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Winter Haven National flyin

2007 was the year of The Chill at our Winter Haven flyin. We've had heat, wind, rain and several beautiful days, but this was the coldest day we've seen yet.

We bucked up, put on our jackets and got started with a walkaround, and before we had gone couple of airplanes we all felt pretty good!

While all these airplanes were arriving Paul and I ran over to the Sun 'n Fun site for a little project.

With a little good planning and a little luck, we were on hand when the Catch a Cardinal arrived at its designated display area. We pitched in as we could, although the team had a good handle on getting this airplane off the trailer and put together.

The wings actually arrived by DC-3 and were put on a little later.

While Julie and the AOPA CAC team worked on their display area into the night and the next day, we headed back to Winter Haven for the CFO event.

Bad weather up north was a also a factor this year, and many people left their Cardinals at home or part way and arrived by rental car. So while the airplane count was down, the people count was up! We were glad they all made it!

As usual the event started with a reception at Faye and Palmer's house. Ever the gracious guests, we again filled their home and ate everything put in front of us.



It is always good to catch up with folks we have not seen for a while.

After a good nights sleep we're back at the airport, checking out who brought what and what we could learn from it.

As usual the number of very nice Cardinals was amazing, and as often happens there were things to learn that none of us expected.

At the far right, one of our group stayed actively engaged holding down the double yellow lines. This photogenic little cherub generated more photographs than the nicest airplane in the place.


Lunch time rolled around eventually, we again enjoyed the excellent BBQ that we've had in years past.

As you can see in the pictures, it wasn't anything like warm just yet.

Once everyone had that look of contentment on their faces we started the afternoon program.


First up was Julie Boatman and Dan Gryder, who filled us in on the Catch a Cardinal progress.

It had been a hard couple of days and they were looking a little tired, but they gamely answered questions and encouraged us all to visit them at the Sun 'n Fun show.

Our next guest was Jack Pelton, President and CEO of Cessna. He heard that the Cardinal folks were getting together at Winter Haven and kindly stopped by to see what we were up to.

Jack said a few words about his past experiences with Cardinals and with aviation.

Then he went into some detail about how the Cardinal was the last single engine airplane that Cessna had built before the very recent Next Gen Piston aircraft that they are currently working on.

There were several references to the history of the Cardinal and how what was learned there flowed across the years into the planning for the future of Cessna.

After the lunchtime program we returned to the field where Jack wandered and enjoyed the well-kept products of Cessna from 30 plus years ago.

After cleaning up we all met again at the Sea Flame restaurant to continue our event indoors.

As the pictures below show, we had a good time with a large and happy group.

wh07_dinner05.jpg wh07_dinner08.jpg

There were awards!

Several people had quite a bit of trouble coming down from the North East due to weather. As a result we awarded a spontaneous 'Perseverance' award for the person who the crowd agreed had the most compelling hard luck story.

The Perseverance award was won by Phil Fisher. I don't recall his story, but it was a doozy!

To the right, the Flew Furthest award was won by John and MaryAnna Palmer from Oxford, Maine.


Phil Fisher also won the Fledgling Award for having his Cardinal for the least period of time. Guess it was his lucky day!

And the grand prize, the People's Choice Nicest Cardinal, was won by Dick Dagle! Congratulations, Dick, on the recognition and a very nice airplane!

After our days at Winter Haven we were primed to get into the flow of Sun 'n Fun.

CFO was included in many of the activities at the AOPA CAC display, including some open mike sessions with representatives of Cessna.

As the picture to the far right shows, Julie was in the CFO spirit and made good use of the hat that Debbie handed her shortly after the picture to the right. I think that Debbie got an AOPA hat as a result. :-)

The pictures below are of us and the Cessna folks discussing Cardinals with the crowd at the AOPA tent later in the week.

A special thanks again to Palmer and Faye Gehring, who continue to make this event possible with their hard work and good taste.

A special thanks as well to the many volunteers who pitched in to park airplanes and generally help make the event a success. Year after year we count on some very special people who continue to contribute of their time and energy, and it is much appreciated.

Several things follow below: First, a chance to leave both public and private feedback on this event. Secondly, pictures of the aircraft in attendance, and finally the list of people who signed up to attend.

Keith Peterson
CFO Webmaster

The following public comments about the flyin have been entered:

We had a great time; hope you all did as well! Keith and Debbie Peterson
Had a very enjoyable time and my wife and I will attend next year. John Brier; Lithia; Fla. and Oakland; Maine N74PP (1968; 0-320)
Samantha and I have always enjoyed our CARDINAL get-together before Sun-n-Fun. We look forward to the event again this year(2009). Our hosts always do a terrific job. Thanks you so much. Bill and Sam Sherman (N13690)

The following aircraft were in attendance, as well as a few more: our photographers may not have caught them all. Click on any image to load a larger one.

