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2005 Eastern CFO Convention
Seven Springs, PA

(Click on any picture for a larger version)


It turned out about as we expected at Seven Springs. The airport was barely big enough for all the airplanes, and the time we had was barely enough to sample all of the activities available.

There was something going on here related to wine... we expect to hear the rest of the story after the statute of limitations runs out.
A few people helped keep the fire fed with their marshmellows, but most were successful at making their fingers sticky and taste buds dance.
There were a few who showed real talent at getting that 'burned just enough' flavor.
The bonfire came with a view, something we Cardinal pilots seemed attracted to. I think it was because it was standing still rather than going by in the usual blur.
Enough time to relax and chat with new friends.
Here is proof: Paul's jokes are funny to on average 66% of the audience. Or 75% if you count the ones that didn't quite hear what he said, but are enjoying his expression.
If you were there you'd be able to put names to these happy faces!
In all a very pleasant evening in the woods, with a fire and a view.
Never expect a Cardinal flyer to shrink from competition. At last tally the RGs were slightly ahead of the FG drivers, but there are a few contested events still being discussed.
The best events were the family matchups. Here Palmer gets passed on the inside by his granddaugher Amanda.
Some folks thought that a jaunty hat angle was just the ticket for speed.
Others stuck with simple aerodynamics and appropriate ballast.
Someone started talking about airplanes up at the airport and for some reason a crowd formed.
This is always a fun group. These are the folks who were on site the night before the event, enjoying a lengthy dinner with rotating food deliveries as we people came.
Then next day we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Falling Waters
This is one of the several small groups that toured the house and walked downstream to the famous overlook. It was a very interesting tour, and a nice place to spend an afternoon.
That evening we enjoyed a reception at "Helen's", the original log cabin of those who started the enterpise which became this mountain resort.
It was another quiet spot, with a babbling brook and a good supply of beverages and conversation.
It was a nice facility for a little tech talk. We didn't spend a lot of time on pictures, what with real airplanes to look at just up the hill.
As usual at our conventions, we dug into the details under the cowl while folks took turns seeing the little details which came to light.
It is always amazing how many little things come to light when enough people look closely at an airplane. As usual the ones we looked at were in excellent conditions, offering more good examples than bad.
One recurring theme at conventions is that we learn how to properly check a stab, and with any luck we find a loose one to test.
Keith and Paul fell into old habits when they learned that the front lobby had wireless connectivity. Debbie insisted that I include this picture... I don't know just why...
We were honored to have a special presentation from Guy Maher on the various pressures which come to bear in our flight decisions.
Mike Peterson took charge of the meal tickets and kept things well under control. Here Jimmy and Sandy Honeycut pay the piper.
The evening banquet was a nice time to get cleaned up and dressed up and enjoy an excellent meal in good company.
seven_springs32.jpg seven_springs33.jpg
seven_springs34.jpg seven_springs35.jpg
seven_springs38.jpg seven_springs37.jpg
This couple was celebrating an anniversary and received a little recognition and a cake for their event.
Faye and Palmer Gehring won the 'Nicest Cardinal' award and accepted it with their granddaugher Amanda.
Lowell Dexter from Escondido, CA won the 'flew farthest' award, as he so often does. He has a habit of showing up everywhere!

This was a great convention for door prizes, as our sponsors really came through with some nice things for the group.

Electronics International sent along some information packets for all attendees, each with a multi-bulb LED flashlight! They also donated a fuel flow gauge... I need to look up the model and winner.

Powerflow sent along a gift certificate for use in purchase of one of their many products for the Cardinal, from the exhaust system designed for the FG to their new air filter system.

And Precise Flight sent along some door prizes as well, again I need to look up specifics. Its been too long for this old memory! But I'll get the information and get it up on this page soon.

The following folks signed up for this convention. Pictures of all the aircraft in attendance follow.

