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CFO / Cessna National Flyin
And The Cardinal's 40th Birthday Bash
Wichita, KS, 2008

When it came to our attention that the Cardinal was about to reach the ripe old age of 40, it seemed like too good of a chance for a good party to ignore. We know a few people at Cessna, and after a few conversations a plan started to take shape.

The key person in all this turned out to be Lori Hefel who we had met at an earlier event at Wichita. She was hard to miss since she had flown a beautiful Cardinal into the factory for this event.

She would tell you that many other people were as or more important, including Jack Pelton who approved the tours, effort and funds required to host us. But without Lori and Pia Bergqvist from Cessna the picture would have never come into focus. For instance, the Cessna graphic department built the logo to the right, combining CFO and Cessna to commemorate this event.

After a pre visit, and with plans in place, we rolled out the virtual red carpet, hoping to attract 100 to perhaps 150 people. As the time grew closer the numbers grew higher and we kept replanning the event until, well, we just about hit the limit. End the end over 100 airplanes and 245 people attended this event.

The report below includes many of the activities we shared, but those of you who were there will notice a few minutes. There are two reasons: Cessna had limits on what we could take pictures of, and the tours were not on the list. Secondly, there were a few times that all of us were simply too busy to take pictures!

The tours were excellent in all regards. We watched them build single engine and Mustang jets in the current facility in Independence, stepping through the process from a rack of parts to the finished airplane in order. Our guides were well versed in the details and shared lots of information on how they made them right.

The next day we toured the main plant, where the business jets are made, and also the Pawnee facility, where our airplanes rolled out 40 years ago. It was thought provoking to look at the buildings, and even some of the people, and know that we were living the dream they had built here.

Let's go to the photos to continue the story. Click on any photo to load a larger version.

We were told that this many Cardinals had *never& been in Wichita at once before, even during the peak of production. Over 100 Cardinals graced the ramp and parking areas. This image (and the last one) will click to a full sized photo in case you'd like to use this a wallpaper or print it out.
As usual, the first step is checking in with Debbie. With help from Anna it went pretty quickly, but there were a lot of people to check in!
Since fly-in shirts are pre-ordered, we lay them out ahead of time to make them easier to find at registration time. This table took 5 people a couple of hours to sort.. over 200 shirts!
Keith and Paul welcomed everyone to Wichita and got us all synced up on the schedule.
THe first day tour took us to the Cessna factory in Independence, on Cessna Boulevard.
Main assembly is to the left, finishing and paint to the right. This was a busy place when we visited in '08!
The Cessna cafeteria was our staging area as we split into groups for the tour. This allowed the use of wireless headsets to help protect hearing and make it possible for everyone to hear over the noise of manufacturing.
The lunches have arrived! Everything flowed smoothly in all the tours in spite of our having gone over their max limit on headcount.
Dinner the first night had use bursting at the seems, but there was food and fun enough for everyone.
Here Lori Hefel, our king-pin for pulling this all together, shared details of how Cessna would welcome us during this visit. They really pulled out all the stops.
If it's a birthday, you have to have a cake! If you can't read the picture, it's an advertisement from 1968 marketing the Cardinal as a Cadillac of airplanes on a VW Bug budget.
These two guys were instrumental in the production of the Cardinal. Mort Brown, on the left, ran the test department that signed off about 70% of the Cardinal fleet for their airworthiness certificates.
A number of now retired Cessna employees came out to see what we were up to. They were a blast to listen to and to talk with, and they had a lot to say about their feelings in seeing all these Cardinals returning home.

It was clear that this was much more than a job to these guys, and that they really cared about the people who would be using these airplanes. And their enjoyment at seeing how well we had cared for their creations was palpable.