wh07_dplanes01.jpg wh07_dplanes02.jpg
wh07_dplanes03.jpg wh07_dplanes04.jpg
wh07_dplanes05.jpg wh07_dplanes06.jpg
wh07_dplanes07.jpg wh07_dplanes08.jpg
wh07_dplanes09.jpg wh07_dplanes10.jpg
wh07_dplanes11.jpg wh07_dplanes12.jpg
wh07_dplanes13.jpg wh07_dplanes14.jpg
wh07_dplanes15.jpg wh07_dplanes16.jpg
wh07_dplanes17.jpg wh07_dplanes18.jpg
wh07_dplanes19.jpg wh07_dplanes20.jpg
wh07_dplanes21.jpg wh07_dplanes22.jpg
wh07_dplanes23.jpg wh07_dplanes24.jpg
wh07_dplanes25.jpg wh07_dplanes26.jpg
wh07_dplanes27.jpg wh07_dplanes28.jpg
wh07_dplanes29.jpg wh07_dplanes30.jpg
wh07_dplanes31.jpg wh07_dplanes32.jpg
wh07_dplanes33.jpg wh07_dplanes34.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Dick AlmayHolland, MI (KBIV)1975 177 RGN2643VLooking forward to another great event. Thanks to Palmer; Faye; Debbie; Keith and Paul.
Bruce HutchingsLancaster, NH (HIE)otherN52061Looking forward to the trip south.
Dean CookElkhart, IN (3C1)1971 177BN177XC
Jeff AddisonLafayette, LA (0R3)1978 177BN2169CWilling to help in any way.We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.
Al & Katherine Van LengenFayetteville , GA (FFC)1974 177 RGN912GNLooking forward to another Cardinal Event
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttLocust Grove, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSSandy wiil be flying; See y'all there!
mike sullivanManassas, VA (KHEF)1974 177 RGN2056Q
Frank and Joan YowOrmond Beach, FL (OMN)1976 177BN10346Looking forward to seeing all our friends
Paul MillnerOakland, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SDWinter Haven! Woo Hoo!
Tom SaxonLeesburg, VA (KJYO)1976 177BN478TCShould be a VERY exciting year for us Cardinaleers!!
Richard DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542
Thomas VogelpohlPort Orange, FL (7FL6)1973 177BN34354
John SummerfordSumter, SC (KSMS)1972 177 RGN1854Q
Alan Powell London UK , () Looking forward to a great time.
David KnightMiami, FL (MIA)1977 177 RGN8225Y
Don ImhoffBaton Rouge, LA (BTR)1974 177 RGN2131QPlan on arriving Sunday afternoon.
George HawkinsWharton TX, TX (KARM)1974 177 RGN2176QLooking forward to my first Winter Haven Fly-in.
robert brunkenhoefercorpus christi, TX (kcrp)1973 177Bn34671looking forward to seeing my cardinal friends again. my bird looks like a hot tamale. ole!
Kevin CrewsWinter Haven, FL (KBOW)1976 177 RGN1528H
Mary & Don CommerGainesville, GA (GVL)1977 177B19103
John EganPedricktown, NJ (7N7)1968 177N2895XFirst "fun&Sun" Looking forward to it.
Stephen MillsAtlanta, GA (PDK)1975 177 RGN2679V
Ray & Pat HoctorWebster, TX (LVJ)1973 177 RGN690TSLooking forward to another great fly-in
William ShermanWest Hartford, CT (HFD)1976 177BN13690
Michael CrarenMansfield, MA (1b9)1978 177 RGN52894Can hardly wait to meet Cardinal comrades AND to experience temperatures above freezing!
Rich SommerEdwardsville, IL (ALN)1976 177 RGN34030
Fred BrownCarson City, MI (9D9)1976 177BN13282
Thomas NewmanMerritt Island, FL (KTIX)1976 177 RGN7523VI am looking forward to another outstanding CFO gathering.
Bob LutenSpirit Lake, ID (ID22)1975 177 RGN2706VArriving via commercial through Tampa
Michael GilbertKey West, FL (eyw)1976 177 RGN34170
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, AZ (RYN)1977 177 RGN177LR
Jim JuliusWestminster, MD (KDMW)1970 177BN30820
Don JohnsonOphelia, VA (VA99)1972 177BN34108
Don Imhoff, (BTR)1974 177 RGN2131Q
Alden LinkMilton, NY (MGJ)1975 177BN2143q
Frank KuhnPecan Plantation, TX (OTX1)1977 177B
Phil FisherHuntington/Ona, WV (12V)1978 177 RGN53120My very first Cardinal event. My very first Sun-n-Fun.
Robert HansonLeonardtown, MD (2W6)1976 177 RGN34565
Bill & Pat MaynardWinter Haven, FL (GIF)1971 177 RGN8037G
Robert LloydFranklin, TN (M54)1977 177BN19419
Tom BenensonColumbiaville, NY (1B1)1976 177 RGN828JT
Palmer Gehring, (gif)1975 177BN35086This is number 8. Looking forward to seeing all our friends and fellow CFO'ers.
John SimmermonNewark, DE (ILG)1976 177BN11585Plan to fly in Monday AM and out Monday PM.
Julie BoatmanFrederick, MD (6A2)1977 177BBe sure to come by the AOPA display to see the sweepstakes Cardinal during your trip to Sun n Fun this year! You'll get to see the insides of the Cardinal before it flies in May.
Steve HowardPorter, TX (9X1)1972 177BN34265
Bill Cadiz, (LEE)1970 177BN30709
Keith BaumannFairfield, IL (FWC)1968 177N3334T
Mike DechnikPhiladelphia, PA (PTW)1976 177BN13749
Dell Collerilg, DE (ilg) 1454c
Brian CorlissDerry, NH (KASH)1977 177 RGN77177
Wells StewartElkin, NC (KZEF)1976 177 RGN7528V
dell collernewark, DE (ilg)1978 177Bn1454c
Chuck PittmanLittle Silver, NJ (3N6)1978 177 RGN52871
Richard VerdierOriental, NC (SRQ)1975 177BN35114First time to the Winter Haven Cardinal Fly-in!
Bill AvenTitusville, FL (x21)1970 177BN30713Will fly in and out same day
Tod TowneMonroe, MI (KTTF)
Frank and Joan YowOrmond Beach, FL (OMN)1976 177BN10346arriving on Sunday with parents Frank and Joan Yow
Don Jeffers, ()

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