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Buy / Sell / Train
with Guy Maher

Guy Maher is your one-stop source for Cardinal sales and training. Besides being involved with Cardinals since they were first built, he also worked for Cessna in training and sales, and his “company car” was usually a Cardinal. With over 5500 hours in Cardinals (see his bio) he is uniquely qualified to assess their flight characteristics and overall value in the marketplace, has a proven ability to find the good ones, and train their owners to safely get the most utility from their Cardinal.

Guy offers services for Buyers, Sellers and Owners. He offers a range of service packages, designed to meet your needs at each stage of Cardinal ownership.

For Buyers, Guy starts by helping the buyer understand his or her needs, which model to look for, and analyzing the age, specifications, condition and cost range of that perfect airplane. Since he typically handles more Cardinal transactions per year than any other sales agent, he really knows the current Cardinal market, and this knowledge gets put to work for you. He searches out options, evaluates each in depth (including a full flight test routine, review of logs and records, commissioning and analyzing the results of inspections), negotiating the best possible deal, and even assisting with after sale refurbishing - all in full concert with the buyer. You will always be in the loop, but benefit from the full depth of Guy's experience, knowledge and network working for you. (Click here for more info for Buyers)

For Sellers, Guy fully examines each airplane and its documentation, performs a thorough test flight for functionality and flight characteristic evaluation, determines market value, and then markets the aircraft effectively in all appropriate forums. He handles the calls, qualifies the prospects, follows-up, performs the flight demonstrations to the airplane's full potential, oversees inspection activities, handles offers and negotiations leading to a sale and payment to the seller. If you need to sell and don't have the time or inclination for handling all the steps along the way, Guy can make it happen.(Click here for more info for Sellers)

For Owners, Guy provides one-on-one training in your Cardinal, bringing his 40-plus years and over 5500 hours of Cardinal experience into your cockpit to help you learn about your Cardinal. This training can be based on a standard syllabus which Guy has created for owners, or may be just the parts you need at the time. The training can cover anything from initial Cardinal checkout and training to a full flight review or CFI training Click here for more info for Owners)

For more information about Guy Maher's Cardinal Sales or Training services, contact him at, or call his office number at 704-287-3475.

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