In fact, most of these guys kept coming back all weekend. As you can see, once we got them in the proper hats they really fit into the group well.
One of the retirees stood up to talk about Cessna, the Cardinal and his recollections from a long career at Cessna. His comments were funny, moving and thought provoking...
.. and when he was finished he brought the house down. It was great to see these gentleman, and to see them enjoy themselves to much.
It was at this point that one of our group asked, spontaneously, if he could say something to the group. Taking a large risk (as MC) Keith gave him a minute at the mic. He explained that when he was young, he had made some bad choices and gotten on a bad path. It was aviation that gave him a positive goal and a reason to work for change. He concluded that aviation had meant more to the world than anyone realized, and certainly had given him more than he could have asked. We were all touched by his honesty and humble appreciation.
Our insurance expert, Joe Ruck, was only in town for this one evening, so he got a day ahead of the program and gave out his door prize.
As we were wrapping up Keith asked Lori Hefel to come up to the podium and surprised her with an appreciation award. It was done on the first night, since that was the night that most of the Cessna people were there. We greatly appreciated her hard work, insights and connections that had made all this possible.
While all she got at this point was a plaque, we also announced that we would commission a model Cardinal painted to match her airplane, for later delivery. This that model, finally done and on it's way to her.
The hotel used to have a little bar on the top floor, overlooking the airport. We were able to camp out in this space for the whole event. Here CFOers enjoyed a piece of the birthday cake after dinner.
Its CFO walkaround time, and we have a lot of airplanes to look at! Eric Dye, an aerial photographer in the area, was kind enough to go up and take some pictures from above as we walked the flight line. Here we see the group just getting started.
Here is the ground view, pretty much a crowd around an airplane. We had great weather and a loud speaker, so everyone got to hear the story of each airplane. There are a lot of great stories, from serial number 6 to airplanes that had had long and interesting careers.
A few were worth of having their cowls pulled so we could admire the loving care that had gone into their engine installations. Many were truly incredible. Check out the pictures of all the airplanes which attended below and you'll see some beauties.
And a few had stories that were not, or perhaps could not be told. One day perhaps someone will share this story with us.
Once the field work was done, it was time for lunch at the main hangar. McCauley got into the mix with some special cookies just for us.
Next on the agenda was a presentation by Paul Bowen, who shared a number of his outstanding photos with us. As his photos are copyrighted he asked that his presentation not be photographed, but we all sat spellbound as he told of his craft and what it took to get those pictures. Then we moved next door to where Yingling had cleared out a hangar for us to showcase a few airplanes. These unique aircraft got an in-depth inspection by all in attendance.
Mikey and Kathy gave tours of their '68 complete restoration, which won best of show at the Batavia convention.
One of the airplanes to get the once-over was the newest airplane to join the Cessna fleet, the C-400 Corvalis.
The daughter of William Thompson was in attendance, offering copies of Bill's excellent book on the history of Cessna.
As we got together for the closing banquet we discovered that we still filled up the big room!
We had a large number of door prizes available for this event, so the following pictures were all the people who won a prize. Congratulations to all! And please scan down for additional comments and sections to the report.
Please help us remember the next four people! They are one of the following... please let us know if you can remind us which person goes with which picture!:

Richard Harmon Fledgling Award
Randall Golhof Flew Furthest (Vancouver)
Ted Burgdorf Owned Longest (Jan 3, 1968)
Andrew Sanders, Earliest Built Cardinal in Attendance.
Randall Golhof? Help us remember!
Ted Burgdorf? Help us remember!
Andrew Sanders? Help us remember!
Richard Harmon? Help us remember!
Phil and Beth Harrison received an award for haveing the latest Cardinal manufactured of those at this event.
Al and Teri Carlson were 'original owners', having taken delivery of their '77 in 1977.
Mikey and Kathy won the Best '68 Cardinal in attendance.
Frank and Rosemary Kuhn won the People's Choice Nicest Cardinal of Show.
Tom Conard won the 'Essence of Cardinal' award, as chosen by the people who made them: The Cessna Old-Timers.
Just as we were wrapping up, we were surprised by a group of members who had conspired to print a huge poster of the gathering of Cardinals taken by Eric Dye. They asked the group to sign the picture before leaving and sign it they did. It is one of our most treasured items.
With that, the event had come to a close. Keith, Debbie and Paul thanked everyone for coming and it's possible they may have thanked Debbie for her long hours of work to plan, replan and otherwise prepare for this event in ways that we will never know and can only imagine.
After the event, Mort Brown and his wife Sharon came by to get a little closer to one of the Cardinals. We were honored to have him spend some time in our airplane. As you can see, it seemed to take him back to another time and place. It was an honor to share his time of reflection.
We leave you with one more look at the remarkable sight of nearly 100 Cardinals, on the ground at Wichita, having returned to the people who built them for this 40th birthday. It was a pleasure for all of us at CFO and an honor for all who attended.

