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November 10, 2012

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Fall 2002

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Cardinal Training Report

North Carolina, Fall 2002

On Thursday morning, October 31st, the IFR weather of the days prior gave way to clear blue skies and 60 degree temperatures; just in time for the special flight training periods scheduled before the November 2nd inaugural Cardinal Flight Operations Clinic in Salisbury, NC. The small group of pre-clinic students received individual flight instruction that pushed them and their Cardinals to the edge of the operational envelopes, especially during the aggressive emergency procedures. The weather remained perfect throughout the entire event.

On clinic day, a final count of 24 students filled the meeting room for the 6 and hour ground school. One wouldn't know that this was a "regional" event in that the students either flew their Cardinals, came by airline, drove their cars, or even came in "rock-star" sized motor homes and campers.

Thirteen of our United States were represented from as far away from NC as Texas, Michigan, Mass., and Miss. We had two students from Ontario, Canada, and one student, who is on State Department duty in Bosnia, hopped a military transport to Virginia, then flew a friends 1956 Cessna 172 to NC (His 77 RG was in the paint shop). Three days later he'd be back on the transport back to Bosnia. We had a wide degree of experience levels and two of the students were still anticipating the purchase of their first Cardinals.

The clinic activity was at fever pitch, lasting an hour and a half longer than programmed. But no one complained. Upon completion of the class, some students left for home but around 18 or so went out for an informal dinner at a local steak house.

Of the 24 attendees, 20 survey forms were ultimately returned. Ten respondents said that the clinic met their expectations and the other 10 said that the clinic exceeded their pre-clinic expectations. All answered that they would recommend future clinics to other CFO members and I am gratified for that.

CFO members are obviously a special group of airplane owners who place a high value on recurrent training and I'm glad it was worth the trip. The survey forms also provided excellent suggestions on how the clinic could be improved. They were very "workable" and in fact, most will be implemented beginning with the very next clinic.

Speaking of which, 2 venues for 2003 are being actively researched and organized right now and an announcement should be released by the beginning of the year on the respective dates and locations. I hope to see you there.

Guy R. Maher

Comments from the NC Cardinal Operations Clinic, November, 2002

What I liked most were the flight performance sections, the flight training with Guy, and his sense of humor. I learned more about the exceptional handling characteristics and flight capabilities of the 177B in the two-hour flying session with Guy on Friday than in all my previous dual training. Guy's immense knowledge base and experience with Cardinal flight operations is phenomenal. I have over 1,000 hours in the planes and can honestly say that this seminar was by far the best training experience I have had for Cardinal operations. Every Cardinal pilot should consider this required procedure for safe Cardinal Operations.

Phil Elmore

I don't think I had a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed the clinic and the flying. Thanks!

Larry Bloom

Both of my partners and I attended the Operations Clinic. As I told Guy Maher after the session, this was a resoundingly successful seminar for us. Although we could not take any flight instruction, the actual seminar was worth every minute and dollar spent. We arrived via motorhome, and the entire return trip was an 11 hour discussion of the seminar. Great job GUY!

Rick Mentz, Richard Vukmirovich and Henry Pearce

What I liked most about the clinic was the expertise and the new material presented.

Fred Nelson

The clinic met my expectations, and I had high expectations.

Howard Lederman.

What I liked most about the clinic was the open forum and the full opportunity to question.

Bill Cadiz

Guy's command of Cardinal history and operational techniques was unbelievable. What I liked most was the knowledge, expertise and the flying [flight lesson] experience.

John Avery

I really enjoyed the flight; Guy's training was better than anyone I have ever met.

Ben S. Jones

I liked the technique ideas. Nice tidbits that I hadn't thought of before.

Randy Collins

The clinic was well presented and thorough and I most liked the range of the program.

Rick Cook

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