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Scheme Designers

How does your airplane look these days?

Is your paint looking a little old?

Are you tired of that old Factory paint design?

Ready for a new look?

Scheme Designers is the answer you've been wishing for!

Scheme Designers can design an exciting new custom scheme for you, modify a scheme that you've liked from another airplane or help you through the process of creating your own design.

But that's not the end of the project: Scheme Designers will render your favorite scheme in a range of colors on a drawing that is an exact match of your aircraft. You'll have the chance to compare design options side by side and come to a fully informed conclusion about the best scheme for your aircraft.

That's still not all... Scheme Designers will supply detailed documentation for your paint scheme to the shop so they can mask and paint the design properly. Their design will take into account details like where the door seams pass, balancing the design with the challenges required to apply the design.

Scheme Designers is very experienced and well known in the aviation marketplace. They are the designers of the aircraft seen here, as well as many other schemes for aircraft owners and manufacturers.

If you're ready to apply 'the touch' to your airplane, give Scheme Designers a call. All you have to lose is your old paint and that tired old factory design!

Scheme Designers also offers a 10% discount to CFO members. Just let Craig know you're a CFO member and he'll take the discount off the prices published on his web page.

For more information or to Contact Scheme Designers:
Visit their web site or call Craig Barnett at 201-569-7785

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