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   Genesys Aerosystems Instructions page
Genesys Aerosystems
S-Tec 3100 Purchase Instructions

Thank you for your interest and support toward making the S-Tec 3100 a reality for Cardinals!

As of this writing, we currently have 53 CFO Members who have expressed interest in the S-Tec 3100 autopilot. S-Tec says they are ready to go!

Update! 12/1817 The initial number of POs have been received by Genesis and the STC work is beginning as of today. We have hopes of a quick turnaround by the Feds!

Update! 1/28/18 S-Tec has announced a new benefit for CFO members who place a purchase order before the PMA is approved. If you have signed up for this program and have your shop send a PO to S-Tec before the Feds issue their PMA approval your warranty will be extended to 3 years on the autopilot controller and you will also receive 2 years of warranty on your existing servos.

Our next step is to place binding orders for these systems with our own locally chosen S-Tec dealer. When 15 POs are received Genesys Aerosystems will submit the FAA Application paperwork for the STC. The units are in currently in production and will be ready to go.

How soon will we have the STC? If we get enough POs by mid-December (just in time for Christmas!) they would expect to have the STC completed and systems ready to ship some time in June, based on their extensive experience. So, about 6 months if we make this happen now.

Here are the specific steps we all need to take to move this forward:
  1. Pick your favorite S-Tec dealer. Most likely your avionics shop is a dealer. A complete list can be found on their website.
  2. Place an order for the S-Tec 3100 with that dealer.
  3. Have the dealer send a copy of the PO directly to Jack Somsen at

New announcement! (updated)

S-Tec is adding a benefit for this program: everyone who purchases a 3100 though the CFO program will be provided a 1 year warranty on your servos from the date of installation by S-Tec.

In addition: Many of us will want to have our existing servos IRAN'd to make sure they are in good shape to supply years of service with this new controller. For the first 15 PO holders, S-Tec will inspect your servos at a cost of just $100 per servo if no trouble is found. This is usually billed at $531.

Further, if repairs are required during this inspection they will be covered by your new 1 year warranty... so, no charge for those repairs and no inspection fee. This is an outstanding opportunity to get a completely refreshed autopilot system if you are one of the first 15.

And again the 1 year servo warranty will cover everyone who purchases through this program, a great benefit for everyone.

Important notes:
  1. All POís must come from one of S-Tecís Authorized Autopilot Dealers.
  2. There will be no cancellation fee before the 15 POs threshold is reached. After that time (when the STC is submitted to the FAA) there will be a cancellation fee of $4000 for an upgrade system or $8000 for a full system.
  3. If you experience a substantial hardship of some sort, along the lines of an 'act of God', please let Jack know of your situation and waiver of the cancellation fee will be considered on a case by case basis. The intent is to assure the intent of the POs, not to create a hardship in such cases.
  4. Genesys Aerosystems / S-Tec does not require any deposit from you or the dealer (although the dealer may).
  5. Once Genesys Aerosystems / S-Tec receives 15 POís from our interested members they will file the application with the FAA to start the STC approval process.
  6. Any questions from aircraft owners or Dealers may be directed to Jack Somsen at

Thank you again for supporting this project. We all look forward to flying this full function and fully integrated system in the near future!

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