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Winter Haven National flyin

Special thanks to the following volunteers, as well as to all the others who pitched in as needed:

With a series of successful events at Winter Haven its getting harder to write up a compelling report.

The weather was excellent again this year, just warm enough to entice us snow-birds, cool enouth to make the sun feel good. Enough breeze to cool, not enough to kick up the dust. And in our 7th year in the capable hands of Faye and Palmer at Winter Haven, everyone is getting good at making this event both fun and memorable.

We continued our trend of starting early and doing registrations as people arrived. The first dozen airplanes were in attendance on Saturday, with a steady trickle on Sunday. As one result we were actually able to capture the registration team with a few seconds of sitting down.

One interesting challenge was that many people came a day early and took their rental cars from the pool of cars available on site, making them no longer available for later arrivals. Folks pitched in and drove later arrivals across town, so it all worked out, but an opportunity to do better next year was noted.

Faye and Palmer spread out the reception venue this year, with tents and conversation areas around the yard and grounds. It worked out very well, with plenty of room for the near record group of attendees. The food, as always, was excellent and the conversation full of recent flights and Cardinal adventures. Tame adventures, for the most part, thats how we like them.

The hotel is under construction, but that didn't seem to affect our stay. As usual we pretty much took over the facility. It was nice to have breakfast with Cardinal people and see folks sharing rides and evenings together.

Flyin day dawned clear, but with a little ground fog that kept a few Cardinals at nearby airports. With a slight relaxed start of the walk-around, we got about half of the airport covered with a brief analysis of each airplane.

It is worth a special word for the volunteers who took an hour or so of their day to park airplanes. They were excellent this year, as they were last year, stepping up to help out without comment or concern. Folks knew their scheduled time and trained forward to the next group as they arrived. You stepped up and made it happen, smooth as could be. Thanks to all of you who pitched in!

As always there are a large number of very nice Cardinals at this event, making the voting for 'best Cardinal' close and challenging. The new paint jobs shined, leather interiors were inviting and the excellent avionics installations continue to impress. It is inspiring to see what we could all be doing with our aircraft.

Lunch was hot and tasty again this year, with well spiced chicken, ribs and pulled pork accompanied by cole slaw, beans and cookies. As always there was more than enough food and it was excellent in all respects. We look forward to welcoming back the same caterer next year as they have done a great job for us for several years now.

Our talk in the woods spotlighted several Cardinal Flyers this year, with Al Van Lengen and John Summerford sharing their respective stories of difficulties and lessons learned. We appreciated their being willing to share their experiences and give us all new things to think about. We also heard from some flyers who had recently addressed various medical, mechanical or operational issues and had ideas and suggestions to share.

John talked about the followup to his hurricane story, which has told several times in several forums. Its always interesting, if only to hear how things can work out from even the most challenging of sequences of events.

There was a little time in the afternoon to pull a couple cowls and point at things around the engine. Vince Kreizinger volunteered his '76 RG, which was in very nice condition indeed. I think this aircraft had fewer squawks than any we've done in the past.
An eager volunteer shared his FG for us to look at as well, but I've forgotten his name. It too was a fine example of the type, with only a few details to observe. We pulled both under the shade trees to make the experience more enjoyable for all.

Powerflow was in attendance and made another big announcement: They are looking for an RG on which to do a feasability study for the possibility of an RG Powerflow system! This has been long anticipated, and we are very pleased to hear that Darren is going after the Cardinal RG market before other options. There was significant followup on his request, and signs that he'll have an airplane in the shop soon.

While we chatted, the spouses enjoyed a day-long trip to Bok gardens, and came back looking happy and refreshed. .

After a short dip in the pool (at least for those of use for whom it is a treat) we met again at the Sea Flame for an excellent meal and some one on one debriefing. It was a nice chance to get to know each other a little better and spend some time with old friends.

Then it was time for the more serious awards, which brought three honoree's this year:

The Flew Furthest award went to ??? from Oregon. They reported it to be a 14 hour flight, but were very happy to have been able to attend.

The Fledgling award, for the most recently purchased Cardinal, went to ??? who has owned his Cardinal for just 5 months. We like to welcome those who are clever enough to quickly find CFO and committed enough to attend a flyin right away.

Finally the grand prize: Best Of Show, the People Choice for Best Cardinal. This was a tight race again this year, with Tom Saxon and ??? getting substantial numbers of votes. But in the end the winner was Jimmy and Sandy Honeycutt's excellent RG, perhaps even more of an award given that this airport was restored from salvage. Jimmy added air brakes this year and Sandy spent hours cleaning and polishing to make this airplane shine both technically and cosmetically. Congratulations to Sandy and Jimmy!

As always, past champions get special parking up front, so there is more to this award than just bragging rights. And we joked with the Honeycutts that having now won 4 best-of-show awards at our various venues, we're taking them out of the running for future contests. It seems only fair to the rest of us!

As the week progressed most folks dropped by the Sun n Fun Type club tent, and several did us the very much appreciated favor of staffing the table for while. As a result, Debbie got to see some of the show this year, and a significant number of Cardinal owners got to meet us and other CFO members for the first time. It is amazing to us that any Cardinal owner might no know about us, but it does happen!