This image, when clicked, will download a very large version of this image.
The following people airplanes were in attendance at the Wichita CFO flying. Please note that a number of airplanes took advantage of Yingling's offer of a hangar for the event, so most of them were not around when the pictures were taken. A few parked on the pavement and were also missed. In total, 102 airplanes attended the event.

wich08_a_01.jpg wich08_a_02.jpg
wich08_a_03.jpg wich08_a_04.jpg
wich08_a_05.jpg wich08_a_06.jpg
wich08_a_07.jpg wich08_a_08.jpg
wich08_a_09.jpg wich08_a_10.jpg
wich08_a_11.jpg wich08_a_12.jpg
wich08_a_13.jpg wich08_a_14.jpg
wich08_a_15.jpg wich08_a_16.jpg
wich08_a_17.jpg wich08_a_18.jpg
wich08_a_19.jpg wich08_a_20.jpg
wich08_a_21.jpg wich08_a_22.jpg
wich08_a_23.jpg wich08_a_24.jpg
wich08_a_25.jpg wich08_a_26.jpg
wich08_a_27.jpg wich08_a_28.jpg
wich08_a_29.jpg wich08_a_30.jpg
wich08_a_31.jpg wich08_a_32.jpg
wich08_a_33.jpg wich08_a_34.jpg
wich08_a_35.jpg wich08_a_36.jpg
wich08_a_37.jpg wich08_a_38.jpg
wich08_a_39.jpg wich08_a_40.jpg
wich08_a_41.jpg wich08_a_42.jpg
wich08_a_43.jpg wich08_a_44.jpg
wich08_a_45.jpg wich08_a_46.jpg
wich08_a_47.jpg wich08_a_48.jpg
wich08_a_49.jpg wich08_a_50.jpg
wich08_a_51.jpg wich08_a_52.jpg
wich08_a_53.jpg wich08_a_54.jpg
wich08_a_55.jpg wich08_a_56.jpg
wich08_a_57.jpg wich08_a_58.jpg
wich08_a_59.jpg wich08_a_60.jpg
wich08_a_61.jpg wich08_a_62.jpg
wich08_a_63.jpg wich08_a_64.jpg
wich08_a_65.jpg wich08_a_66.jpg
wich08_a_67.jpg wich08_a_68.jpg
wich08_a_69.jpg wich08_a_70.jpg
wich08_a_71.jpg wich08_a_72.jpg
wich08_a_73.jpg wich08_a_74.jpg
wich08_a_75.jpg wich08_a_76.jpg
wich08_a_77.jpg wich08_a_78.jpg
wich08_a_79.jpg wich08_a_80.jpg
wich08_a_81.jpg wich08_a_82.jpg
wich08_a_83.jpg wich08_a_84.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Keith & Debbie Peterson, (68IS)1976 RG N177KPThis is going to be a great birthday party! Looking forward to you all being there!
Ted & Jae WinkelLudington, MI (LDM)1976 177 RGN34096
Patrick FallonNEW YORK, NY1973 177 RGVH-JVK
Ron MagnusPortland, OR (7S3)1975 177B177TP
Dick DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542
Bob and Liz SchemmerlingGreencastle, PA (KHGR)1969 177A30626
Chad VanderhoofSpokane Area, WA (DEW)1968 177N68VV
Richard/Harmon Mesa, AZ (KFFZ)1968 177N29304Will be landing/parking in Derby; Kansas- just outside Wichita.
Allen W. HillLa Junta,
Vince MackNorthridge, CA (vny)1968 177N2306Y
Mike HarrisChickasha, OK (KCHK)1975 177 RGN1565H
Frank & Rosemary KuhnGranbury, TX (0TX1)1977 177BN9FR
Frank & Rosemary KuhnGranbury, TX (0TX1)1977 177BN9FR
sidney tuckerPecan Plantation, TX (0TX1)1977 177 RGN 352 GB
Bruce & Sally PostWest Bend, WI (KETB)1968 177N3405F
Shawn CochranColorado Springs, CO (00V)1968 177N370S
Steve KrauseSt. Louis, MO (KSUS)1971 177BN829PJ
Brian CorlissDerry, NH (KASH)1977 177 RGN77177
John BagleySchertz, TX (50R)1973 177BN34559
Ken BellRogers, AR (ROG)1976 177 RGN7534V
frank yowHyannis; Ma, MA (HYA)1976 177BN10346
Lloyd EdsonOmaha, NE (OMA) Sold our '76 RG Looking for replacement
Dean CookElkhart, IN (3C1)1971 177BN177XC
Vic HannigMesa, AZ (FFZ)1976 177 RGN34086
Edward SkalniakMount Prospect, IL (KPWK)1975 177B177SHWe are so excited to meet other Cardinal flyers! We just got ours last November! Our N # 177SH; the "SH" stands for Skalniak Hobby.
