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Winter Haven National flyin

Winter Haven 2010 is a memory, but here are a few images to help you recall the great time we had. An excellent crowd, wonderful weather and the usual flawless hospitality of Faye and Palmer added up to a great start to the week in Florida.

We had a memorable day out this year, visiting the Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight museum, along with the regular lovely day at the Winter Haven airport.

Thanks again to the many people who volunteered their time and effort to plan and execute this event. Many people come early, pitch in and lend a hand to bring this off, and your efforts are highly appreciated. Thanks!

As an added feature in this year's report, something a little different. When we accepted Kat Olson's offer to take photos at the event, we expected a similar result as we have enjoyed from previous volunteers: the freedom to keep our attention on the event, knowing someone else was taking pictures, and a large number of excellent photos at the end. In the past several volunteers have given us this much appreciated result.

But when the pictures came from Kat we learned that she had something more in mind. As you'll see in the aircraft photos, she spent great deal of time afterward to bring people and airplanes together, virtually, and notate each photo. Thanks to Kat for her hard work.

So lets get into the main event, with pictures taken and shared by a number of members:

Click on any image to load a larger version.

As always, the CFO golf cart awaits your arrival.
Your parking team visits with our on-site rental car agent from Hertz, who again this year staged our cars right at the arrival point.
Bruce Hutchings gets you lined up perfectly.
With a wide selection of hats this year, there's no reason not to find something you like! If you get stuck on your selection Debbie will flip a coin for you.
Keith unpacks a scale Cardinal model to help us all see what's available from our latest CFO sponsor, Gift of Wings.
While we arrive and register, the prep team is preparing a lovely reception at Faye and Palmer's house. Here Ann Jent and Lorraine Boteilho get into the spirit.
We're all spoiled by the excellent food that comes from the hands of Todd Gent, who has catered the event for the last several years.
Debbie even got away from the registration desk for a moment to enjoy some of the culinary delights.
The Powerflow team came over early from Dayton to mingle with their favorite customers. Always good to see Tyler and Darren!
The back patio attracts a crowd. Is it the fresh Florida air or being close to the fresh pizza as it comes off the grill?
"There I was, flat on my back, nothing on the altimeter but the maker's name..."
The crowd always gathers in time for the CFO airplane walk-around.
Lorraine and Faye are still in the spirit!
Rod brought his excellent BBQ one more time. His firm, Florida BBQ, is always very busy during fly-in week, but he never lets us down.
Lunch in the shade, what could be finer?
wh10_u18.jpg wh10_u21.jpg
These guys get up and talk every year, but usually it gets interesting at some point. The LoPresti retractable fixed gear fairing is visible in the back.
After dinner, we've evolved our evening event to do presentations in the round. Nothing like getting close to your audience!
We kicked the awards off with the Fledgling award, the most recently purchased Cardinal at the show, won this year by Don Law.
Tinker Benton won the newest pilot award. A first time attendee, we're impressed he found the best airplane, group and event so quickly!
Guy Maher received the Most Cardinal Time award. If you covet this award you better hope Guy misses a year!
Richard Frye received the flew furthest award for his trip from California. Any of you folks from Washington want to give him a run for this award?
Paul Millner was the recipient of the 'hard luck award', having swallowed a valve on his way to the event. He had to leave his airplane in New Mexico and was telling stories of strange events happening as he came abeam Area 51.
Danny Sloop's story was a close runner-up, having gotten his airplane back from the shop just before the event after hitting a deer on takeoff. Evidently his first clue was the antlers hanging from the leading edge of the stab on arrival. Since we determined that Paul's California address probably gave him proximity to plenty of wine, the 'hard luck' prize was awarded to Danny.
And the grand prize, the coveted and hard-won Best Cardinal of Show People's Choice award, went to the well deserving Tom Saxon for his beautifully executed FG, an airplane which has shown well for many years. This year it topped them all. Congratulations to Tom!
Our day event this year was a fly-drive outing to Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight museum.
Those who flew were greeted by a flagman who parked them nearly in the shadow of the great aircraft of history.
A good crowd attended this outstanding collection of unique aircraft.
We were entertained by Smile'n Jack, who privately shared that he had been a lawyer in Rockford, IL before coming down to Florida in hopes of becoming an actor at the Disney parks. He fit the bill perfectly, with an outstanding mastery of the facts, although he said he knew little about aviation before starting this job. He was especially moved by the chance to often meet the people who had made these aircraft famous.
Lunch in the officers club ended with a presentation by the museum engine expert. As he talked about restoring one of a kind engines we came to appreciate the challenges faced by these restoration experts.
The top view gives some idea of the range of exhibits.
Perhaps the highlight of the display this day... a flock of Cardinals at the edge of the ramp.
The wood shop was managed by a gentleman who had built a flying Wright Flier in the 70's, and has clearly learned a lot more since then!
There were some amazing engines, here the R-4360 Wasp Major 'corn cob' radial that powered the B-50 Superfortress, C-97 andC-119.
Smile'n Jack filled us in on the meaning of some of these older engines, many of them one of a kind.
Nothing says power like a V-12. Suppose there's a place on our Cardinals for the radiator for this water cooled engine?
The aforementioned engine expert gave us a private tour of his back shop, where he was in the middle of a typical (challenging) rebuild.
It may look like just engine parts, but these parts had a story behind them that had 3 out 4 listeners riveted!
Quite the collection indeed.
Guy was pleased to share this peek into aviation history with his dad, who we were all glad to see.
All loaded up and no targets in sight!
As usual, during the following week at Sun 'n Fun Paul and Keith held forth in the Forum tent to discuss the Care and Feeding of the Cessna Cardinal. Thanks to all who joined us for a discussion between current and prospective Cardinal owners.
The following public comments about the flyin have been entered:

