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Banner Towing Policy

What is Banner Towing?

Most CFO digest readers realize that the CFO digest is a direct link to a clearly targeted audience: an audience that owns or cares about a Cardinal and is willing to do what's required to fly safely, have fun and save a few dollars.

A few of these readers have products or services that they would like to peddle to our readers. From time to time they slip some self-promotion into an email to the digest.

Such self-promotion of a commercial enterprise on the digest is what we are calling banner towing.

CFO Policy

In general we discourage banner towing. The digest is not a forum for commercial advertisements, and we believe our readers expect the forum to be free of such commercialism.

That said, there are a few exceptions to this limitation:

  • CFO Sponsors. It's ok if a CFO sponsor wishes to advise the digest readership of a special opportunity at infrequent intervals. We like CFO discounts, special deals for CFO members and benefits for CFO membership. As long as these are tasteful and appropriate we let 'em run.

    A related message from a sponsor is a reply to a concern or additional data in the sponsor's area of expertise. There is a real benefit to having experts in the digest, and we like to have them speak up from their area of expertise. If a CFO sponsor has a product or service that solves a problem, that's a good thing. We try to point out the sponsorship connection in these situations, that's a good thing too!

    CFO is in part funded by our sponsors, and we like having sponsors. If you are a commercial entity with a service or product to offer to our readers, talk to us about sponsorship. We have a range of sponsorship options, almost certainly one of them will fit you needs better than banner towing.

  • Charities or public services. We hear from a variety of benevolent organizations who help those in need. Angle Flight comes to mind and there are others. Within appropriate limits we support information on these kinds of organizations.

  • Recommendations. Please note that this category is not really banner towing. If a CFO reading customer wants to recommend a product or service, well, that's what it's all about. No problem.

    If you are a commercial operation considering doing some promotion, just make a CFO member happy enough to want to write in about it!

  • Exceptions. From time to time things just seem right to run. Either it's borderline and 'feels' ok, or we think there is redeeming virtue beyond clear definition.

Most of these categories, actually all of them, refer to some degree of discretion being applied. Who's discretion?

Quite simply, that of our digest editor Paul. From time to time he will confer with the CFO principles (Keith and Debbie.) But in the end it's Paul who decides what runs and what does not.

Overall we're here to have a good time and maintain the positive and mutually benefitial culture of CFO. Paul is pretty easy going, and our policies are meant to support rather than limit the exchange of information.

But we do retain the right to edit as we see fit to serve the long term best interests of CFO.

If you have a question about why something ran or did not run, please drop a note to Paul. Mark it 'Private' if you don't want Paul to run it in the digest.

After all, the internet does still swallow things from time to time, and it is possible that your email never made it to Paul for digest editing. Before you assume you've been edited out, please check it out.

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