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   Winter Haven 2015

Winter Haven National Flyin

It was another nice weather year at Winter Haven. The storms enroute weren't too bad and most folks were able to arrive without difficulty. It was great to see the Cardinal Flyers get out in the spring once again.

I'll let the pictures tell the story with a few notes. Thanks to Debbie, Peter Carter and Jacque LaValle who all shared a number of very nice photos which they took during the event. It was great to have a large number of photos to choose from.

The event started on Saturday evening with the social gathering at Faye and Palmer's house. A good crowd arrived and enjoyed the outstanding appetizers from Chef Todd which we have become accustomed to over the years.

Click on any image to load a larger version.

Reception at Faye and Palmer's
wh15_b_cocktail party 11_42.jpg wh15_b_cocktail party 12_43.jpg
wh15_b_cocktail party 13_44.jpg wh15_b_cocktail party 1_40.jpg
wh15_b_cocktail party 2_45.jpg wh15_b_cocktail party 3_46.jpg
wh15_b_cocktail party 4_47.jpg wh15_b_cocktail party 5_48.jpg
wh15_b_cocktail party 6_49.jpg wh15_b_cocktail party 7_50.jpg
wh15_b_cocktail party 9_51.jpg wh15_b_follow me_52.jpg
wh15_b_le chef_53.jpg wh15_b_story by faye_54.jpg
Lunch in the Grove
wh15_n_60.jpg wh15_n_61.jpg
wh15_n_62.jpg wh15_n_63.jpg
wh15_n_64.jpg wh15_n_65.jpg
wh15_n_66.jpg wh15_n_67.jpg
wh15_n_68.jpg wh15_n_69.jpg
Day trip: Safari Experience
wh15_k_40.jpg wh15_k_41.jpg
wh15_k_42.jpg wh15_k_43.jpg
Awards Banquet
wh15_u_60.jpg wh15_u_61.jpg
wh15_u_62.jpg wh15_u_63.jpg
wh15_u_64.jpg wh15_u_65.jpg
wh15_u_66.jpg wh15_u_67.jpg
wh15_u_68.jpg wh15_u_69.jpg
wh15_u_70.jpg wh15_u_71.jpg
wh15_u_72.jpg wh15_u_73.jpg
Awards and Prizes
wh15_wards10.jpg wh15_wards11.jpg
The Flew Furthest award was won by Dale Bakke of Tripp, South Dakota.
The Most Cardinal Time award was won by Russ McDonald with 5000 hours.
The Fledgling Award for the newest Cardinal owner went to Frank Carleton who at this time had owned his Cardinal for 300 minutes. He purchased it during the fly-in.
The Newest Pilot was Sandy Denton who had learned to fly in Sept 2014.
The Wet Wings Award for having the most recent instrument rating went to Paul Whippo, who got his 4 months before this event.
Charlie Martinez won a door prize supplied by Roy Sobchuck, a stainless steel door latch strike guard.
And Charlie got the handshake to go with it.
The Broader Winds Award, for the most recent advanced rating, went to Dick Zuley who got his seaplane rating the day before this event.
The Hard Luck Award went to Dean Crofford who had an entertaining story to tell about his difficulties getting to the event.
And the big award: The People's Choice best Cardinal of show went to Woody Beck for his N1345C. John & Loralee Sweeney received Honorable Mention for their excellent RG, N309LL.
Sun 'n Fun Followup
Keith and Paul discuss Cardinals with a room full of Cardinal Flyers and interested attendees at their SnF Forum.
CFO Members stop by the type club tent to rest their feet and visit with other Cardinal owners, in the process giving Debbie a break and a chance to see some of the show.
Aircraft in attendance
wh15_z_n123ds.jpg wh15_z_n1345c.jpg
wh15_z_n1375c.jpg wh15_z_n1616h.jpg
wh15_z_n177kp.jpg wh15_z_n177lf.jpg
wh15_z_n177sd.jpg wh15_z_n19419.jpg
wh15_z_n20290.jpg wh15_z_n2056q.jpg
wh15_z_n21310.jpg wh15_z_n2662v.jpg
wh15_z_n274lh.jpg wh15_z_n28p.jpg
wh15_z_n30713.jpg wh15_z_n30841.jpg
wh15_z_n309ll.jpg wh15_z_n34150.jpg
wh15_z_n34289.jpg wh15_z_n34565.jpg
wh15_z_n35086.jpg wh15_z_n52060.jpg
wh15_z_n52061.jpg wh15_z_n52636.jpg
wh15_z_n52835.jpg wh15_z_n53103.jpg
wh15_z_n5yy.jpg wh15_z_n658sr.jpg
wh15_z_n7522v.jpg wh15_z_n7523v.jpg
wh15_z_n7550v.jpg wh15_z_n7573v.jpg

