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   AmSafe Sponsorship page

Special Seatbelt Airbag Offer for Cessna Cardinal Fliers

Join the thousands of general aviation aircraft owners who have purchased AmSafe Seatbelt Airbags!

AmSafe is offering for a limited time $1000.00 off of the 2011 AmSafe catalog price for either the pilot/copilot or rear seatbelt airbag kits for Cardinal owners. Each kit will install the system on both seats in the set. Pricing for each seat pair and aircraft year/model is listed in the PDF order form.. This offer will be valid for all new orders received from Cardinal aircraft owners starting Sept. 29, 2011. This offer will expire December 23, 2011. After December 23, 2011 you will only be able to purchase airbags for the Cardinal through one of AmSafe’s authorized service centers.

Also check out the story of an airbag installation on this page.

Kits must be installed at any authorized or AmSafe Service Center. A complete list of service centers locations can be found at
  • All kits include the hardware necessary to install the seatbelt airbag in the pilot and co-pilot seat positions or rear seats. Kits are designed to replace your existing restraint system.

  • Additional rebates or other discounts cannot be applied to this special program offer.

  • All orders must be delivered within ninety days after receipt of order.

  • Additional terms and conditions apply.

  • If you still have questions about airbags or the program please call 1 (877) 684-6447 or email: sales-
Please download this PDF file for pricing, ordering instructions and an order form.

Need more convincing?

Visit to learn more about how airbags can save lives and prevent serious injury.

For more information on the AmSafe Aviation Airbag system,
or to locate a Service Center near you, please click here.

To Contact AmSafe, visit or call them at 800-228-1567

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