The Cardinal Forum was held at the now usual Wednesday Morning time, in the new forum location. It was well attended with prospective Cardinal owners, with a smattering of current owners to help me tell the story. Last year we had a lot of shoppers in the audience, so this year we focused a little more on how to select and buy a Cardinal, only to find that this year most of the audience already owned a Cardinal. Perhaps next year we'll have two presentations to select from.

Sun 'n Fun is a good show for the Cardinal Flyers, we again made connections and learned things which will help us thorugh the year. As usual Paul has already published his well regarded summary of the event, full of things which most of us missed at the show.

A special thanks again to Palmer and Faye Gehring, who continue to make this event possible with their hard work and good taste. Thanks also to Harry Miler, Dick Almay, and ??? who took these pictures of the event.

Several things follow below: First, a chance to leave both public and private feedback on this event. Secondly, pictures of the aircraft in attendance, and finally the list of people who signed up to attend.

Keith Peterson
CFO Webmaster

Type Club Tent: Guest Host signup
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10:00-Jimmy & Sandy HoneycutDick Almay---
12:00-Don & Mary Commer----

The following public comments about the flyin have been entered:

Thanks for a great time; and a special thanks to all the volunteers. Keith; Debbie; Paul.
A great convention; and a lot of new (old) friends. Good to have y'all in Kentucky! This was a small; but high-quality group and I really enjoyed myself. Bob Pitchford

The following aircraft were in attendance, as well as a few more: our photographers may not have caught them all. And it seems that multiple pictures were taken of the same aircraft, so there are probably duplicates in this set as well. Click on any image to load a larger one.

