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Piqua, Ohio (Hartzell)
CFO Flyin 2017

This year 65 intrepid CFO members ventured forth by various means on a rainy day, arriving at Hartzell Field in Piqua, Ohio.

In total 24 aircraft arrived from points as far away as Texas, New Hampshire and California.

The folks at Hartzell were ready for us, with staff closing off taxiways, helping us park the aircraft safely and warning of sharp pavement edges which could catch a prop.


Click any of these photos for a larger image.

We were also welcomed by their small but effective pilot lounge, well stocked with comfortable seating, cold and warm beverages and all the comforts we required. Even wifi!

As the sign indicated we had arrived in PropellerTown, USA, where Hartzell keeps their corporate aircraft and maintains a maintenance shop available for customer work.

In all it was a very nice airport with everything we needed. Thanks to the many people who brought rental cars we had plenty of seats to move people to our various venues in Piqua and Troy, including the Hartzell factory just a few miles away.

A special thanks to George Peach and several others who looked out for new arrivals and made sure they made it to the hotel.

As always, the airplanes which come to CFO conventions are well cared for and nice looking. A wide range of panels and interiors were on site for our enjoyment. 07_airplanes.jpg

Our first event was the 'day before' trip to see the Air Force museum in Dayton.

The new buildings were clean and well lit, a great addition to this outstanding museum. One could spend several days there seeing all of the exhibits, now including a number of presidential aircraft.


That evening we had dinner at Smith's Boat House in Troy, an outstanding restaurant situated along the Miami river.

The feedback from this meal was universally outstanding... Debbie did a great job picking this location for our first meal together.


Friday we gathered at Hartzell's 'all hands room' for the start of our tours in the morning and speakers in the afternoon.

While we were not allowed to take pictures on the tour, we were all impressed with the high level of automation employed, as well as the interesting tool, material and workflow management.

Hartzell brought back retirees and some contractors who shared insights into their strategy and culture, including their systems for measuring parts and managing material flow.

Hartzell hosted us for an excellent lunch after our tour and before some presentations.


We were honored that J. J. Frigge, the executive vice president give us a kick-off presentation reviewing the history and corporate culture of Hartzell.

Subsequent presentations included a technical review of things we should know about any propeller, and Mike Trudeau who told us the details about the three and two 'way' propellers which Hartzell has certified for our aircraft.


Later we got to see these propellers out at the airport: The new 2 blade metal propeller certified by Hartzell and a new 2 blade composite propeller built by Hartzell but certified by TATI, Tornado Alley Turbo Inc.

Mike says it's OK with him if you buy either one!

Dinner after our day at Hartzell was at an Italian restaurant in historic downtown Piqua, where the Tillman girls were very enthusiastic collectors of our meal tickets. 20_tickets.jpg

There was plenty of great Italian food on the buffet which we enjoyed along with excellent conversation while the rain came down outdoors.

Luckily the rain passed overnight while we slept and was just ending as we headed out to Hartzell Field for our airport day on Saturday.


The rain was gone, and we did enjoy a couple hours of blue skies and bright sun, but a little later in our airport walk-around the clouds moved back in.

Sun or cloud, the fall temperatures had definitely come to Ohio just in time for us to be outdoors. Luckily our members had mostly heeded the advice to come prepared and were troopers as the chill settled in over the last few airplanes.


As usual there were opportunities to look at very nice aircraft, including this prior 'best of show' winner, and discuss the details of what had been done and how.

As always the quality and completeness of the aircraft in attendance was impressive and a delight to behold.


Here's most of the crowd lined up for some announcements. Hartzell let use use their 'toy hangar' which was nicely appointed and suitably warm for the afternoon activities for our airport day.



Your hosts for the afternoon, Keith and Paul. We see Paul kept on his coat and stylish hat as befits a resident of California on a cool midwestern fall day.

And Keith spent more time sitting down this year as a result of his recent kidney transplant. This was his first real foray out into the real world during his recovery from that event.


We spent a pleasant afternoon together looking at both a FG and an RG, pointing out details which could be better or were good here but often missed.

The feedback we received indicated that everyone learned something, from a lot to a little, even those who had been through these events before.

