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     Aero Teknic Inc.
An aircraft maintenance and avionics shop located at Montreal/St-Hubert airport (CYHU), one of Canada's leading Garmin aviation product distributors and the supplier of custom made instrument panels for replacement and upgrade of factory panels. Garmin Avionics:    Click Here for the current Garmin pricing for CFO members only!

Custom made metal panels specially made for Cardinals!

Aero Teknic is a manufacture and installer of custom made metal panels. Starting from known dimensions for stock panels, they adjust to match the instrumentation which is in your panel, and create a high quality, powder coated and properly labeled panel to match your specific aircraft configuration.

Installation services are available, as are full avionics upgrade packages. You can find AeroTeknic's panels on this web page.

Call or email Aero Teknic today for more details!

Aéro Teknic Inc.
4920 Route de l'Aéroport
Saint-Hubert, QC
J3Y 8Y9
Tel. (450) 676-6299
Fax. (450) 676-2760

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