Keith & Debbie PetersonHampshire, IL (68IS)1976 177 RGN33267We're looking forward to seeing all our East coast members and having a great time!
Guy & Staci MaherKannapolis, NC (KRUQ)1974 177 RGN912GM
Nancy & Patrick ReagenNottingham; NH, (EEN)1978 177 RGN53170
Bruce & Betsy HutchingsWhitefield, NH (HIE)1977 177 RGN52061
Peter & Carol Van CaulartFonthill; Ontario, (CNQ3)1968 177It's only 177 NM from where we clear customs at Buffalo to join the fun at 7 Springs. Carol and I look forward to it.
Bob StearnsColumbia, SC (FDW)1972 177 RGN84612
Dick AlmayHolland, MI (BIV)1975 177 RGN2643V
John AveryWood-Ridge, NJ (N07)1977 177BN19519
Lowell DexterEscondido; CA, CA (F70)1976 177 RGN177R
Don LangPittsburgh, PA (AGC)1977 177 RGN35936`
Paul MillnerBerkeley, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SDI'm looking forward to finding that friend I have in Pennsylvania!
Richard SeeligTurners Falls, MA (0B5)1974 177BN177VT
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttMallards Landing; Locust Grove, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSLooking forward to the Event!
Don LangPittsburgh, PA ()
Palmer GehringWinbter haven, FL (GIF)1975 177BN 35086Looking forward to another great CFO fly-in. Fallingwater is a must see for everyone. It is one of Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest residential works.
Jim EngbergSouthbridge, MA (3B0)1977 177BN19821
Al & Katherine Van LengenSt. Augustine, FL (4A7)1978 177 RGN53257Katherine and I are looking forward to another great Cardinal gathering!
Richard DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542Took 9+ hours to get back from GIF. This should be less!
Dean & Sue CookElkhart, IN (3C1)1971 177BN177XC
Tad and Frances PageThornhurst, PA (9N3)1976 177BN999HRWow! An annual convention in my home state. Finally a trip where I don't have to notify my parole officer!
Kent LarsonVienna, VA (HEF)1973 177B177FG
Peggy & George ReveszLondon; Ontario, Canada (CYXU)1976 177 RGC-GDZGLooking forward to seeing our many Cardinal friends
John & Mary Anna PALMER, ME (81b)1973 177 RGN1909Q
Fred BrownCarson City, MI (47G)1976 177BN13282
Tom KelleyPainesville, OH (KCGF)1973 177BN34405
rosenthal herbertBethesda, MD (gai)1976 177 RGn7605v
Rick Krens Hillsboro, VA (14VA)1974 177 RGN2035Q
Bob SchemmerlingGreencastle, PA (HGR)1969 177A30626
William & Leanna PovilaitisLanding, NJ (12N)1970 177BN30900Planning on arriving Wed. to take an afternoon tour of Kentuck Knob; another FLW home a few miles south of Fallingwater. The hotel says they can arrange a shuttle van for up to 5 people.
james&sheri clarybremen, OH ()1978 177BN1191C
Garth GoddardToronto, Canada (CYTZ)1971 177BC-GPDW
Ward HarrisPlymouth, MI (1D2)1974 177BN34821
Ray LeZakCleveland, OH (CGF)1973 177BN34405Last time I attended was at Burke Lakefront. Long trip. At the time a record number of Cardinals. What a hoot.
Andrew ThomasWest Lafayette, IN (KLAF)1972 177BN34228
mike sullivanManassas; VA, VA (HEF)1974 177 RGN2056Q
Harry FeildAshland, VA (OFP)1968 177N30239
Mike DechnikCollegeville, PA (N10)1977 177BLooking to purchase a stellar representation of a late model 177B -- Any available?

The following aircraft were in attendance at Seven Springs in 2005. A few came and went and may not be pictured. Click on any picture for a larger image.

seven_springs_planes_02.jpg seven_springs_planes_03.jpg
seven_springs_planes_04.jpg seven_springs_planes_05.jpg
seven_springs_planes_06.jpg seven_springs_planes_07.jpg
seven_springs_planes_08.jpg seven_springs_planes_09.jpg
seven_springs_planes_10.jpg seven_springs_planes_11.jpg
seven_springs_planes_12.jpg seven_springs_planes_13.jpg
seven_springs_planes_14.jpg seven_springs_planes_15.jpg
seven_springs_planes_16.jpg seven_springs_planes_17.jpg
seven_springs_planes_18.jpg seven_springs_planes_19.jpg
seven_springs_planes_20.jpg seven_springs_planes_21.jpg
seven_springs_planes_22.jpg seven_springs_planes_23.jpg
seven_springs_planes_24.jpg seven_springs_planes_25.jpg
seven_springs_planes_26.jpg seven_springs_planes_27.jpg
seven_springs_planes_28.jpg seven_springs_planes_29.jpg
seven_springs_planes_30.jpg seven_springs_planes_31.jpg