Paul & Becky RabournKankakee, IL (Kikk)other20476Friends of Ed and Caelie - looked for 3 years for a 177B and introduced our friends who then found 177SH! CFII MEI
Edward & Caelie SkalniakMount Prospect, IL (KPWK)1975 177B177SHWe are so excited to meet other Cardinal flyers! We just got ours last November! Our N # 177SH; the "SH" stands for Skalniak Hobby. Bringing Paul and Becky (in their cherry 172)!
Derek SharvelleBattle Ground, IN (KMCX)1978 177BN1419C
Jim MinettiColchester, VT (KFSO)1974 177 RGN2149QLooking forward to the gathering!
Eric & Reyna DyeOlympia, WA (KOLM)1974 177 RGN2072Q
Mike & Rosie DeGroot, N177
Mike & Rosie DeGrootSan Diego, CA (KSEE)1971 177BN177CFWe look forward to this Cardinal gathering; I will celebrate my birthday on Sept. 13th.
James ShippenGrass Valley, CA (GOO)1976 177 RGn35182
Sherif SirageldinTampa, FL (MTN)1975 177 RGN177WS
Ray ReederStrasburg, PA (S37)1975 177BN35069
Raymond ThomasSpringfield, SD (Y03)1968 177N2221Y
Larry JamesAustin , TX (KGTU)1977 177BN177LJ
Winn & Phil BrownWest Memphis, AR (AWM)1968 177N29563
Rick VeachLiberty, MO (GPH)1971 177 RGN8200G
Bruce HutchingsLancaster, NH (HIE)1977 177 RGN52061Wow! First time flying across the Miss. river in my RG.
James & Charlotte HendersonGulf Shores, AL (KJKA)1978 177BN1203C
Dee Ann EdigerEnid, OK (KWDG)1968 177N3157T
Karl ThomasMesquite, TX (KLNC)1976 177BN20223Looking forward to meeting all & their Cardinals
Owen MartinSherwood Park; AB, (CEZ3)1972 177BC-FQCQ
Brooks Crofoot, IN (3C1)1978 177B1404C
Pat ScottCave Creek, AZ (KDVT)1972 177 RGN1858Q
Paul MillnerOakland, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SD
Bob PitchfordScottsville, KY (KBWG)1975 177BN34981This should be a GREAT Party!!
Randall GolhofVancouver BC, (CZBB)1974 177 RGC-GTUM
Bob & Karen SiebkenDouglas, WY (KDGW)1974 177 RGN2124QThis will be our first fly-in. Looking forward to meeting all the Cardinal folks.
Jon BaxterHyannis, MA (HYA)1976 177 RGN34221Plan to fly commercial airline from MA.
Tom VogelpohlDaytona Beach, FL (7FL6)1974 177BN34354
Bryan; Kevin; Dave; Carol Rankin Prescott, AZ (KPRC)1975 177 RGN2759V
Joseph RobisonMiami, OK (KMIO)1968 177N3126TCan't wait! My Dad and I are happy to be flying our '68 177 to our first fly-in together.
Bryan; Kevin; Dave; Carol RankinPrescott, AZ (KPRC)1975 177 RGN2759V2 flying from Prescott; 2 flying commercial from Santa Rosa; CA
Bill & Leanna PovilaitisLanding, NJ (12N)1971 177BN30900Leanna and I graduated from McPherson College in 1972. (60 miles north of Wichita) WOW! It will be twice as much fun for us....A CFO Convention and a visit to the old stomping grounds.
Gary BairdNorman, OK (KOUN)1977 177BN20174
Carl & Beverly BoecherDenver, CO (KAPA)1973 177BN34552Really looking foward to seeing you all again!
Peter LaingFort Worth, TX (50F)1977 177 RGN177KJOne of my partners in the aircraft; Greg Engel; and I will be attending this year's convention. It is our 1st CFO Convention since we got the aircraft 3.5yrs ago.
Dan KoontzBarksdale, TX (ECU) N1455C
Gordon E RiddleBracebridge; ON, Canada (CYQA)1968 177C-GOUQC-GOUQ first flew at Wichita 14 Nov '67; serial 217. Looking forward to the event.
John & Mary Anna PalmerOxford, ME (LEW)1973 177 RGN1909Q
Greg EngelGranbury, TX (50F)1977 177 RGN177KJ
Johnny BeckerHelotes, TX (5c1)1973 177 RGN1991Q
