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Winter Haven National flyin

Weather was again the big story of Winter Haven 2008. While the local weather held off for long enough to let the show go on, a wide band of weather kept many of the Cardinals away.

Luckily our hosts were waiting and when we arrived everything was ready.

We were surprised, impressed and honored by the number of people who responded to the non-flyable weather by getting into a rental car and coming down anyway. Thanks!

a_hosts.jpg Flyin day was more of the same, as folks trickled in through the morning. More of our attendees were from South Florida, taking advantage of the new schedule which put our flyin on a weekend day.

This gave us all a chance to do what we really came to Florida to do: sit, relax, an enjoy the warm Florida weather for a while.

Whether you attended or not, we invite you to take the survey to improve the Winter Haven flyin in future years.

As has become our routine, the event started with a reception at the home of our hosts, Faye and Palmer Gehring. Thanks to CFO member Bill Sherman for taking the pictures below... let's just scroll down and enjoy them.

b_event01.jpg b_event02.jpg
b_event03.jpg b_event04.jpg
b_event05.jpg b_event06.jpg
b_event07.jpg b_event08.jpg
b_event09.jpg b_event10.jpg
b_event11.jpg b_event12.jpg
b_event13.jpg b_event14.jpg
b_event15.jpg b_event16.jpg
b_event17.jpg b_event18.jpg
b_event19.jpg b_event20.jpg
b_event21.jpg b_event22.jpg

c1_walkaround.jpg Our morning weather was beautiful, giving us a chance to walk around the airplanes and look at each of them in depth. With the smaller number of aircraft we could spend more time on each.

Each year we are more impressed with the excellent work being done to keep our airplanes flying and looking good. It is truly an inspiring experience to walk around so many nice Cardinals.

Lunch under the trees was again excellent, as were the special cookies afterward. I think we've got this down to a science, and we're very pleased with the folks we are working with for this event.

cookies.jpg lunch.jpg

After lunch we started our meeting under the oaks, while watching a line of rainstorms slide along to our north.

A highlight of the discussion was a talk by Darren Tillman, president of Powerflow Exhaust Systems, who reported that he was close to having the 30 deposits required to launch the certification of an RG Powerflow exhaust system.

When he mentioned being just 1 order short, a hand shot up from the audience and Darren was able to report that Certification would start as soon as he got back to the shop. From time to time the benefits of banding together in CFO become very clear.

A picture of the prototype exhaust system, and Darren making his announcement can be seen below.

ca_pflow.jpg cb_pflowpipes.jpg

As we talked under the Oaks we watched a line of rain showers pass to our north. Finally came a little shower to let us know that our perch would not be dry for long.

A few hardy souls took the chance to fly out through the still clear air to the South, while the rest of us retreated to a hanger which Palmer had cleverly caused to be available, just in case.

cc_hanger.jpg cd_hangarrain.jpg

After a pleasant afternoon of hangar flying it was time to prepare for dinner. A number of members volunteered to make the dash to their cars and shuttled the rest over to the parking area. It was nice for them to be able to drive right into the hangar for loading.

Before long everyone was cleaned up and we had moved to the Sea Flame restaurant for dinner. Our own Debbie Peterson was the wandering cameralady and we thank her for the following photos:

e_dinner01.jpg e_dinner02.jpg
e_dinner03.jpg e_dinner04.jpg
e_dinner05.jpg e_dinner06.jpg
e_dinner07.jpg e_dinner08.jpg
e_dinner09.jpg e_dinner10.jpg
e_dinner11.jpg e_dinner12.jpg
e_dinner13.jpg e_dinner14.jpg
e_dinner15.jpg e_dinner16.jpg
e_dinner17.jpg e_dinner18.jpg

As usual there were some awards and presentations. I'll have to check with Debbie for the details of just which was which and who is who here, and she is out of town, so check back for those details.

e_dinner19.jpg e_dinner21.jpg
e_dinner22.jpgDick Dagle received the perseverance award, which is voted on by the group at the time of the presentation. As one of the last to make it through the weather, his flight to GIF, in challenging but workable visual conditions, led to a few tricky moments just before landing. His experiences and lessons learned were entertaining and thought provoking

Many people really deserved this award, as they too went through a series of difficult choices and took action to still make it to the event. Thanks to all who made that special effort.

Paul Millner stepped forward to present the Peoples Choice Best Cardinal of Show, as the group had voted this coveted award should be presented to Keith and Debbie Peterson for their freshly restored Cardinal. It was a humbling and much appreciated message of encouragement after a long, challenging process.

e_dinner24.jpg e_dinner25.jpg

f_bus.jpg A new feature of our flyin this year was the tour which those of us staying for Sun 'n Fun took on Monday, the day after the main flyin day.

Faye Palmer put together an entertaining visit to a country estate. Lunch was great as was the opportunity to wander around the well kept grounds.