We had a great time; thanks to everyone who attended. And a special thanks to all those who helped out; either at the event or later at the type club tent. Keith and Debbie.

Here are the specially compiled photos put together by Kat Olson.
Thanks for your extra effort, Kat!

Click on any image for a larger version.

wh10_kat01.jpg wh10_kat02.jpg
wh10_kat03.jpg wh10_kat04.jpg
wh10_kat05.jpg wh10_kat06.jpg
wh10_kat07.jpg wh10_kat08.jpg
wh10_kat09.jpg wh10_kat10.jpg
wh10_kat11.jpg wh10_kat12.jpg
wh10_kat13.jpg wh10_kat14.jpg
wh10_kat15.jpg wh10_kat16.jpg
wh10_kat17.jpg wh10_kat18.jpg
wh10_kat19.jpg wh10_kat20.jpg
wh10_kat21.jpg wh10_kat22.jpg
wh10_kat23.jpg wh10_kat24.jpg
wh10_kat25.jpg wh10_kat26.jpg
wh10_kat27.jpg wh10_kat28.jpg
wh10_kat29.jpg wh10_kat30.jpg
wh10_kat31.jpg wh10_kat32.jpg
wh10_kat33.jpg wh10_kat34.jpg
wh10_kat35.jpg wh10_kat36.jpg

The following airplanes attending this event. Click on any image to load a larger version.