Mike WatsonAustin, TX (T74)1976 177BN17102
Bill RademacherGoodyear, AZ (KGYR)1974 177 RGN2125QHave seats available if anyone needs a ride. Check members helping members for contact info
Jerold DavisFallbrook, CA (L18)1971 177BN30925
Charlie & Sandy CorbinHolly Lake Ranch, TX (F51)1970 177BN177SV
lederman jacobDSM, IA (IDT)1974 177 RGN2112Q
Marcus WieseShady Shores, TX (5TX0)1976 177 RGN34807
Scott GreenIndependence, OR (7S5)1975 177 RGN2639V
David HillColumbus, OH (KDLZ)1976 177 RGN7623VLooking forward to it!
James Poememphis, TN (2M8 (MEMPHIS))1977 177BN76HS
Beth & Phil HarrisonLawrence, KS (KLWC)1978 177 RGN53100Beth and Phil look forward to seeing everyone again.
Tom SaxonLeesburg, VA (JYO)1976 177BN478TCA trip to Cardinal Mecca...priceless! I'm really looking forward to this one!!!
Jon McLinTempe, AZ (CHD)1976 177 RGN34077Looking forward to our first CFO convention. We are hitch-hiking with Bill Rademacher since The Golden Bee decided she was ready for a new engine. (Thanks; Bill!)
Murray FarrLeesburg, VA (KJYO)1968 177N2396YThis aircraft went into service Oct. 1967; long time in coming home. Should be a great reunion.
Bob & Sue SpoffordSan Rafael, CA (KDVO)1975 177BN35091
Kurt EmmerlingClintonville, WV (NA) NAWill be driving in from WV to join group.
Al & Teri Carlson Rosamond Skypark (L00), CA (L00)1975 177 RGN1569HReturning to the delivery place of our 1975 Cardinal RG N1569H on December 5; 1975. Ask us about it.
Joyce ClarkeNanaimo, (CYCD)1973 177 RGCGKNYGot all fingers and toes crossed for decent wx!
Gil HamiltonLeesurg, VA (KJYO)1978 177 RGN52835
Roy TrilliaBerkeley, CA (KOAK)1968 177N29395
Buster HamptonPortageville, MT (KEIW)1978 177 RGN53152
Les SmithEverett, WA (KPAE)1973 177BN34612Looking forward to this special event!
Bob WatkinsSt Clair Shores, MI (DET)1977 177 RGN35913
Erald De HoogConcord, CA (KCCR)1973 177 RGN1899QWould be great to join. Hope we can make it and have the N1899Q see its birthplace.
Colleen KellerSan Diego, CA1971 177 RGN8235G
Robert MitchellGautier, MS (KPQL)1968 177N2305YClarence is arriving from St. Charles; IL; by airline.
Gregory DunnBloomington, IL (KBMI)1974 177BN34774
Jeffrey HustonDenver, CO (APA)1974 177 RGN2179QMy first CFO meeting. Loking forward to meeting you all.
Mike JuckesHouston, MS (M44)1975 177 RGN1540HThis will be our first CFO fly inn
John RobertsAddison, TX (ADS)1976 177BN11950
Lin DunnFranklin, TN (KMBT)1968 177N234PE
Ray & Pat Hoctor Webster, TX (LVJ)1973 177 RGN690TS
Tom StoiberLa Crosse, WI (LSE)1975 177 RGN122WR
Monte OttsAustin, TX (KRYW)1973 177 RGN731TX
Les Csshmere McAlester, OK (mlc)1977 177 RGN35568
Will Smith, OK (klaw)1975 177BN272STMy son and I are looking forward to spending a few days in Cardinal heaven!
Carlton BrownRoyal Oak, MI (KVLL)1969 177AN30493
Minnetta GardinierIowa City, IA (IOW)1978 177BN1351CLooking forward to the Cardinal reunion AND the festivities in Wichita.
Daniel EberlIowa City, IA (KIOW)1978 177BN1351C
Tom LynchFort Collins, CO (KFNL)1968 177N2965X
Steve Meyerowitz Great Barrington, MA (KGBR)1972 177BN34202If you're from the Northeast and Looking for a co-pilot to share costs or needing a ride in my C177B; please contact me.
Tom Conard St Louis, MO (KSET)1978 177 RGN8828Y
Harvey SpreckmanCamarillo , CA (KCMA)1976 177BN11968
