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About the Cardinal Flyers Online Web Page

The Cardinal Flyers Online Web site was created and is maintained by me, Keith Peterson. My wife Debbie and I have owned a 1976 RG since 1985. With my mechanical engineering background I naturally enjoy digging into the Cardinal and finding out what to look for and what to do when you find it.

The web site came about through the urging of a number of Cardinal owners who wished for a central location for information about the Cardinal. The goal has always been to capture and retain the accumulated wisdom of the Cardinal Owning population in a way that helps most of us learn and helps all of us remember.

My day job is all about the business of networking, technology, licenses and contracts. So this site also offers me a chance to keep up my software skills, as well as to share my knowlege of the Cardinal and, frankly, keep track of all the information I have come across in my 25 plus years of Cardinal ownership.

Much of the material on this site is based on the CFO Email digest. Paul does a great job of editing and moderating that list, and the members of that list do a fine job of telling their experiences for the common good.

As the owner of a turbo '76 RG and past owner of a turbo fixed gear Cardinal, Paul is also a knowledgeable and capable Cardinal owner. His day job with Chevron keeps us honest about fuel and lubrication chemistry. You can see how he builds the digest at this page.

Now some nuts and bolts about the site:

If you have trouble with the frames, start by setting the default fonts on your browser to something a little smaller. I've heard that anything under 14pt works, although that will depend on your screen and video card.

If you do have trouble beyond this, let me know, I have some ideas for another approach that might resolve some potential issues.

In the technical pages, the comments of the webmaster are usually in italics. I hope this will help keep clear which words are from the owners and which from the webmaster.

If you have trouble with the email links on this system please click here to learn what to do.

If you have trouble downloading email archive files into a Mac, please review this page.

If you have any great ideas or contributions to the Cardinal Web Site please send mail to the Webmaster, Keith Peterson. Thanks!

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