We then traveled to a nearby vineyard for a tour and tasting which had everyone's attention.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we hope to do something like this again next year. We invite you to respond to the Poll on this event to share your feedback on this year's schedule and event.

A few photos from this day follow, thanks again to Bill Sherman and Debbie Peterson.
f_lunch.jpg f_wine.jpg 

Once again Keith and Paul held forth at Sun & Fun in a Forum tent, speaking on the Care and Feeding of Cardinals. Thanks to all who attended this event and added their own perspective and voices to the discussion.

In all it was an excellent year at Winter Haven, and we again thank our hosts Faye and Palmer Gehring for their hospitality and hard work to make this event an outstanding one.

We invite you to leave a comment below, and to also take the survey about this flyin (whether you attended or not) to help us make future events even better.

The following public comments about the flyin have been entered:

The following aircraft were in attendance, as well as a few more: our photographers may not have caught them all. Click on any image to load a larger one.

wh08_ap_01.jpg wh08_ap_02.jpg
wh08_ap_03.jpg wh08_ap_04.jpg
wh08_ap_05.jpg wh08_ap_06.jpg
wh08_ap_07.jpg wh08_ap_08.jpg
wh08_ap_09.jpg wh08_ap_10.jpg
wh08_ap_11.jpg wh08_ap_12.jpg
wh08_ap_13.jpg wh08_ap_14.jpg
wh08_ap_15.jpg wh08_ap_16.jpg
wh08_ap_17.jpg wh08_ap_18.jpg
wh08_ap_19.jpg wh08_ap_20.jpg
wh08_ap_21.jpg wh08_ap_22.jpg
wh08_ap_23.jpg wh08_ap_24.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Bruce HutchingsLancaster, NH (HIE)1977 177 RGN52061I am sick of winter! I just hope New England weather doesn't hold up my departure.
Bruce PostWest Bend, WI (ETB)1968 177N3405F
Dick DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542
Mike & Rosie DeGrootSan Diego, CA (KSEE)1971 177BN177CFRosie and I are trying to combine a wedding in Tennesee on the 5th; the Winter haven CFO events on the 6th&7th; a seven day Ramada Resort trip to Orlando; Ft. Laud.; Bahma boat ride on the 8th through the 15th. Ramada will provide a rental car Starting on the 8th from Orlando International airport. We will need a ride there. And we would like to tie down our Cardinal at W.H. during that time. Will all that be possible? We hope so.
Marc WieseShady Shores, TX (5TX0)1976 177 RGN34807May or may not fly the plane in this year. Logistics to work out.....
Dick AlmayHolland, MI (BIV)1975 177 RG
hal allman srconcord, NC (ruq)1973 177Bn34620
Al Van LengenGA04, GA (GA04)1974 177 RG912GMLooking forward to another great fly-in!
Guy MaherSalisbury, NC (KRUQ)1973 177BN34620I will conducting a detailed examination of Al Van Lengen's RG; my former RG; to make sure it's receiving proper care. :)
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttMallards Landing, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSAlways a great event. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
mike sullivanManassas, VA (KHEF)1974 177 RGN2056QLooking forward to seeing the CFO gang again
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, (RYN)1977 177 RGN177LR
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, AZ (RYN)1977 177 RGN177LR
Jack VandeventerZionsville; IN or Indianapolis; IN, IN (TYQ)1977 177 RG
Michael CrarenMansfield, MA (1B9)1978 177 RGN52894Had a great time last year. Looking forward to this year's event.
John PalmerOXFORD, ME (81B)1973 177 RG
johnb brierLakeland, FL (LAL)1968 177
Tom BenensonColumbiaville, NY (1B1)1976 177 RGN828JTUnfortunately; arriving on the airlines and not getting in; in time for Saturday evening reception at Faye and Palmers--always a wonderful evening. My loss!
David KnightShrewsbury; UK, FL (UK) N8225YLooking forward to a great event. travelling from the UK again!
Winn BrownHorn Lake, MS (AWM)1968 177N29563
Winn BrownHorn Lake, MS (AWM)1968 177N29563I hope to be joined in our Cardinal by Davis & his bride; Yueh Ching; but as they are not yet in the US; I will register them later. Phil plans to arrive with our granddaughter Hannah; age 5; by airline sometime on Sunday. I hope she and Hannah will arrive in time to join us at the Sea Flame.
Ian RattrayFt Lauderdale, FL (FXE)1976 177BN13061
Edward GasperPensacola, FL (2R4)1977 177BN19758
