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CFO Flyins and Flyout reports
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Winter Haven
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Winter Haven / Sun 'n Fun

Every year is a little different at Winter Haven, and this one found a way to be very different.

We had a large group for dinner the first night, a little complicated by Easter. Several dozen Cardinal Flyers took over several large tables at a local restaurant along one of the many little lakes in Winter Haven and watched the storms roll in.

Storms? Could it be? Yes, this was the year that weather came to Winter Haven. The image to the left is the radar picture that greeted most Flyers who hoped to fly in to Winter Haven for the day of the event. They can be forgiven if they didn't make it.

Those who came for the evening dinner, however, had excellent weather for their trip down on Sunday and as mentioned above were enjoying a fine meal when the weather rolled in. Let this be a lesson for next year!

A few who came early were treated to some fancy flying by one of our members. He began to notice something on his windshield a few miles from Winter Haven, and before long found that he had no forward visibility at all. The problem is a little hard to pick out in this picture, but was reported as quite evident from inside the cockpit!

With a call on the radio he shortly had two other members helping him out, one working traffic at the airport to get him clear airspace, and the other on his wing to watch for traffic and offer moral support. He landed nicely, no harm done, and was greeted with a well deserved cold beverage upon shutdown.

The cause turned out to be an alternator belt. Stay with me here... it seems that he'd had a mechanic replace his alternator belt shortly before this trip. This task requires removal of the propeller and that mechanic failed to replace the prop O ring. The picture to the left shows the result. The o-ring lasted some 3 hours before finally letting a trickle out to the windshield.

The local mechanic at Winter Haven fixed it right up, and we later learned that the errant mechanic cancelled the fee for his early work. In the end all was well, and we had an airplane taken apart for our inspection!

We don't usually do in-depth inspections at Winter Haven, usually the crowd is just too large for folks to get a view. But Flyin day dawned with serious rain already underway, so we needed a special plan.

The folks at the Wings and Wheels FBO came through with the loan of their substantial hangar, and even pulled a few vehicles out to give us more room. You could not ask for nicer folks in a time of need!

Paul and Keith did an in-depth review of the engine compartment of the aforementioned aircraft, and as usual found a few items of interest. It never fails, something always comes up in these inspections. We pointed out the good items and a few to check and everyone learned something. These in-depth technical inspections are usually reserved for full conventions.

By keeping a positive outlook and finding an alternative, the weather relented and it turned into a very nice day. The group moved outside to check out the aircraft. As usually there were many very interesting and well maintained and upgraded aircraft on the field.

One of the most interesting was this '78 Classic. It had been restored with a remarkable attention to detail, and brought back to fully stock condition. It even had the optional Cessna thermos bottles in a matching leather carrying case! This was an excellent example of a '78, owned by a gentleman who had owned several Cardinals in the past. If you get a chance to see this airplane don't miss it.

In fact, the Flyers in attendance later awarded this airplane the Best Of Show for 2004. A well deserved award!

With fewer aircraft in attendance, the morning program was a plane-by-plane walkthrough, with each Flyer spending a few moments talking about their aircraft. We heard about upgrades, challenges and interesting trips. There are a remarkable number of very nice Cardinals in this group.

With a new lunch provider this year we were looking forward to a taste. It was outstanding, some of the best ribs and fix'ns I've come across. There was plenty of food for all, topped off with the Chocolate Chip cookies that are quickly becoming a favorite of Winter Haven attendees.

Of course there had to be a little discussion around the lunch table, led by these two guys who seem to show up at all of these events. We also heard from a few CFO sponsors, supporters and people doing good things for our favorite airplane.

After a few more hours of checking out specific details on certain airplanes, and a quick cleanup at the hotel, it was time for the evening wrap-up at Faye and Palmers.

Once again we filled their home with friendly people and airplane talk. As usual the hors d'oeuvres were wonderful and a good time was had by all.

Of course the week wasn't over yet. For the rest of the week we bumped into fellow CFO members at Sun 'n Fun, and had dozens stop by our table at the type club tent. Several spent a few hours staffing the table so Debbie could get out and see the show, which was greatly appreciated.

In all it was a great week, even with the poor weather. If you were enable to attend, we missed you! Put it in your schedule for next year!