wh10_p01.jpg wh10_p02.jpg
wh10_p03.jpg wh10_p04.jpg
wh10_p05.jpg wh10_p06.jpg
wh10_p07.jpg wh10_p08.jpg
wh10_p09.jpg wh10_p10.jpg
wh10_p11.jpg wh10_p12.jpg
wh10_p13.jpg wh10_p14.jpg
wh10_p15.jpg wh10_p16.jpg
wh10_p17.jpg wh10_p18.jpg
wh10_p19.jpg wh10_p20.jpg
wh10_p21.jpg wh10_p22.jpg
wh10_p23.jpg wh10_p24.jpg
wh10_p25.jpg wh10_p26.jpg
wh10_p27.jpg wh10_p28.jpg
wh10_p29.jpg wh10_p30.jpg
wh10_p31.jpg wh10_p32.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Keith PetersonHampshire, IL (68is)1976 177 RGn177kpWe're looking forward to a great year at CFO Winter Haven!
Bruce HutchingsLancaster; NH, (HIE)1977 177 RGN52061
Mike SullivanManassas, VA (KHEF)1974 177 RGN2056QLooking forward to warm weather and friends
Frank YowOrmond Beach, FL (KOMN)1976 177BN10346
Bruce PostWest Bend, WI (KETB)1968 177N3405FLooking forward to seeing old friends
James HendersonGulf Shores, AL (KJKA)1978 177BETA is Sunday AM
Jack VandeventerIndianapolis, IN (Ktyq)1977 177 RG
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttLocust Grove GA, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSIt's been really cold this winter! We're hoping for some warm weather for a change. It will be very nice to see everyone.
Palmer GehringWinter Haven, FL1975 177BN35086Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new CFO friends. This is number 11 and it should be one of the best.
Jerry OlsonSeabrook, TX (KHPY)1976 177 RGN7573VLooking forward to meeting everyone and seeing all the Cardinals.
Patrick ClyneNeptune Beach, FL (KCRG)1975 177 RGN2657V
Alan PowellLondon UK,
Richard Schwenker, 1975 177BN43QWe are RVing in FL and N43Q remains in hangar in Iowa. Will return home after Sun-N-Fun
Michael CrarenMansfield, MA (1B9)1978 177 RGN52894Looking forward to it. A possible fly-in to Fantasy of Flight would be a real treat
Kim PeckNeedham , MA (KOWD)1975 177 RGN1533H
Kim PeckNeedham , MA (KOWD)1975 177 RGN1533HJane and Chrish
Steve & Dianne WellmanJackson, MI (KJXN)1971 177 RGN8089GLooking forward to hopefully good Florida weather and meeting up with everyone again.
Robert HansonLeonardtown, MD (2W6)1976 177 RGN34565Counting the days! It's going to be great! See you in the Grove!
Dick DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542Gonna be fun
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, AZ (RYN (Tucson;AZ))1977 177 RGN177LRCan't believe it's the 11th Yr. for CFO National Fly-in. And each one is better than the last.
Alden LinkMilton, NY (MGJ)1974 177 RGN2143Q
Thomas NewmanMerritt Island, FL (KCOI)1976 177 RGN7523V
Bill & Pat MaynardWinter Haven, FL (GIF)1971 177 RGN8037G
Don LawSt Joseph, MO (Driving)1974 177 RGN2049Q
Patrick ClyneNeptune Beach, FL (KCRG)1975 177 RGN2657V
Al Van LengenLocust Grove, GA (GA04)1974 177 RGN912GM
Winn & Phil BrownHorn Lake, MS (AWM)1968 177N29563
Thomas VogelpohlPort Orange, FL1973 177BN34354Look forward to a great event and seeing our Cardinal friends again.
Guy MaherSalisbury, NC (KRUQ)1973 177BN34620Bringing my 91 year old dad with me to Fantasy of Flight. I want to be sure I can get wheel chair assistance from the airplane parking area to the museum.
Ray HoctorWebster, TX (LVJ)1973 177 RGN690TSLooking forward to another great fly in
Curtis BerryHagerstown, MD (KHGR)1977 177 RGN52543
Paul MillnerBerkeley, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SDLooking forward to a great fly-in!
Jerry GuyLabelle, FL (FA51)1972 177 RGN1837Q
Richard FryeHayward, CA (KHWD)1978 177 RGN177JA
Don & Mary CommerGainesville, GA (GVL)1977 177B19103
Lloyd EdsonOmaha, NE (OMA)
William ShermanWest Hartford, CT (HFD)1976 177BN13690
Tyler ReedDaytona Beach, FL Looking forward to it; see you all there - The Power Flow Guys
Dollard LeBlancVenice, FL (VNC)1974 177 RGGlad to return again this year
Brian EstesColumbia, IL (KCPS)1978 177 RGN52944
Leven GoreeSt. Peterasburg, FL (SPG)1974 177 RGN2140Q
Larry JamesAustin, TX (KGTU)1977 177BN177LJ
joseph sanfilippohwo, FL (HWO)1972 177Bn34289
John McCoyHannibal, MO (KHAE)1973 177BN34467Our 1st CFO event. Arriving via Southwest/Hertz.
Tom SaxonLeesburg, VA (JYO)1976 177BN478TCCardinal Nirvana! See ya there...
Larry JenisonCanton, GA (komn)1968 177
Jon BaxterHyannis, MA (KHYA)1976 177 RGN34221Oh Boy!...another Great Fly-In! Ride share? 508-776-8767
Kurt EmmerlingClintonville, WV none
Robert LutenMelbourne, FL (KMLB)1975 177 RGN2706V
john brierPlant City, FL (PCM)1968 177
Tinker BentonBrunswick, GA (BQK)1975 177BN6259RFirst timer looking forward to the entire experience.
Bob DellBradenton, FL (srq)1976 177 RGLooking fwd to learn and share technical experiences - see ya
Don & Susan JeffersAustin, TX1978 177 RGN7VJ
Danny SloopRockwell , NC (41NC)1978 177 RGN52823
Dee Ann EdigerFairmont, OK (KWDG)1968 177N3157T
Gordon SternerSt. Petersburg, FL (SPG)1976 177BN19787
Michael SchmidtOrlando, FL1977 177 RGN52152Our Cardinal's engine is at Western Skyways for major overhaul. I Will be driving from Orlando.
John McNameeSugar Land, TX N/A
Chuck PittmanLittle Silver, NJ (3N6)1978 177 RGN52871
Antonius Beekmans, N2549V

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