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Bad Days

Carl Johnson

Royce Nelligan

Mikey & Kath Fowler

Don Kuhn

Richard Weeks

David Lyjak

John Ford

Joyce Clarke

William Curry

D.W. Taylor

Mike Hart

Paul Millner

John Lawson

Density Altitude lesson

A Wing Bender


Cardinal Owners' Bad Days

Some days are just bad days. We don't know how this happens, and we try like the dickens to keep it from happening, but from time to time our fellow owners have experiences that are worth writing about.

This page is dedicated to those stories. Luckily they usually have happy endings, for the passengers if not for the aircraft.

I'm a little concerned about the 'bad news' aspects of this, so it's in the owner's page in hopes that prospective owners will not be browsing and getting the wrong idea. These kind of things happen to any aircraft (I have some Mooney pictures I'd love to share!) In fact I often think that we have fewer problems and they more often have successful outcomes than other aircraft.

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