Steve MeyerTemple, TX (KTPL)1974 177BN34833This will be my first CFO event; and am looking forward to it.
Joe WinklerOviedo, FL (SFB)1973 177 RGN1887Q
Roy SobchukBrandon; Manitoba, ()
Robert HansonLeonardtown, MD (2W6)1976 177 RGN34565I'm sure it's going to be another great Winter Haven fly-in. Really looking forward to it!
Roger & Dee FrechetteKissimmee, FL (ism)1968 177N3498T
Ray & Pat HoctorWebster, TX (LVJ)1973 177 RGN690TSLooking forward to another great fly-in. New schedule looks good.
Patrick ClyneNeptune Beach, FL (CRG)1975 177 RGN2657V
frank yowOrmond Beach, FL (OMN)1976 177BN10346
Bill & Lily ButlerMundelein, IL (KENW)1969 177AN 30571We may not be able to fly in this year. but we will be there for another wonderful CFO event.
Alan PowellLHR, ()
Phyllis & Roy Sobchuk, () Not sure if you Got Phyllis on the list and preregistration; Just notice my Name Roy
Dick VerdierOriental, NC (EWN)1975 177BN35114
Zdenek GavlasFairview, NJ (KCDW)1970 177BN30807Due to work scheduling issues; we'll be missing the whole CFO event and arriving only on Monday afternoon. But hopefully; we'll see you all in the hotel; at the airport; or the show.
Don JohnsonOphelia, VA (VA99)1972 177BN34108
Jon BaxterHyannis, MA ()1976 177 RGN34221Arriving by commercial airlines.
Bill ShermanWest Hartford, CT (KHFD)1976 177BN13690Really looking forward to seeing and spending time with our Cardinal Club friends again this year. It has been wonderful in the past years. Can't wait to see all of you and your beautiful "Cardinals". Bill and Sam
Steve HowardHouston, TX (9X1)1972 177BN34265
Tom SaxonLeesburg, VA (JYO)1976 177BN478TCCardinal nirvanna...
Alan CraigSan Jose; CA, CA ()1976 177 RGN2706VArriving by commercial flight on Friday. Staying in the area with relatives. Will not have the Cardinal at the event.
Phil BrownHorn Lake, MS (MEM)1968 177N29563Will arrive for Sea Flame.
Peter MoncureClarkesville, GA (KAJR)1975 177B177QHoping for VFR weather...
Don & Mary CommerGainesville, GA (GVL)1977 177BN19103Driving to Winter Haven. Partners will follow later in N19103
Keith & Debbie PetersonHampshire, IL (68IS)1976 177 RGN177KP
Keith & Debbie PetersonHampshire, IL (68IS)1976 177 RGN177KPLooking forward to sunshine and a great event!
John SummerfordSumter, SC ()1972 177 RGN1854QThis will be our 9th Fly-In. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Thomas NewmanMerritt Island, FL (KCOI)1976 177 RGN7523V
North Port, FL (VNC)1974 177 RGMy first CFO fly-in.
Bruno LuzakLindsay Ontario, Canada (CNF4)1970 177BLooking forward to my first Cardinal flyin from Ontario Canada. Weather permitting will be there for Sunday.
Albert ColangeloOcala, FL (FD04)1976 177B55KR
Paul MillnerOAK, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177MMLooking forward to a great time!
Davis & Yueh Ching BrownTaichung; Taiwan, (AWM)1968 177N29563Arriving with Winn Brown
Chrles TruthanOcala, FL (FD04)1976 177 RGN34458
Duke TomlinBelfast, ME (KBST)1976 177 RGN7522V
William MaynardWinter Haven, FL (GIF)1971 177 RG
Bob DellBradenton, FL (srq)1976 177 RG
Palmer Gehring, (GIF)1975 177BN35086Faye and I are looking forward to seeing all our CFO friends at this great CFO event.
joseph sanfilippohollywood, FL (hwo)1972 177Bn34289
Leven GoreeSt. Petersburg, FL (SPG)1974 177 RGN2140Q
Bill BrodbeckAustin, TX (HYI)1973 177BN34465VFR only. Hope weather will cooperate may try leaving out of here possibly Wed. and get there early.
Bruce WallenHartford, CT (KHFD)1976 177 RGN7555V
Anupam TrivediTampa, FL (KVDF)1975 177 RGN29LK
Keith BaumannFairfield, IL (FWC)1968 177
Phil ElmorePalm Beach Gardens, FL (F45)1974 177BN34888
Arthur VouthourisSpring Hill , FL (BKV)1969 177AN30615
Robert DindaDaytona Beach, (7FL6)1977 177 RG50770Appear to finally have my Medical secure.
Power FlowDaytona Beach, FL (KDAB)1978 177 RGN53120Looking forward to showing off the new Power Flow Tuned exhaust for the C177 RG
Bill CadizEustis, FL (LEE)1970 177BN-30709Sunday flyin only unfortunately. Still good.
Hank HiscoxBrooksville, FL (BKV)1977 177 RGN52060
Michael GilbertKey West, FL (keyw)1976 177 RG34170
Gene RoyalStockton, CA (SCK)1974 177 RG2036Q
Harvey RussellBooynton Beach, FL (KLNA)1976 177 RGN177RR
Tamra sheffman, (OPF)1975 177B

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