wh06_airplane01.jpg wh06_airplane02.jpg
wh06_airplane03.jpg wh06_airplane04.jpg
wh06_airplane05.jpg wh06_airplane06.jpg
wh06_airplane07.jpg wh06_airplane08.jpg
wh06_airplane09.jpg wh06_airplane10.jpg
wh06_airplane11.jpg wh06_airplane12.jpg
wh06_airplane13.jpg wh06_airplane14.jpg
wh06_airplane15.jpg wh06_airplane16.jpg
wh06_airplane17.jpg wh06_airplane18.jpg
wh06_airplane19.jpg wh06_airplane20.jpg
wh06_airplane21.jpg wh06_airplane22.jpg
wh06_airplane23.jpg wh06_airplane24.jpg
wh06_airplane25.jpg wh06_airplane26.jpg
wh06_airplane27.jpg wh06_airplane28.jpg
wh06_airplane29.jpg wh06_airplane30.jpg
wh06_airplane31.jpg wh06_airplane32.jpg
wh06_airplane33.jpg wh06_airplane34.jpg
wh06_airplane35.jpg wh06_airplane36.jpg
wh06_airplane37.jpg wh06_airplane38.jpg
wh06_airplane39.jpg wh06_airplane40.jpg
wh06_airplane41.jpg wh06_airplane42.jpg
wh06_airplane43.jpg wh06_airplane44.jpg
wh06_airplane45.jpg wh06_airplane46.jpg
wh06_airplane47.jpg wh06_airplane48.jpg
wh06_airplane49.jpg wh06_airplane50.jpg
wh06_airplane51.jpg wh06_airplane52.jpg
wh06_airplane53.jpg wh06_airplane54.jpg
wh06_airplane55.jpg wh06_airplane56.jpg
wh06_airplane57.jpg wh06_airplane58.jpg
wh06_airplane59.jpg wh06_airplane60.jpg
The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Keith & Debbie PetersonHampshire, IL (68IS)1976 177 RGN33267Should be a good year; Palmer ordered good weather. See you there!
Dick AlmayHolland, MI (BIV)1975 177 RGN2643V
mike sullivanManassas, VA (KHEF)1974 177 RGN2056Qlooking forward to another great gathering
Frank and Joan YowOrmond Beach, FL (OMN)1976 177BN10346
Mark ArnessPort Republic, MD (2W6)1975 177 RGN2637V
John AveryWood-Ridge, NJ (N07)1977 177BN19519GOD willing and the creek don't rise !!!!
Nancy & Patrick ReagenNottingahm; , NH (keen)1978 177 RGN53170
John SummerfordOrlando, FL (ORL)1972 177 RGN1854Q
Paul MillnerBerkeley, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SDIt's going to be great!
John & Mary Anna PalmerOxford; ME, ME (81b)1973 177 RGN1909QDebbie; don't forget Mary Anna's bands for the two straw hats she bought last year! Looking forward to the meeting.
Al & Katherine Van LengenHampton, GA ()1978 177 RGN53257Looking forward to another great event. Sad to say 53257 will not make it..:(
Phil ElmorePalm Beach Gardens, (F45)1974 177BN34888
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, AZ (RYN)1977 177 RGN177LR
Larry JamesAustin , TX (KGTU)1977 177BN177LJ
Roger FrechetteKissimmee , FL (Kism)1970 177BN3498T
Guy MaherKannapolis, NC (KRUQ)1974 177 RGN912GMPlease add my membership renewal to this transaction.
Jim PoelDaytona Beach; FL, (7fl6)1976 177 RGn138rc
Palmer Gehring, FL ()1975 177BN35086Faye and I are looking forward to another great Winter Haven CFO fly-in. This will be the number SIX. And they just keep getting better!
Bob LutenSpirit Lake, ID (KCOE)1975 177 RGN2706VFlying commercial this trip.
Bob SchemmerlingGreencastle, PA (HGR)1971 177B
Don CommerGVL Gainesville, GA (GVL)1977 177BN19103Will be driving down---plane will follow later ?
Hal Allman; SrConcord, NC (KRUQ)1973 177BN34620Just bought the 177 from Guy; Just joined CFO - don't have my number yet. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
Jim HendersonGulf Shores, AL (KJKA)1978 177BN1203C
Michael SchmidtOrlando, FL (ISM)1977 177 RGN52152
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttLocust Grove, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSSandy will be flying down and Jimmy will fly back. Anxious to see everyone and their Cardinals again.
Jeff AddisonLafayette, LA (0R3)1978 177BN2169CLooking forward to it again!
Dick DagleLewisburg, PA (N79 (PA))1973 177BN34542Thanks to the CFO team for making this happen each year.
Michael HanRedding, CA (SMF)1978 177BN1404C
Lil & William ButlerMundelein , IL (ENW)1969 177AN30571
robert brunkenhoefercorpus christi, TX (kcrp)1973 177Bn34671 my bird is changing her name to 177ET i hope to have her new n number on before the fly in.
robert brunkenhoefercorpus christi, TX (KCRP)1973 177BN34671 my bird is changing her name to 177ET i hope to have her new n number on before the fly in.
Rich SommerEdwardsville, IL (KALN)1976 177 RGN34030
Stephen MillsAtlanta, GA (PDK)1975 177 RGN2679VPlease add my annual membership renewal to this.
Bob DellBradenton, FL (srq)1976 177 RGn34944
Tom BenensonColumbiaville, NY (1B1)1976 177 RGN828JT
Bill & Pat MaynardWinter Haven, FL (GIF)1971 177 RGN8037G
Marc MorelLeesburg, FL (KLEE)1968 177N2872X
Fred BrownCarson City, MI (9D9)1976 177 RGN13282Looking foreward to seeing everyone and finally buying Palmer the drink I owe him.
Zdenek GavlasFairview, NJ (KCDW)1970 177BN30807Still looking for 1 passenger from the NY/NJ/CT/PA area; for a share of avgas and car rental/gas cost.
Michael Gilbertkey west, FL (vnc)1972 177B
Thomas NewmanMerritt Island, FL (KTIX)1976 177 RGN7523VLooking forward to fun and informative time.
Jesse LofferGilmer, TX (KJXI)1974 177 RGN2152Q
Bob ChoateTaunton , MA (TAN)1969 177AN30570
Tom SaxonLeesburg, VA (JYO)1976 177BN478TCLooking forward to another great one!!
Dean CookElkhart, IN (3C1)1971 177BN177XC
Robert HansonLeonardtown, MD (2W6)1976 177 RGN34565Looking forward to another great Cardinal fly-in!
Steve howardHouston, TX (9X1)1972 177BN34265
Gary CrittendenCape Coral, FL (FMY)1970 177BN30820
Dennis GerstungAnchorage, AK (ANC)1968 177N2880X
Ray & Pat HoctorWebster, TX (KLVJ)1973 177 RGN690TSLooking forward to another great event.
Winn BrownHorn Lake, MS (AWM)1968 177N29563
, (GIF) N8037G
Arhtur VouthourisSpring Hill, FL (BKV)1969 177AN30615
Benny SharpeOrmond Beach, FL (OMN)1974 177 RG2071QNew member. Looking forward to this event.
Mark ArnessPort Republic, MD (2W6)1975 177 RGN2637V
Chuck PittmanLittle Silver, NJ (3N6)1978 177 RGN52871
Keith BaumannFairfield, IL ( FWC)1968 177N3334T
Curtis AdkissonBlacksburg, VA (BCB)1977 177 RGN52074
Ian RattrayFt Lauderdale, FL (FXE)1976 177BN13061
Scott GreenIndependence; OR., OR (7S5)1975 177 RGN2639V
Peter MoncureClarkesville, GA (KAJR)1975 177BN177QFinally looks like VFR weather this year!
Peter PolenFort Lauderdale, FL () New member excited about meeting new friends.
John PorterCrystal River, FL (KCGC)1974 177BN34880
Brenda BaumannFairfield, IL (FWC)1968 177N3334T
Rich Sommer, () N34030
John TefftAtlanta, GA (PDK)1971 177BN177JTI will be flying in with Steve Mills
Frank LonzaCrescent City, FL (FD44)1971 177 RGN8276G
Vince KreizingerSan Diego, CA (KSEE)1977 177 RGN177VK
Kerry DavisonVancouver, HI (CYPK)1978 177B
Danny SloopRockwell, NC (KRUQ)1978 177 RGN52823

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