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November 10, 2012

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Biography of Guy R. Maher

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Guy R. Maher is an ATP licensed pilot for helicopters, and Commercially rated in Airplane/single and multi engine, and Glider. He is a Certified Flight Instructor for Airplanes/single engine and multi-engine, Helicopters, and Instruments.

Guy has been flying since 1968 and has accumulated over 15,000 hours (over 5,000 of those hours are in Cardinals alone), all civilian general aviation, and is an FAA FAASTeam representative.

Guy's commercial aviation career began in 1972 when he became an air show and sales demonstration pilot for the Aerospatiale STOL Rallye series airplanes. In 1973, he began instructing and flying charters for a NJ Cessna Pilot Center, and regularly ferrying new Cessnas from the factory back to the Cessna Zone office in NJ.

It was that zone office that soon hired him full time as a Cessna Pilot Center Specialist. His responsibilities included overseeing 90 CPC's throughout the northeast U.S., monitoring contract compliance, liaison to the FAA, flight standards and training for CPC chief pilots and instructors, sales demonstrations, and customer check-out flights in the full line of single and multi-engine airplanes. Guy's regular "company car" was always a new Cardinal.

In the late 70's Guy left Cessna to become a Regional Manager for Rockwell International's General Aviation Division, with their products being the Commander 112, 114 series single engine airplanes, as well as the 690, 840, and 980 series turbine twins. In the early 80's Guy left Rockwell to become self-employed in aviation consulting and media production. He specializes in producing aviation safety and training videos, as well as independent consulting services for aircraft buyers and sellers, type-specific training, and expert testimony for aviation legal proceedings.

Guy's aviation activities also include flying an IFR, twin-engine Eurocopter EC-135 helicopter for a large medical center in North Carolina. He is a contributing editor for Vertical Magazine, as well as a reporter and contributing writer for General Aviation News.

Guy's Cardinal specific experience dates back to the original Cardinal when it was first introduced. The rental fleet where Guy learned to fly and continued to rent included brand new Cardinals in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

In 1974, while still in college, he became a partner in a 1969 Cardinal with one of his students. He remained in that arrangement until he went to work for Cessna and they provided him with his own "new" Cardinal.

Just in case it's not obvious, the picture to the right shows Guy in one of the early Cardinals when it was new. Guy was relatively newer then as well. :-)

Since the "Cessna" days, Guy owned two more "B" model Cardinals, a '77 and a '75, as well as another '69 "A" model (in amongst other aircraft including (3) Commander 112TC-A's, a Commander 114, (3) 310's, (3) 152's, and an Enstrom 280C Helicopter). He also purchased a 1974 Cardinal RG in 1998, fully refurbished it (N912GM pictured here) and flew it for more than 800 hours before selling to another CFO member in 2006. He now owns a Robinson R22 helicopter, shown below and to the right. However, he still gets in plenty of Cardinal hours each year providing private training sessions, ferry and maintenance test flights, and in support of his seller and buyers agent services.

Guy brings his experience, history with Cessna, relationships both past and present with Cessna engineering, maintenance, and flight-test employees directly involved with the Cardinal project, personal archives of original brochures, photos, manuals, and training materials, and Cardinal specific background to each and every one of his flight and ground training sessions.