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Cardinal Flyers Benefits:

CFO Web Page

Every good exchange of information needs a chalk board: someplace where people can scribble notes, jot down a few thoughts, draw a picture or post a new theory.

The CFO Web site serves that purpose for the Cardinal Flyers and much more.

It is difficult to describe the volume and range of information that has been brought together in the CFO web page. The CFO site contains over 5,000 files and 100 Meg of information, including pictures, web pages and digest archives.

This information covers the range between detailed reviews of individual aircraft to detailed how-tos with pictures for our most challenging maintenance tasks.

Along the way it hits these high points, aligned within these primary areas:

CFO Public Home

Many of the public services provided by CFO are on this page, including complete sections in these categories:

  • Prepurchase All the data and Information you will need if you are considering the Cardinal as your aircraft of choice. Specifications, stories, checklists, things to look for... many people have reported great results from starting in this area before purchasing an aircraft.

  • Operations Answers to the operational questions you have heard from the press and your friends around the airport. Is it really hard to land? What kind of cruise will I really get? Is this an altitude aircraft or a low-level cruiser? Answers to many questions here, as well as links to some member's area pages on more advanced subjects for owners, relating to maximizing efficiency, hints and tricks.

  • Classified ads Read ads posted by members for aircraft, accessories and gear for flying your Cardinal.

  • CFO-wear In the future there will be a variety of CFO-wear, suitable for showing your connection to and support of CFO.

Member's Area

Members get a more in-depth level of information, more suited to those who own, fly or maintain a Cardinal or who have decided to get really serious about shopping and want to get in-depth.

The Members section of the CFO site has three main sections:

  • Startup area

    • New Page If you visit the CFO page often you may just want to check out what's new. Its listed on the toolbar under this link in order of entry.

    • CFO Fly-ins The flyin area has reports from past CFO events and the schedule of future events can be reviewed. If you'd like to read more about the flyins, you can read more and see a few reports here.

    • Useful files In this computer age there are many files and programs that pilots find useful. You will find a variety of files on the page, from a spreadsheet for calculating weight and balance to a configuration file for the Flightstar flight planning computer.

    • Classified posting Members can post a classified ad or remove an old ad after they make the sale.

    • Digest Archvies The opening page of the Members' section has links to our extensive library of past CFO digest emails. A search engine allows you to search the recent or far past for references to whatever issue you may be researching.

    • Housekeeping The Member's page also has a few housekeeping links for such things as renewing membership. In the future we expect to include signup for events and surveys.

  • Technical Area

    The technical area is primarily about safety, although there are many cost savings to be found in these pages. We need to know what kinds of things are going wrong with the fleet, how to detect them and how to fix them right. These pages provide the information you need to do that.

    If you have any technical question about your Cardinal, this is the place to start. The most common, trickiest and most obscure issues faced by Cardinal owners are covered side by side in this area.

    The technical information is presented in a number of ways:

    • The Preflight page helps us catch the subtle safety issues and details before we fly.

    • The Annual page gives us a guideline to make our annual inspection more effective.

    • The Index lets us see all the facts, for those times when something odd pops up. This is the direct access to the over 170 technical pages, each with text and pictures to cover an element of Cardinal maintenance in depth.

    • Advanced Ops All the experience our members have gained over their accumulated flight time, covering details of efficincy, safety, and the hints and tricks that only a 5000 hour Cardinal pilot would know.

    • Technical Data Which propellers are certified for the FG? The technical data has this and many other areas, including the text of the Type Certificates and listings of service bulletins for the aircraft and it's accessories.

    • Colors A complete breakdown of Cardinal colors, RG and FG, covering all years and all color combinations. This section includes color graphic images of every combination, showing the scheme and the color code combinations in that scheme. In addition, pictures of actual aircraft in each color scheme and combination are shown, where available.

      This section contains over 400 aircraft images in an easily navigable matrix to help you find out what your airplane used to look like, or research your next paint scheme.

    • Prepurchase This section is accessible from the public page but is also linked to here for convienience.

      In addition, the technical page offers information on parts and service sources, links to suppliers, information on salvage sources, etc etc.

      If it's not on the technical page, float a question on the digest. You will, at the least, get a number of good guesses!

  • Flyers page

    And finally, we need to have a little fun!

    At the center of the Cardinal Flyers Online are the people who fly these marvelous aircraft. On the Flyers page you will be able to see the things they do to customize their airplanes, the places the go and the things they do to have fun.

    This information is grouped into the following areas:

    • Gallery Pictures of our member's aircraft, on the ground and in the air.

    • In Depth The complete and inside story on several of our member's aircraft, showing modifications and enhancements. These stories include text, pictures and cover personal as well as technical information.

    • Links Where would any site be without Links? This section has links to our member's home pages and other links from the people side of things.

    • Stories Some members can really tell some stories... go here to see what our members have to say about trips and events. Feel free to add your own stories.

    • Bad Days It happens from time to time that one of us has a bad day. Usually they turn out ok in the end, perhaps with some bent metal or bruises. This is a gentle treatment of some of those events, along with information we can use to avoid the same fate.

    If you're read this far you've started to get an idea of what's in all those files on the system. But there is much more: this page has only described the top level buttons on each section. All pages also have a toolbar along the left side with much more detail and direct access to the many pages in dozens of categories.

    As you can see, we've gathered a lot of information since this site was started in 1997. We welcome you to CFO, so please join us, add your wisdom to our site and help us invest in the future of the Cardinal as the finest affordable personal aircraft of our age.

    For contact information. please go to this page.

    To join us in CFO, go to this page.

Copyright Cardinal Flyers Online LLC 1997-2018