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Winter Haven 2002

Things really came together at Winter Haven this year. Nice weather, a great group, 78 Cardinals and over 160 CFOers made it another great year at Winter Haven.

Last year we thought it could not get better, but it did. There were about 74 aircraft on the field when I took this photo.

We started on Friday night with a large group at Faye and Palmer's house. There was excellent food, good drink and outstanding company to enjoy. Something over 75 CFOers attended, which pretty much filled up the Palmer's house and yard.

More Cardinals arrived the nest morning. The assembled flock filled the available parking and our little overflow area, with a large number of very nice Cardinals in attendance.

We walked around the airplanes and noticed little details, shook a few tails and admired a few interesting variations. There were a lot of very nice aircraft on the ramp, and some wonderful panels.

A few of our sponsors joined us, and we gave them each a few minutes when we found an airplane with their product on it. Plane Plastics, PowerFlow and Skybolt all gave us a few words on what was new in their worlds.

Special thanks to Erald de Hoog, who let us offer insights on his aircraft, who's cowl happened to be off. It's always hard to be the subject of such intense scrutiny, but Erald held up under it well.

Before we knew it, time had come for lunch. The caterers had a little surprise as it unfolded that some 160 people had arrived, much more than the pre-registered 125 people. They pulled it off, although a few at the end of the line got a little less food. Debbie and I ate last and it was clearly a close thing... something to improve on next year.

Then it was time for some announcements and awards. Guy Maher won the coveted 'People's Choice Best Cardinal award. Hal Gordon won the 'Owned their Cardinal Longest' award. Jack and Fiona Hillen from California won the 'flew furthest' award. Frank Yow won a speed enhancement from Roy Sobchuck.

The big prize of the day was a complete interior package donated by the folks at Plane Plastics. That name was selected by an automatic computer program, which selected Erald de Hoog as the winner.

One of our members donated a '74 RG sales brocure, and we picked one of the owners of that year and model from the audience to become the new owner.. anyone recall who that was? There were a couple of other donations that got forgotten.. we'll pick those up at a future flyin.

Congratulations to all who won, and thanks to all who donated items. Good fun for all!

Then we made a special presentation to Faye and Palmer Gehring for all they have done for us over the last three years. We had found an etching of a Cardinal that happened to have their registration number on it, and framed it in a nice frame with a plaque thanking them for their hard work. When we stopped by the house late it already had a place in their home.

The non-tech types started over to the house for the cooking session, and Paul and Keith dove into a few technical subjects. It was pretty enjoyable, sitting under the shady trees chatting about Cardinals. A few people wandered over to see a very nice Cardinal sporting new cowl fasterners from Skybolt, and we all kicked back to enjoy the nice day.

Soon the afternoon was winding down, and folks needed to be on their way. A few left right away, but a good bunch of airplanes was still there later in the week when we left. We saw a lot of CFO hats at Sun & Fun and were glad to be able to talk further with many of the Flyers.

Debbie set up our table in the Type Club Tent and over the course of the week something over 65 Cardinal people stopped by to say hello. We saw 38 people at the forum tent on Tuesday, surprisingly several that were not CFO members. We had a good talk there too.

In all it was a great year, and we offer our thanks to all who pitched in to help. We had a lot of volunteers, and got some great ideas for doing things better next year. We're looking forward to doing it all again!

Special thanks to Jerry Crawford, who stepped forward on short notice to take pictures of all of the Cardinals in attendance at Winter Haven. This is turning into a big job, and he did it well. There were a few who snuck out early or came late, but most of them are here. Thanks, Jerry! The pictures he took are below.

Also thanks to Doug Small, a local at Winter Haven, who took three of the photos above. You may have seen him rolling out a ladder to take the top-down shot of the group walkaround.

Click on any image to open a larger version of the picture:

wh02planes01.jpg wh02planes02.jpg
wh02planes03.jpg wh02planes04.jpg
wh02planes05.jpg wh02planes06.jpg
wh02planes07.jpg wh02planes08.jpg
wh02planes09.jpg wh02planes10.jpg
wh02planes11.jpg wh02planes12.jpg
wh02planes13.jpg wh02planes14.jpg
wh02planes15.jpg wh02planes16.jpg
wh02planes17.jpg wh02planes18.jpg
wh02planes19.jpg wh02planes20.jpg
wh02planes21.jpg wh02planes22.jpg
wh02planes23.jpg wh02planes24.jpg
wh02planes25.jpg wh02planes26.jpg
wh02planes27.jpg wh02planes28.jpg
wh02planes29.jpg wh02planes30.jpg
wh02planes31.jpg wh02planes32.jpg
wh02planes33.jpg wh02planes34.jpg
wh02planes35.jpg wh02planes36.jpg
wh02planes37.jpg wh02planes38.jpg
wh02planes39.jpg wh02planes40.jpg
wh02planes41.jpg wh02planes42.jpg
wh02planes43.jpg wh02planes44.jpg
wh02planes45.jpg wh02planes46.jpg
wh02planes47.jpg wh02planes48.jpg
wh02planes49.jpg wh02planes50.jpg
wh02planes51.jpg wh02planes52.jpg
wh02planes53.jpg wh02planes54.jpg
wh02planes55.jpg wh02planes56.jpg
wh02planes57.jpg wh02planes58.jpg
wh02planes59.jpg wh02planes60.jpg
wh02planes61.jpg wh02planes62.jpg
wh02planes63.jpg wh02planes64.jpg
wh02planes65.jpg wh02planes66.jpg

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