Special thanks to Jim Neihouse for signing up to take pictures at this flyin and delivering so well! One other member took pictures as well, I'm sorry to have forgotten who that was. Please remind me!

Several things follow below: First, a chance to leave both public and private feedback on this event. Secondly, pictures of the aircraft in attendance, and finally the list of people who signed up to attend.

Keith Peterson
CFO Webmaster

The following public comments about the flyin have been entered:

We had a good time in spite of the weather.. hope you can all make it next year! Keith and Debbie Peterson
Exciting! Maybe I'll get a Cardinal someday. Would like to find a 1969 FG with 180 hp. David Hersman in Papua New Guinea

Enter your public comments here: (Please include your name)

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The following aircraft were in attendance. Click on any image to load a larger one.

wh04_038.jpg wh04_039.jpg wh04_040.jpg
wh04_041.jpg wh04_042.jpg wh04_043.jpg
wh04_044.jpg wh04_045.jpg wh04_047.jpg
wh04_049.jpg wh04_050.jpg wh04_056.jpg
wh04_058.jpg wh04_066.jpg wh04_067.jpg
wh04_070.jpg wh04_071.jpg wh04_073.jpg
wh04_078.jpg wh04_082.jpg wh04_083.jpg
wh04_084.jpg wh04_085.jpg wh04_087.jpg
wh04_088.jpg wh04_089.jpg wh04_090.jpg
wh04_091.jpg wh04_092.jpg wh04_093.jpg
wh04_094.jpg wh04_095.jpg wh04_096.jpg
wh04_097.jpg wh04_098.jpg wh04_099.jpg
wh04_100.jpg wh04_101.jpg wh04_102.jpg
wh04_103.jpg wh04_104.jpg wh04_132.jpg
wh04_133.jpg wh04_134.jpg wh04_135.jpg
wh04_136.jpg wh04_137.jpg wh04_138.jpg
wh04_139.jpg wh04_141.jpg wh04_142.jpg
wh04_143.jpg wh04_145.jpg wh04_146.jpg
wh04_147.jpg wh04_152.jpg wh04_153.jpg
wh04_154.jpg wh04_155.jpg wh04_156.jpg
wh04_157.jpg wh04_186.jpg wh04_187.jpg
wh04_188.jpg wh04_191.jpg wh04_196.jpg
wh04_197.jpg wh04_198.jpg wh04_199.jpg
wh04_200.jpg wh04_201.jpg wh04_202.jpg
wh04_203.jpg wh04_204.jpg wh04_211.jpg
The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Paul MillnerBerkeley, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SD
Keith; Debbie & Cari PetersonHampshire, IL (68IS)1976 177 RGIt's going to be a great time; see you there!
Guy MaherKannapolis; NC, (KRUQ)1974 177 RGN912GMMy renewal is up in April so please just add it to this charge for the convention. See you all there!
Curtis AdkissonBlacksburg, VA ()1977 177 RGN52074
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, AZ (RYN)1977 177 RGN177LR
Lloyd RobertNashville; TN, (M54)1977 177BN19419Debbie: Please also charge my 2004 dues to my credit card - I won't use PayPal; so I've not been able to pay them.
frank YowOrmond Beach, FL (OMN)1976 177BN10346
Phil ElmorePalm Beach Gardens, FL (F45)1974 177BN34888
DON COMMERgvl, GA (gvl)1977 177B19103tom smiley and bucky walters are flying from gvl; mary and don are driving down from gvl.
Brian CorlissManchester, NH (MHT)1977 177 RGN77177
Mike SullivanManassas; VA, VA (HEF)1974 177 RGN2056Qlooking forward to seeing everyone again
Rick GullettSnellville, GA (LZU)1971 177 RGN468LE
Michael SimmonsDanville, VA (KDAN)1977 177 RGN177BT
Jack & Bettie HaysParis, TN (HZD)1976 177BN10139
Jimmy and Sandy HoneycuttLocust Grove, (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BS
John SummerfordOrlando, FL (ORL)1972 177 RGN1854Q
Skip & Judy MarkleyBonita Springs, FL ()1969 177AN30468Will be driving in from Bonita Springs; FL on Sunday; April 11th.
