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New York 2002 CFO Flyin

Approximately 68 Cardinal Owners and 42 Cardinals graced the ramp at Sky Acres, New York, for the Aug 10th flyin.

It was a packed ramp, parking almost all of those Cardinals on a ramp designed for one or two jets. But with a little care, excellent volunteers and a spirit of cooperation we proved it could be done.

Our host for this event was Norman Freed. He had planned for a dozen or so of his CFO friends to drop over for a couple of hours, and hoped he would get that much interest. The response was heartwarming and challenging, but Norman's plans had the capacity to expand to meet the need.

It all started with casual conversation on the ramp between newly arrived pilots. A few aircraft quickly stood out as outstanding, only to be eclipsed by later arrivals. Some excellent paint schemes were seen, along with outstanding radio stacks, very pretty interiors and almost universally perfect polish and wax.

People arrived from all over. We had folks from Atlanta, folks we had seen at Sun & Fun and a few familiar faces from Oshkosh.

When lunchtime arrived, Norman set up the plan for the day. We all filed up to the cooking area and were treated to a fine spread of salads, fruit and grilled entrys, along with a cooler full of drinkables. We overwhelmed the staff a little, and didn't have quite as many drinks as we could have used, but we all found a way to survive. Next time they will believe our best-case attendance estimates.

After lunch we returned to the ramp for a little walk and talk. We checked out a few nice airplanes, but pretty shortly got involved in noticing interesting details about some of the aircraft.

It all started with the nice paint on a '76 Cardinal that turned out to be an RG paint scheme on a fixed gear airplane. We evolved from there, learning about nose gear door bumpers, RG headlight covers, cowl flap actuators and so on.

One particularly interesting RG had an intersting gear mod: the nose gear uplock hook was completely gone. Sure enough, the roller was in the up position. Evidently someone was so puzzled by this mechanism that removing the hook was the quick answer.

The gear door was also shortened enough that it could never hook the sissor, which is an interesting solution to a different problem. The owner of that airplane had purchased it that way, and was quite interested to learn of the difference and to walk around looking at all the Cardinals with hooks. I've heard from him since then, and he's well along toward getting back in line with the fleet.

As we walked and talked the afternoon slipped away, as did more and more Cardinals. It made for a fun and informal feel, as people brought specific questions up, a few were called away to help move their aircraft out of the way, and a increasing number flew off to other committments.

We ended the day with an air vent cleaning project. All of the airplanes checked had large amounts of insulation in their air vents, so the wire hanger that Debbie tracked down for us got quite a workout cleaning it all out.

We did have a couple of mechanical issues. One aircraft fouled a plug badly enough to need cleaning, and with a shortage of tools that became a problem. Luckily that aircraft's mechanic was based on the field, so a ride was arranged to get the pilot home.

The second to last airplane to leave was met with a loud silence when turning his key. His starter solinoid had stuck, easily fixed by a tap to the solinoid. Of course this require removing the cowl, but shortly he too was on his way.

As a result I turned out to be last to leave. Debbie and I packed up the kids and flew to Niagara Falls, where a hotel reservation was waiting for us. We had a fun day and a half at the falls, which the kids had never seen.

Our return was through Champaign to drop off one kid at the grandparents. It is amazing to depart from a large international airport, fly across a good portion of the country and land a grass farm strip in the dark. Quite a transition. An hour later we were home, noticing the usual tollway backup near our house. We are sure glad we are not driving to these places.

In all it was a great time with fun people. Several attendees expressed their appreciation that Norman had seen fit to have a flyin on the east coast at last.

So what do you think? Should we do it again? Who's next along the east coast?


The following aircraft were in attendance at this flyin. Click each image for a larger version.

newyork02007.jpg newyork02008.jpg
newyork0205.jpg newyork0206.jpg
newyork0209.jpg newyork0210.jpg
newyork0211.jpg newyork0212.jpg
newyork0213.jpg newyork0214.jpg
newyork0215.jpg newyork0216.jpg
newyork0217.jpg newyork0218.jpg
newyork0219.jpg newyork0220.jpg
newyork0221.jpg newyork0222.jpg
newyork0223.jpg newyork0224.jpg
newyork0225.jpg newyork0226.jpg
newyork0227.jpg newyork0228.jpg
newyork0229.jpg newyork0230.jpg
newyork0231.jpg newyork0232.jpg
newyork0233.jpg newyork0234.jpg
newyork0235.jpg newyork0236.jpg
newyork0237.jpg newyork0238.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Fly-in:

NameHome BaseAircraftN NumberComment / Info
Norman Freed HPN1975 RGN2729V Any help; comments; ideas appreciated. See you there!
Frank Johnson 1N4 Woodbine; NJ68 Cardinal F/G (original)N2982XLooking forward to the trip and meeting other cardinal owners.About time the east coast had a fly in!
Robert Szego Delp (33NY)1973 Citabrian73tdI hope my humble Citabria is welcome. Mitigating factor is my 100+ hours in 177RGs; albeit a few years ago. Regards. Keith: See you in the Type Club Tent @OSH.
Paul & Jan Dexter ORE1972 C-177BN34225
Michael Watson MRB1977 177BN20300
Keith & Debbie Peterson IS681976 177RGN33267We're hoping to be able to make it; looking forward to it!
Jim Nicholson KLWM1971 177RGN8248G I am looking forward to meeting Keith and Debbie Peterson. You have done an outstanding job with the CFO communications on numerous topics. I expect to be attending with my eldest brother; Chuck. JEN
Nancy & Patrick Reagen CON78177RGN53170
Ken Towl KASH1975 177RGN1587Hin maintenance/upgrade mode; hope to have aircraft and partner Lynda available for trip!
Bruce HIE1977 177RGN52061
David DeStefano Provodence PVD1978C177RGN8778Z
Ben Paul LWM1972 F177RGN274LHThis is my first fly-in! Should be a hoot! :)
Danny Moskovitz DXR1972 C177RGN1838Q
bob patterson 9b11973 177bn34634 I grew up in Fishkill; not too far away.
Bill & Leanna Povilaitis 12N1970 177BN30900Aircraft is in paint shop now. Will be there if the plane is done. Sounds like fun!
Mark Klepper & Gregg Karp ISP1977 177b19181 We recently got this bird flying after 6 years of neglect. Look for the "ugliest" Cardinal.... that'll be us.
Ken & Cindy Light Becks Grove1978 C-177BN1333C First Cardinal Fly-in. Looking forward to it. Should be a great experience.
John Avery KCDW1977 C177BN19519My first Fly-in too.......
Jon Keeter 3B2 or HFD'76 FG76JKFirst fly-in; too.
Ken Morgan HEF1968 C177N3107T
Bruce Baer O031975 FGN35151See you there!
Tom Saxon HEF1976 C-177B FGN12810 Looking forward to my 2nd CFO gathering. Will bring the wife this time and break her in to the CFO hospitality!
Jim Engberg 3b0'77 FGN19821
Jerry Jarrett 1N91968 C-177N30014
Jeff Kauffman FIT75 RGN2662VHope to make it...
John & Wendy Vahey ISP1978 C172N5928EShopping for a Cardinal.
Fred Coste ISP1971 Cardinal RGN8006G Looking forward to meeting everyone!
John & Bob Markowski Chester; CT 3B91976 177RGIIN7694V
Frank Podgwaite HVN73 C177BN34557
Andy Guilmet 1N41978 C177RGN52878
Bruce Wallen HFD1976 177RGIIN7555V
Jimmy and Sandy Honeycutt GA041976 RGN177BS We've been working on our plane; just completed the owner-assisted annual. 'Coming to Long Island anyway; so this is icing on the cake!
Bill&Mary Lou Hagan N811973 Piper Cherokee ChallengerN55087 We are guests of Frank Johnson but will be arriving in our own plane.
Carl Miller 9G01976 177BN13681 Will come a little early to help; will have to leave early; ~3PM
Karen Hunter hpn177A 1969N30491 Hope I can be there.
Dick Dagle SEG1973 C177BN34542VFR
Roger; Kaye & Jonathan Wieting 12N1956 G-35 Bonanza (!)N304BMy *other* plane is a '75 Cardinal RG!!
Nick and Betty Priscu SMQ1972 177BN34251Sorry about the late registration.
David & Leah Gessner BED1978 177RGN53103Severe clear; we'll be there.
Thomas Brooks D381976 177RGN34949I will be bringing a pilot friend who wants to see the planes.
Zoli Nemeth FIT1971 RGN1373M

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