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Cardinal Training services
from Guy Maher

It’s said that a truly excellent pilot uses their superior judgment to avoid needing their superior skill. But from time to time we have to ask ourselves: Are our skills really up to date? And does our judgment really consider all that is known about the operation of the aircraft we fly?

There is only one way to answer this question, and that is to measure yourself against a standard of excellence. To be effective the standard must encompass the full range of the capabilities of your aircraft. Guy Maher, who is recognized internationally for his Cardinal training expertise, has created a program that leverages his over 40 years of experience, his personal knowledge and his well over 5,500 hours of owning, operating, and training in the Cessna Cardinal series. One of the additional benefits of his time in this business is that Guy was working for Cessna in sales and training when the 177 and 177RG were in production.

Take this opportunity to receive one-on-one:
  1. Initial Cardinal training,
  2. Recurrent training,
  3. A Flight Review or IPC,
  4. Another level in the “Wings” safety award program,
  5. Training on specifically requested tasks (such as emergency procedures, special equipment, mountain flying, cross-country ops, etc.),
  6. Training specifically mandated by your insurance company,
  7. Non-pilot “Companion” flight and/or ground training for your flying companion,
  8. Training for CFI’s desiring to learn how to best fly and teach in the Cardinal.
The training can follow either a standardized training syllabus specially prepared by Guy, a program geared to your specific requests, or combination of both. This training may either be conducted on a “one-on-one” basis or you may combine it with an ownership partner. This personal flight and/or ground training is normally provided on Mondays through Fridays and subject to prior scheduling. Special group rates are also available for all-day clinics.

To schedule a session or for more information, contact Guy R. Maher directly at, or 704-548-0066.

Client feedback

Not only did Guy teach me a whole host of handling techniques, but taught me how versatile and forgiving the Cardinal is. Thank you, Guy. I now not only love my Cardinal, but love flying it.

Peter Morton
Isle of Wight
United Kingdom

Guy’s Conway Clinic was everything I expected and more! I was one of the lucky ones who got to fly with Guy and I learned a lot. I feel much more comfortable with my emergency procedures now. I’d like to thank Guy for doing such a professional job and putting on a really enjoyable clinic!

James Neihouse

Thanks, I loved it, gained an enormous amount of insight, especially excellent for a beginning pilot like myself. You are an excellent teacher, the material was dead on and you used our time very wisely (I am a hard one to please!)

Mary Beth Price

I just love learning from the pros and you certainly lived up to your esteemed reputation in that regard. Let me say thank you once again for a perfectly professional clinic.

Tad Page

What I learned is that Guy is a phenomenal pilot and instructor. I flew away a much more informed and competent pilot, and offer Guy my humble appreciation.

Frank Johnson

The excellence in his approach comes from knowing and respecting the bounds and limits of safety at the outer edges of the envelope and ensuring that safety is number 1, 2 and 3 in the plan. The instructor’s hope and prayer is that they can provide as much experience in a safe environment to make the student as safe and confident in a challenging environment to turn any emergency into a non-event.

Don Desfosse, CFI-AIME, FAA ASC

His sessions are tailored to the individual pilot’s needs and interests and are uncanny in revealing strong and weak points of the pilot in training. He obviously puts a lot of time and thought into and takes pride in the pre-training flight planning process.

John Avery

I’m on my 7th consecutive year of the Wings program and never had any instructors impress me to the extent that Guy has! This I understand this is only one person’s opinion, but if the FAA hires him to go to Alaska and make a safety training video I think this also speaks for itself. I would suggest that more of our members try to attend any future Training that Guy offers.

Skip DeBarr

After closing the deal we began two days of intense flight training. I left very confident that Guy had given me the best hands-on training that I have ever had in an aircraft. My personal thanks to Guy Maher, whose services exceeded my expectations.

Dick Verdier

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