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The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Attendee NameRegistration NumberArriving fromComment
Keith & Debbie PetersonN177KP Hampshire, IL We are looking forward to seeing you in sunny Florida for a great time! 
Peter and Char CarterC-FJPC Toronto, Canada We\'re planning to bring JPC to the Grove this year and looking forward to seeing all our friends again! 
Mike SullivanN2056Q Manassas, VA  
Kim PeckN2662V Needham , MA looking forwar to a warm fly in 
Woody BeckN1345C Athens, GA  
Bill HueterN52802 Pensacola, FL My first CFO event. Really looking forward to it! 
Jerry MullikenN30841 Fremont, NE  
Karl ThomasN7522V Mesquite, TX Our first Sun\'n\'Fun - It\'s post tax season Flying !! 
Raymond BejaranoN35942 driving,  My first CFO event. Have owned my RG for less than a month! 
Terry GlavesN177TG Oxford, CT Good Friends Good Weather Priceless 
Carlos MartinezN30713 Merritt Island, FL My first CFO event. Flying down commercial air from home in DC area to fly my plane over. 
Joe and Anne BrunskiC-GZJB Stoney Creek; ON; Canada,  Hoping to fly down in our RG this time and seeing our CFO buddies. 
Kent Larson Rehobot Beach, DE  
Bruce HutchingsN52061 Port Ornage, FL  
Don GandyN410EK Weatherford, TX Missed the Melbourne trip ... will Definitely hope to make it to this one :) 
Paul MillnerN177SD Berkeley, CA Looking forward to a great event! 
Paul WhippoN274LH Carlisle, PA Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year. 
Bruce & Sally PostN3405F West Bend, WI Looking forward to seeing CFO friends-will be flying the RV (not airplane) this year. 
Richard ZuleyN7546V Chicago, IL It\'s been a long cold winter! Looking forward to another great Cardinal event and getting warm!  
Tom SaxonN478TS Leesburg, VA Another Cardinal-rific time with good friends..! can\'t wait; this winter is getting old...  
Russell K. MacDonaldN52636 Savannah, GA Looking forward to it! 1st time I\'ve been able to attend since 4/8/2000. 
Jon BaxterN34221 KHYA, MA Looking forward to sun and Cardinal friends! 
Mike WolfN177LW Newport Beach, CA My first Winter Haven CFO event and Sun N Fun event! Looking forward to it! 
Robert HansonN34565 Leonardtown, MD Always a great great time! C U at the Grove! 
Joe Ruck Daytona Beach, FL  
Larry JamesN34150 Clinton, MD  
Bob Dell Bradenton, FL  
Dale BakkeN88NG Parkston, SD Looking forward to our first CFO event. Hope it\'s warmer than South Dakota! 
Jimmy and Sandy HoneycuttN177BS Locust Grove, GA  
Al & Katherine Van Lengen912GM Locust Grove, GA  
Pat SeloverAviation Plus LLC Kenosha; WI via Babson Park, FL Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. 
Scott O`BrienN8032G/N737WP Tallahassee, FL  
Russ & Lorraine Boteilho Green Valley, AZ Can\'t believe it\'s our 16th time. 
Jim Walker    
Jim Walker Toronto ON,  Offering a forum Tue & Thur. on how to engage Young Eagles 
Robert DentonN123DS The Villages, FL  
Alvin JungN658SR Lawton, OK Looking forward to Florida! 
Palmer GehringN35086 Winter Haven, FL 16 great CFO events in Winter Haven. Let\'s see; I was just 32 years old at the first one. 
Jerry OlsonN7573V Baytown, TX Looking to another great get-together at Winter Haven 
Ronald Jason DagenhartN1837Q Jacksonville, NC  
John SweeneyN309LL Carrollton, MO Looking forward to another great CFO gathering 
Dean CroffordN177D Early, TX  
Dean CroffordN177D Early, TX  
Dean CroffordN177D Early, TX  
Dean CroffordN177D Early, TX  
Rogers FadenN177LF Chicago, IL Can\'t wait for warm weather and seeing the flock. 
joseph sanfilippoN34289 Hollywood, FL  
Dennis GerstungN2880X Anchorage, AK  
Chuck KincerN2029Q Wiscasset, ME  
Alden Linkn2143q Delray Beach, FL Looking forward to seeing everyone again 
Jeff MaywormN1616H GA06 (Monticello; GA), GA This time I\'m going to make it all the way there!!!!!!! 
J C BreleticN6259R Ellijay, GA  
Alan PowellG - DGMT    
Alden Link    
John McNameeN727LB Sugar Land, TX  
Christophe Masiero Charlotte, NC Will come down with Jason Dagenhart 
Jim ConnN1375C Alexandria, MN First CFO event for me and partner Charlie Anderson.  
Dollard LeBlancC-FLDF Venice, FL Glad to see all those great 177\'s one more time! 
Gil HamiltonN52835 Leesburg, VA  
Jim ShaferNX10124   I\'m sure it will be another great kick-off to another great Sun-N-Fun. See you all there! 
Charles RushN1813Q Ocoee, FL  
Guy R. MaherN53103 Statesville, NC  
Jose and Patricia OteroN2BP MIAMI, FL  
Trace WilsonN2864X Jacksonville, FL  
James Russell    
Berry GamblinN7550V Vienna, VA  
Colin DowneyN34121 Jupiter, FL In the process of buying a 177B. Really looking forward to meeting the whole group and seeing what we have to look forward to! Only able to make Saturday evening and Sunday walk around.  
Thomas NewmanN7523V Merritt Island, FL  
Charlie & Beverly RossN177P Cross Plains, TX  
Don ImhoffN2131Q Baton Rouge, LA  
Charlie AndersonN1375C Alexandria, MN  
David WrightN30484 Athens, GA  
Frank Carleton Georgetown, TX About to buy. 
S. James Chorvat IIN52060 Brooksville, FL Green one will be there !!!!! 
Jack Vandeventer Zionsville, IN  
S. James Chorvat IIN52060 Brooksville, FL Green one will be there !!!!!