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November 10, 2012

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Private Cardinal-Specific Flight and Ground Instruction

Private Flight and/or Ground, Cardinal specific training periods are available with Guy on an individually scheduled basis year-round. These sessions are usually conducted at the Salisbury Rowan County Airport, (RUQ), Salisbury, NC.

Take this opportunity to receive one-on-one:
  1. Initial Cardinal training,
  2. Recurrent Cardinal training,
  3. A Flight Review or IPC,
  4. Another level in the "Wings" safety award program,
  5. Training on specifically requested tasks (such as emergency procedures, special equipment, mountain flying, cross-country ops, etc.),
  6. Training specifically mandated by your insurance company,
  7. Non-pilot "Companion" flight and/or ground training for your Cardinal companion,
  8. Training for CFI's desiring to learn how to best fly and teach in the Cardinal, 0r
  9. Any combination of these above listed objectives.
The training can follow either a standardized Cardinal training syllabus specially prepared by Guy, a program geared to your specific requests or combination of both.

This training may either be conducted on a "one-on-one" basis, or you may combine it with another 177 owner, or an ownership partner you may have with your airplane. The private flight and/or ground training is provided on Mondays through Fridays and subject to prior scheduling.

Instruction fees:

Basic Rate - Flight and/or Ground Instruction: $85 per hour, 1-hour minimum.

Half-Day Package - From either 8 am to 12pm, or 1pm to 5pm. Includes 2 hours each of ground and flight instruction, and handout for specific year and model 177 used: $295.

Custom Packages - For full-day or multi-day, or multi-student training, are also available and will be quoted for your specific needs.

To schedule a session or for more information, contact Guy Maher directly at

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