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Problems with Email

Some members have had problems getting the email links to work. This appears to be a problem with Windows Explorer 3.0, possibly only when it is interfacing with an external mail tool.

Most of the email hotlinks include a recommended subject. This helps us know where you were when you hit the hotlink, and helps us route your email messages properly.

When you click on one of these hotlinks, check the address that is brought up. It should not have any question marks in it. If it does, your mailer has not properly handled the subject contents of the hotlink.

All is not lost. Just delete everything from the end of the address back to and including the question mark. The left part of the email address is correct and will work.

Note about email: I have the email pointers from this site aimed at the mlink email box, which forwards to my account. This lets me add one layer between the big, evil internet and my personal account, which is very difficult to change. If there are any problems getting email to me, please let me know by sending a note to my direct account. It's split up here to avoid being picked up by the web spiders: send to keith at the domain ie. Thanks!

Thanks for your comments on the Cardinal Web Page!

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