Joseph Bocikcudjoe key, FL (eyw)1974 177 RG
Peter & Carol Van Caulart`Fonthill; Ontario, (CNQ3)1968 177C-GCPG
Winn BrownHorn Lake, MS (AWM)1968 177N29563Will Stop at Calaway Gardens Sunday night on way down; should be at Winter Haven around noon Monday.
Bob DindaPt. Orange, FL (7FL6)1977 177 RG50770We would like a hotel reservation for Monday night. Thanks; Palmer for setting this up.
Jake LynnBogalusa, LA (BXA)1977 177BN19793Looking forward to flying down again
Rick LarkPort Elgin, Canada ()1976 177BC-GEKJ
Rick LarkSouthampton, Canada (CNL4)1976 177BC-GEKJ
Bob & Marge StearnsColumbia, SC (FDW)1972 177 RGN84612
Jeff & Cheryl AddisonLafayette, LA (0R3)1978 177BN2169CLooking forward to seeing everyone again this year.
Dick AlmayHolland, MI (BIV)1975 177 RGN2643V
Dick AlmayHolland, MI (BIV)1975 177 RGN2643V
Everett LakeMiamisburg, OH (KMGY)1971 177BN34064
Gary CrittendenFort Myers, FL (FMY)1970 177BN30820Please add annual dues to total. Thanks!
Marc WieseDallas, TX (5TX0)1976 177 RGN34807
Jeffrey VinsonOlney;, MD (Kfdk)1978 177BN20223Look forward to seeing everyone this year.
James HendersonGulf Shores, AR (JKA)1978 177BN1203CETA is 12 Noon Monday; 12 April 04
Frank JohnsonGalloway, NJ (1N4)1968 177N2982XLeaving mine home again; arriving with Andy Guilmet in his '78 RG.
Dick DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542none
Kim PeckNeedham , MA (OWD)1975 177 RGN1533H
Stephen MillsAtlanta, GA (PDK)1975 177 RGN2679V
Paul ConnorQualicum Beach; BC;, Canada (CAT4)1977 177BCGOEO
John KupkaOkeechobee, FL (FD70)1973 177BN34684
Jonathan HooperPort St Joe, FL (A51)1973 177 RG1995QArriving Monday Morning
Roger&Dee FrechetteKissimmee, FL (ism)1968 177N3498T
Palmer & Faye & Amanda Gehring , ()1975 177Bn35086Faye and I are looking forward to seeing everyone. Amanda and Cari will help parking airplanes and will be in the golf cart.
William ( Bill) MaynardWinter Haven, FL (KGIF)1971 177 RGN8037G
Joe WelchSnowshow, WV (CUB)1977 177BNi9119
Clifford DaleyOcala, FL (KOCF)1971 177BN34012Will be arriving mid-Monday morning.
Larry BloomCLW, FL (CLW)1977 177 RGN3MKWe're flying in Sunday for the dinner; and would like to split a ride with someone; airport to restaurant; roundtrip.
Michael GilbertKey West, FL (EYW)1972 177BN34289
Chuck PittmanOld Bridge, NJ () N52871
Martin BrincefieldCollege Park, MD (KCGS)1970 177BN30409
Ken RobertsSpring Hill, FL (X05)1976 177BN55KR
Mike HendricksGreensboro, NC ()1968 177I will not be flying my Cardinal. I will fly in with Mike Simmons from Danville; VA.
Dean cOOK, () N177
Dean Cook, (3C1)1971 177BN177XC
BILL & LINDA BRODBECKAUSTIN, TX (HYI)1973 177BN34465Hope to arrive on Saturday 4/10.
Craig BarnettCresskill, NJ (CDW)1973 177 RGN696CB
Arthur VouthourisSping Hill, FL (BKV)1969 177AN30615Get a pocket on the shirts; please!
Andy GuilmetLinwood, NJ (1N4)1978 177 RGN52878
Lloyd EdsonOmaha, NE (EWR)1976 177 RGN177EF
Erik HagbartsenClearwater, FL (CLW)1968 177 29888
James NeihouseRockledge, FL (KTIX)1978 177 RG691DBForgot to register early :-O
William Greathouse, OH (15G) Prospective Cardinal owner. Looking for just the right 177.
Dennis GerstungAnchorage, AK ()1968 177Taking commercial jet on Uncle Sam's nickel. Setting up the FAA Capstone booth at Sun n' Fun on Monday but should be there for most of the time.

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