Curtis BerryHagerstown, MD (KHGR)1977 177 RGN52543
Mikey FowlerGolden Valley, MN (ANE)1968 177N254KMLooks like there was a lot of pent up demand!
Scott JacksonLangley; British Columbia, (CYNJ)1968 177C-GHZW
Paul DiamondNashua, NH (KASH)1970 177BN30637
Don ImhoffBaton Rouge, LA (KBTR)1974 177 RGN2131Q
Larry HallVero Beach, FL (VRB)1969 177AN30346Due to business trip logistics; I will not have the Cardinal at ICT but looking forward to seeing all the others.
Monte KingBeaumont, TX (KBPT)1973 177 RGN552K
George HawkinsSugar Land, TX (KARM)1974 177 RGN2176QRiding up with Monte King in his RG.
David McConnell, (GTF ?)1977 177 RGN612DM
John Lewis Phoenix, AZ (KDVT)1977 177 RGN52696
Vince KreizingerSan Diego, CA
Jimmy CoxRockdale, TX (KRCK)1968 177N29530
Kim PeckNeedham, MA (OWDh)1975 177 RGN1533Harriving late on Wednesday
Brown FredCarson City, MI (9D9)1976 177BN13282
Wally JohnsonLittle Rock, AR (KSUZ)1968 177N3435TBringing a non Cardinal flyin Friend along.
Andrew SandersWoodinville, WA (W16)1968 177N2206YSingle Pilot VFR; intending to leave W16 on early 9/23 or afternoon on 9/22. Have room for one to come along. Another IFR current pilot would be very welcome! 425-851-9087
Steve Howard Houston, TX (9X1)1972 177BN34265
Ted Burgdorf Mt Vernon;, TX (F53)1968 1773297TI flew this fabulous bird from Witchita to my home hanger on Jan 3;1968. The cost was $14;368.25. We are looking forward to returning to its birthplace for 3 days.
Paul EedsShelby, NC (EHO)1975 177BN34996
Paul EedsShelby, NC (EHO)1975 177BN34996
Renae & Tom RedmanOsceola, NE (York; NE)1968 177N2988X
Darrell FitzhughFort Smith , AR (FSM)1978 177BN7626C
Ron GalatiNEWCASTLE , CA (KLHM)1976 177BN10305
Michael CrarenMansfield, MA (1b9)1978 177 RGN52894
Jack SherlockSan Antonio, TX (CVB)1977 177BN19767
Garth GoddardToronto, (CYTZ)1971 177BC-GPDWProbably flying commercial. Oh; well.
Paul MemrickCedar Park, TX (40xs)1976 177 RGN1618H
Michael Anderson San Ramon, CA (KLVK)1968 177N30064I should have a seat available
Roger WietingMcKinney, TX (KTKI)1975 177 RGN1590HFirst Cardinal event in a long time for me--looking forward to it!
Gary ColemanColorado Springs, CO (KCOS) Riding with Jeffrey Huston.
Tom PatteeColorado Springs, CO (COS)1976 177 RGN7525VOur first fly-in event; so we're looking forward to meeting others.
James CrupiPhoenix, AZ AAIR Presentation - no tours; however will participate in dinners
Randall GayleHouston, TX (KDWH)1968 177N2211Y
Michael SchmidtOrlando, FL (ORL)1977 177 RGN52152Flying in on Delta; leaving Cardinal at home
gary grimsleyfernandina beach, FL (55j)1973 177BN34728
Brandon Carter Lancaster, SC (T73)1975 177 RGN1567H
Ken & Nancy WallaceRio Rancho, NM (AEG)1973 177BN34432
Steve Meyerktpl, TX (ktpl)1974 177BN34833
Mike DechnikPottstown, PA (KPTW)1976 177BN13749
Jesse LofferGilmer; , TX (JXI)1974 177 RGN2152Q
Shawn MaloneReading, PA (PTW)
Jim MarshallGilmer, TX (JXI)
Andy ThomasCrawfordsville, (CFJ)1972 177BN34228
James BrookoverAkron , OH (AKR)1977 177Bn19245
Richard SommerEdwardsville, IL (KALN)1976 177 RGN34030
don commer Gainesville, GA (GVL)1977 177B19103not going to independence
Gary Siegler Hampstead, MD (KDMW)1973 177 RGN1924Q
Dave EmbreeGranbury, TX (GDJ)1973 177BN34506
WILLIAM WITZKEEdmonds, WA (PAE)1973 177 RGN177BW

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