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SMX 2002 CFO Flyin

Here's a synopsis on our SMX flyin today: - it was great!

We had wonderful VFR weather (although some coastal airports including nearby Oceano had fog) and smooth air. I arrived around 10:30 in an effort to be early and greet everyone, but a half-dozen Cardinals were already there by that time.

My original concept of everyone gathering in the grassy terminal area was not very realistic - it's too much fun to stay on the ramp, look at airplanes, and greet friends, old and new, as they arrive. Lowell and Duane took a plethora of digital pictures which I hope they can send to Keith.

We moved to the restaurant (Pepper Garcia's) soon after noon and practically took it over, although we did let a few non-CFO people have a table or two :-) Some people took advantage of their unlimited taco/tostada bar, while others had entrees. Some (unnamed) persons even braved their special deep-fried ice cream, which looked scrumptious but probably is not on the Weight-Watchers recommended diet.

The SMX Board Room is an excellent place to give a slide show: it's all set up for presentations. Paul brought his well-traveled laptop and using Bob Spofford's projector, gave a superb show-and-tell on his Alaska trip with over 300 slides. All the pictures were good enough for picture postcards; there was hardly enough time to see them all. Although he called it a "weekend trip" it's a little bigger in scope than most of consider for a weekend.

Everyone enjoyed the show, and I'm sure they were jealous of Keith and Paul - the sights were fantastic, capped by fortuitous weather on the day they chose to visit Denali/Mt McKinley - clear skies and calm winds, a once-a-year phenomena that can't be scheduled.

Then it was back to the ramp were people could again look at airplanes and say their (sometimes lengthy) goodbyes.

Many thanks to all who attended, and *especially* thanks to Paul who not only brought great pictures, but also the knowledge and commentary to accompany them. And thanks to Keith for providing the Web announcement and the signup page, both of which make task of organizing a flyin *much* easier.

This was my first attempt at organizing a CFO flyin and I have a few recommendations for anyone who likes these and may have thought of organizing one:

  • 1) Do it - it's not that hard. After you make the key decisions (where, when, what event) it only takes a few phone calls to set it up.

  • 2) Once the basic arrangements are made, then Keith has a signup page that makes the rest easy (but you have to give him enough lead time to put it up before announcing the flyin!)

  • 3) Claudia has a flyin primer for which SMX was a beta-test: it passed with flying colors, and I recommend that it be released.

  • 4) These flyins aren't frequent enough to meet everyone - we need more of them, so if you have an idea (it can be just lunch) go ahead and get it going!

Jim N19806 '77FG

And thanks to Jim for pulling it all together! Keith

smx0201.jpg smx0202.jpg
smx0203.jpg smx0204.jpg
smx0205.jpg smx0206.jpg
smx0207.jpg smx0208.jpg
smx0209.jpg smx0210.jpg
smx0211.jpg smx0212.jpg
smx0213.jpg smx0214.jpg
smx0215.jpg smx0216.jpg
smx0217.jpg smx0218.jpg
smx0219.jpg smx0220.jpg
smx0221.jpg smx0222.jpg
smx0223.jpg smx0224.jpg
smx0225.jpg smx0226.jpg
smx0227.jpg smx0228.jpg
smx0229.jpg smx0230.jpg
smx0231.jpg smx0232.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Fly-in:

NameHome BaseAircraftN NumberComment / Info
Jim Wang + Amy KCRQC177B19806Will try to arrive early
Bruce Estes and Sally McLeod SQL (San Carlos)1976 C177B FGN17204First Cardinal fly-in. Owned only 3 months. Willing to help; subject to VFR weather
David LaFaille Whiteman1968 C-177/180 hpN3134T
Claudia & Chuck Ferguson AJO1972 177B FGN34147 IFR and radar vector equipped; so we'll be there regardless. :-)
Steve Munoz SBA71' 177RGn8026g
Ron Lisberg WHP1971 Cardinal RGN8044G
Cheryl & Jimmy Hawley GEU'68 177N3192T
Jerry and Kay Leikwold WHP1976 RGN33272
Bob Leuten SQL73/Cardinal RGN1928QI have room for passengers (2 max)
Bob Spofford DVO1975 177BN35091Have confirmed with Paul that I'm bringing data projector for his Alaska pix
Duane Allen CCR1978 177BN1406CLet me know how I can help. I can come early.
Roy Trillia OAK68 C177N29395 Will be flying from Ashland that day; after catching up on a little Shakespeare; so may be a little late; and VFR only.
Marc & Linda Tucker WHP1971 C177RGN81RP
Vince Mack VNY1968 CardinalN2306Y
Ted Wanner MYF72 177RGN1846Q
Steve Deome SNS1973 FG34644Hope to try out the camping at Oceano Saturday
Bob & Sue Bixler CRQ'76 177BN13541
Jeff & Jaqy Tobin RHVPA28R-1807526Jnew '71 177RG owner; seeking checkout in make and model
Joe Farley DVO1977 RGN526193 empty seats and cargo space available if needed or desired.
Lowell 95L'76 177RGN177R
Tony Williams CMA or MYFBaron B55N4146QI want to peddle some of my oodles of Cardinal parts. New stab tip; two rebuilt alternators; voltage reg; that new "cockpit caddy"; blah blah.
Robert Fairbourn FCH1968 C-177N3144T
Howard Soben VNY1975 FGN35225
Larry Wokral C83'71 C177RGN1899SI'll be there as long as I get the Cardinal out of the mechanic's hangar in time.
Bob Myers SNA1975 177BN67MM
Joshua Avidan VNY78 177RGN6FVI'll be there as long as the mechanic will finish the annual in time
Deb LaMere SQL'74 177RGN2060QBringing Bob Leuten with me. Room for 1-2 more pax. In 2 (happy) years of ownership; this is the 1st CFO fly-in I've been able to make. Recently swapped out my IO-360-A1B6D for a reman'd IO-360-A1B6.
Richard O'Brien Brackett Field1977 C177RGN35833
Leo and Joyce Saunders CCR76 RGIIN 7571V Minor gremlin in overvoltage light may delay or cause cancellation. Will try to be there for advise...
Jim Barrilleaux WJF1974 B34833
Ben Reese Hollister177 68177RP
Dick & Carol Bechtel SJC1975 C177BN35140
Paul Millner OAK1976 turbo Cardinal RGN177SD thought I'd better register! :-)

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