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Covington GA CFO fly-in and Wedding!

Saturday, June 23, 2001

The Covington flyin-wedding was a great success. We ate, celebrated, danced and ate again in the wonderful hanger and the shadow of several nice looking aircraft.. even though only two of them were Cardinals.

Thanks to excellent planning and hard work by Rick and Michele Gullet (shown in the photo to the right) and the help of many others, everything went off without a hitch. In an atmosphere of good-natured ribbing and close friends, Dean and Demita said their vows and tied the knot.

CFO members came from all over, ranging from Oakland California to Winter Haven Florida to Cleveland Ohio. Those who flew in the night before dealt with a few low clouds, but the day-of travellers needed sun glasses instead of IFR flight plans. It was primarily an intimate group of good friends of Dean and Demita who go way back in Cardinal ownership with them.

Palmer did grill duty, serving up more burgers and brats than anyone expected to use. A bottomless cooler and a keg of amber fluid rounded out the lunchtime fare. It was enough to satisfy all who wandered by, including the local airport neighbors and a pair of Cardinal flyers who happened to drop in for gas.

Among the many other visitors were Bob and Liz Davis, attending their first CFO flyin. Rick awarded them one of the centerpieces for a souvenir, and gave Paul Millner a plaque for having flown the longest distance. We'll have to point out to Bob and Liz one day that we don't always have a wedding at these events.. :-)

Toward the middle of the afternoon the wedding party disappeared for a few minutes and turned back up wearing longer pants and nicer shirts... but not before the judge had turned up and wandered around for a few minutes wondering who to read vows to.

While we were waiting for all the participants she inquired into the gathering and where people were from. When she heard that they ranged from Florida to California she said "This really must be a tight-knit group!" And mobile, too..

Click on this photo to see a larger version.

The lucky couple stood by the nose of Rick's Cardinal and exchanged their vows under the watchful eyes of Rick and Michele, who were their witnesses. Demita's parents watched, and the rest of the group gathered around casually.

In a few minutes the deed was done. Everyone lined up for a group photo. It took several minutes to work through the stack of cameras that were left for the designated cameraman.

Shortly the live music started and the cake was cut and passed out. Dean and Demita were kind to each other in the cake feeding tradition, to the disappointment of the more devilish of the group.

Demita made up for this tameness with a little try at missing Rick's mouth... I had not seen many weddings where the bride and groom fed the witnesses, but it seemed pretty natural here. Rick was pretty fast and evaded a serious frosting bath.

Rick brought in an excellent singer and one man band who handled everything from Bob Marley to the latest pop tunes in good form. Most people got in a few steps on the glass-like floor.

In time supper was served, a combination dish of potatoes, sausage, shrimp and corn called a low country boil. It was toned down a bit for us northerners and tasted great. It seemed like we ate all day... and that was a good thing!

Click on this photo to see a larger version.

Eventually the party wound down, with a few diehards staying until ten or eleven. A few rides home, a little cleanup and we were all headed for rest.

A few of the group assembled the next morning for Sunday brunch in Social Circle, Georgia. As I write this we're winging home at 10,500, high and cool and getting great gas mileage. A wonderful weekend all around.. thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this a memorable day for Demita, Dean and everyone who shared the moment with them.

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