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November 10, 2012

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Fall 2002

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Training Operations Clinic Report
Dayton, OH
Sept., 2003

Don Lang, one of the attendees at the Dayton, Ohio Cardinal flight Operations Clinic summed it up pretty nice in his follow-up comment, "25 people with a common interest / 1 instructor with a wealth of knowledge and lots of willingness... Anyone that missed today's Cardinal Operations Clinic in Dayton really missed a lot! Wonderful education and thought provoking conversation; interesting, diverse people, and a great day. This one is a must do for any Cardinal flyer!"

He needs to be writing movie trailers! Anyway, it was another good educational session. I couldn't have picked a better weekend. I left my NC home 2 days before Hurricane Isabel hit and got back the day after it left. Dayton was just outside of the outer fringe so we had very nice weather for the flight training and clinic, with the exception of a couple of hours late on Friday afternoon when the ceilings were at about 1,500 feet. It didn't stop Joel Zieve and me from doing our 3pm flight session and by sundown the skies had cleared again.

I didn't get an accurate count of the number of Cardinals that flew in because some came late on Friday and left on Saturday after the clinic before I could get out to the airport to look all of them over. However, it was a pretty nice showing. The flight training during the two days prior to the clinic went off fine and as always, it was nice to fly some different Cardinals and meet some new faces in the CFO group. Another thing about this group was that they were the most vocal when it came to questions during the class. This is a good thing, and the discussions were excellent as a result. Saturday night after the clinic concluded, we had 20 join up at a local steak house for a nice ending to a good day.

Finally, I want to offer up a special thanks to Dayton local, Ev Lake, who offered invaluable help in the advance work department in steering me in all the right directions when it came to setting up all the various services needed. Having a local point person like Ev for the clinic venues is essential for ensuring that the whole program is a success.


Thanks to Don Lang for the photos

Here are a few comments received regarding this clinic:

Thanks again for a good meeting. I need to mention that I flew through your Box on each landing on the way home, including AWM, and each one was a greaser! As an old Cherokee pilot, I've never had a problem with Cardinal landings, though the "grease factor" seemed elusive at times. The Box helps.

Winn Brown

Thanks for the training. I learned a lot, both about the plane and about myself. I may try to schedule some training with you next year, after the house is finally finished. It was good to meet you and learn from you.

Tony Taylor

You're enthusiasm and presentation are top shelf and your knowledge of the Cardinal outstanding. Keep doing what you're doing.

Tom Kelley

Guy Maher's / CFO's Cardinal Flight Operations Clinic is outstanding. The course will significantly increase the attendee's understanding of the Cessna 177 series aircraft from a pilot's perspective. The optional flight training, by Guy, is certain to hone the skills of any pilot. Overall, on a ten-point scale, the course and flight training is a solid 12. For frosting on the cake, attendees will be associating with other Cardinal pilots ... great people. A real wining weekend.

Ev Lake N34064, a '71 FG

Guy, just a quick note to thank you again for the awesome CFO Clinic last weekend. It's obvious how much time and effort you put into creating the event, and I appreciated it. The flight lesson had to be the best mental workout I've gotten since I began my instrument training 12 years ago. Thanks again!

Joel Zieve

The Dayton Clinic was great. I can't say enough about Guy's knowledge of Cardinals or his skill as a pilot. He also has the patience to tailor your lesson to fit your individual skill level or particular needs. I'll admit I was slightly apprehensive about the flying lesson, but after half the lesson I was amazed at not only what the Cardinal is capable of doing, but that I was making the plane do what I wanted it to. What a confidence boost!

I can't think of a single reason that all Cardinal Flyers would not want to take this opportunity to increase not only their personal skills, but also the awareness that at any time something minor or catastrophic could happen that you need to be mentally and physically prepared to handle. That means thinking anything could happen at any time, not the "deer in the headlights" like I was. And I knew it was all a simulation!

Saturday's session was very informative and fun to converse with the other pilots in a very relaxed setting. Thank you Ev Lake who hosted this event and helped put this all together, Guy who took the time to pass on new skills, and to CFO for being the best flying organization around.

Mike Lawie

First of all, my thanks and congratulations on this clinic. It has SUPERB content that is of real value…both to the owner and/or pilot for flying competence and safety….and also to owners in general in terms of value of our Cardinals. (This kind of Cardinal-specific training is going to increase the $$$value of our Cardinals vs other planes!!!) And of course it solidifies the CFO organization as the ultimate authority on Cardinals. Guy….I think you and CFO really have something here, and I'm eager to attend AGAIN myself…maybe even annually!

Best Regards,
Phil Martineau

Guy is very knowledgeable about Cardinals. He presented a lot of good information, and presented it very well. And I got to meet some other Cardinal flyers. My only regret Was that I wasn't able to stay for dinner afterwards.

I also flew to Dayton Thursday for flight training with Guy. Guy was able to show me some new tricks, and he showed me how to do some things better. He is an excellent flight instructor, and I enjoyed the experience.

I recommend both to any Cardinal flyers. Thanks Guy and CFO. (And Ev For Dayton logistics)

Andy Thomas N34228 1972 FG

I feel safer as a result of this program.

Dennis Zerega.

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