We always seem to cover new items and sometimes have learned more since last year ourselves!

Our evening banquet started with tours of the two buildings of the Waco (rhymes with taco) museum. The excellent staff there regaled us with tales of the company, the people who build these airplanes and times gone by. 40_museum.jpg
There was seating for all of us to eat under and around the aircraft. The meal was again excellent. 45_banquet.jpg

That stool came in handy for Keith again as announcements were made and perhaps a few stories told.

And there were awards!


The award for the attendee who had owned their current Cardinal the longest went to Don Imhoff, who purchased his in 1976.


The Fledgling Award is awarded to the most recent Cardinal purchaser to wisely join our group and fly to a CFO convention. This award went to Mason Marshman, who purchased his Cardinal on September 8th, 2017 This was a tight contest as there were also attendees who purchased on June 12th and July 30th. 52_award_fledge.jpg
Our most improved Cardinal award went to Thomas Pattee, who had spent the last year working on the restoration of his excellent Cardinal. 53_award_improved.jpg
The Newest Pilot award went to Brenten Baker who bought the Cardinal in December 2015 and got his private license in his Cardinal in November 2016. 54_award_newpilot.jpg
The award for the latest Instrument rating (the better to attend our rainy CFO events!) went to Todd Tollefson. 55_award_wetwing.jpg
The Furthest Flown award, for the person who flew their Cardinal the furthest to attend this event, went to Bill & Cindy Woods, who flew their RG 1236NM from Eston, Saskatchewan, Canada. 56_award_furthest.jpg
Each year we solicit stories about the flight to the event and those in attendance vote on who had the hardest luck on their flight in. This year the winner was Phil & Jane Work who lost a vacuum pump along the way, then had to remember the whole Carb Heat thing (a challenge after years of flying for Fedex, evidently...) Some of the entertainment was in the telling, as there were evidently some discussions as to whether the issue was currency or competence. Perhaps you needed to be there... 57_award_luck.jpg
We had a special award this year, the most recent Cardinal owner to install a new Hartzell Propeller. This was a little complicated as the first two buyers switched their delivery order due to an urgent need, so the first to purchase become the latest to install. As a result the winner of this award was Marcus Wiese, who purchased (if I recall correctly) on the day the props were announced. 58_award_prop.jpg
This year we had an honorable mention for the runner-up of the Best Cardinal of Show vote. This was awarded to Ed & Donna Farrar for their beautiful Cardinal N8216G. 59_award_mention.jpg
And our big winner of the CFO Ohio Convention People's Choice Best Cardinal of Show was... Thomas Pattee & Mike Turner for N11968. Thomas owns this Cardinal as part of his flying club and Mike was the mechanic who did the work on this beautiful Cardinal - see the pictures below. 50_award_choice.jpg
Here is a photo of the award winning panel, an excellent and well lit photo taken by Debbie. 90_winner_panel.jpg
And the interior... clearly nicely done. 91_winner_interior.jpg
And here are the folks who arrived in the award winning aircraft, before they knew they were the winners. 92_winner_team.jpg
A special thank you to George Peach who supplied some of the photos for this report. He also happened to capture Debbie at work, who deserves most of the credit for making our CFO events as outstanding as they are year after year. 99_kingpin.jpg
The following aircraft were in attendance (Photos by Debbie):
DSC04684.JPG DSC04685.JPG
DSC04686.JPG DSC04687.JPG
DSC04689.JPG DSC04691.JPG
DSC04693.JPG DSC04694.JPG
DSC04695.JPG DSC04696.JPG
DSC04697.JPG DSC04698.JPG
DSC04699.JPG DSC04700.JPG
DSC04701.JPG DSC04702.JPG
DSC04704.JPG DSC04705.JPG
DSC04730.JPG DSC04731.JPG
DSC04732.JPG DSC04734.JPG
The following people registered for this event:

Attendee NameRegistration NumberArriving fromComment
Keith & Debbie PetersonN177KP Hampshire, Illinois We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Piqua. 
Marcus WieseN34807 Shady Shores, Texas Looking forward to fall fun with Cardinal friends in Ohio! 
Paul MillnerN177SD Berkeley, California Looking forward to a great weekend in Ohio! 
Edwin FarrarN8216G Mansfield, Ohio  
Mike SullivanN2056Q Fairfax, Virginia Another great CFO event: no hurricanes! 
Todd FisherN30828 Akron, Ohio  
Bill WoodsC-GEHN Eston, Alabama  
S. James Chorvat IIN52060 Brooksville, Florida The green one is coming and it\'s pilot is bringing smiles! Hope to see Canadians to Texans and all in between 😁 
George Peach19274 Lebanon, Pennsylvania My first CFO event. Very much looking forward to meeting other Cardinal Flyers!  
Donald SoletaN13621 Rolla, Missouri  
Richard BentonN1157Q Clinton, Mississippi  
Blair RorabaughN30014 Ada, Ohio  
Alvin JungN658SR Lawton, Oklahoma Looking forward to seeing all of our flying friends! 
Jerry OlsonN7573V Baytown, Texas Looking forward to another great convention. 
John McNameeN727LB Sugar Land, Texas Looking forward to the tours and seeing friends. Do we get a free propeller from the Hartzell tour? ;-) 
Terry GlavesN177TG Roxbury, Connecticut  
Terry RidgewayN3465T Jackson, Ohio New to Cardinal Ownership This Year ! Looking forward to meeting other owners and sharing Flying Fun ! 
Bill HueterN52802 Pensacola Beach, Florida  
William PovilaitisN30900 Landing, New Jersey Looking forward to another visit to Ohio; the birthplace of aviation! 
Larry JamesN34150 Washington, Washington DC Looking forward to another CFO gathering. 
Larry JamesN34150 Washington, Washington DC Looking forward to another CFO gathering. 
Ron Smith30680 Anderson, Indiana  
Dick ZuleyN177RZ Chicago, Illinois Looking forward to seeing everyone and another great event!  
Robert AndersonN5377C Zanesfield, Ohio  
Victor GrilleN7544V St Peters, Missouri  
Don ImhoffN2131Q Baton Rouge, Louisiana Looking forward to another great CFO event.  
Steve Kayn8028G Kokomo, Indiana  
Jon BaxterN34221 Centerville, Massachusetts Looking forward to another great CFO event! 
Karl ThomasN7522V Mesquite, Texas Coming up with John McNamee or Jerry Olson 
Joe & Anne BrunskiC-GZJB Stoney Creek, Ontario  
Jonathan McLinN34077 Tempe, Arizona Flying commercial. 
Richard GurbinC-FIGT Port Carling, Ontario  
Jane WorkN13597 Sneads Ferry, North Carolina  
Phil Work Sneads Ferry, North Carolina  
Jane WorkN13597 Sneads Ferry, North Carolina First year Cardinal owners. Looking forward to a great event. 
Chris GonzalesN34248 Gonzales, Louisiana I plan on Flying up with Don Imhoff in 2131Q Wed. Looking forward to the fly in. 
Peter and Char CarterC-FJPC Markham, Ontario Looking forward to seeing all our Cardinal friends 
Darren TilmanN9066S Daytona Beach, Florida Looking forward to seeing everyone. 
Thomas PatteeN11968 Colorado Springs, Colorado N11968\'s debutante ball; so to speak....we\'re excited! 
David SchwartzN11429 Bellaire, Michigan  
Chris GonzalesN34248 Prairieville, Louisiana Looking forward to a great CFO event 
Mason Marshman Murfreesboro, Tennessee  
Mikey FowlerN254KM Golden Valley, Minnesota  
Markus HeinimannN799T New Alexandria, Pennsylvania  
Todd TollefsonN52871 Crookston, Minnesota  
Brenten BakerN8073G Farmington Hills, Michigan First year going! We couldn\'t room at Fairfield; but we same parking lot at Residence Inn. See everyone there. 
Peter KuhnsN27161 Indianapolis, Indiana We can only attend Friday. Sounds like that would include Hartzell tour and dinner too so count us in for that (2 peeps). Please let me know how much $$$ you need for this tour/lunch/dinner event. I appreciate it.  
Howe DouglasN34411 Lima, Ohio  
Alex Vass Gal Blacksburg, Virginia  

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