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CFO Sponsors

It is a fact of life that sponsorship is what makes the Internet go 'round. Without the support of those who help us out financially we'd be able to do far less for our Cardinals in this medium.

Most of our sponsors cater directly to the Cardinal populations, creating products and services that serve us all. These products range from speed, performance and durability enhancements to maintenance, purchasing and selling of Cardinals.

Throughout this site, references to our sponsors will be colored green.

Here are the sponsors who have chosen to support our little band of Cardinal owners. They know us and our airplanes, and they stand ready to help us find new ones, keep then running or dress them up a little.

So shop here first when you can, and let these folks know that we appreciate their support. I can assure you that they appreciate your support!

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to be included in our list of sponsors, please drop a note to me.

Keith Peterson

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