

John in PA 75 RG

From: Tim Nash
Subject: Introduction

Hello CFO Members,

Just joined the CFO and in just the short period of time, I think a little under three weeks, found some GREAT information and more importantly, met some very nice and helpful people.

Just bought my first Cardinal, a 1970 177b FG, and absolutely love it (have a problem with the vertical teal stripes running down the side but can't see them from the inside while flying).

Would love to have about another $25,000.00 in my pocket to add all the avionic goodies, mods and anything else I could nail onto this bird but with the kids, the Mrs. and the dog, will have to settle with what I got in the purchase (couple of old nav/coms and ADF).

If any you folks get to the Manassas, VA area (KHEF,about 30 miles west of Washington D.C. give me a shout, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Thanks for inviting me in and off the cold tarmac. Great web forum.

Yours in Cardinal Piloting,
Tim Nash


Thanks for your assistance and prompt returning of my phone call. Your guidance to the correct web page for spar servicability saved the day.

I faxed that information to the FBO and later the same day received a reply that the spar was actually fine after closer inspection. Some careful cleaning revealed very little pitting. I was able to go ahead and buy the airplane with confidence. Before I got this information I was ready to walk away in spite of it being a great airplane at a great price.

Some A&P mechanics are all to eager to condemn parts that are corroded without checking specs.. The CFO website has already saved me lots of money (much more than the $34 spent) and has given me a good education on cardinal matters.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for your quick assistance.

Vic Briley

Paul and Keith, it can't be said enough: thankyouthankyouTHANKYOU for this thing. It is such an important, pleasant, fun part of our lives and I can't imagine airplane ownership without it.

Jose Latour

We'd go on, but we're all blushing here... glad to be able to help people!

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