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CFO Email Digest Guidelines

The Cardinal Flyers Online email Digest is a friendly but lively exchange of information, opinion and the occasional nugget of inspiration or wisdom.

In order to nurture the free exchange of ideas, experiences and theories, we only ask that you follow a few general guidelines, nothing unusual for the net, but worth a quick review:


  • Try to keep the subject matter about aviation, hopefully Cardinals.
  • Include a reference when you reply or add to a subject, but try to limit the scope of the quotation to the most useful part. Lead quoted lines with a carot: >
  • Feel free to express an honest opinion, but stop short of flaming.
  • You might consider scanning the web site or the digest archives for the answer before you float a question to the world on the digest. It's possible that this was just discussed.
  • But don't be shy, we all started somewhere and most owners are happy to answer even your simple questions.
  • Please refrain from sharing the latest internet joke, rumor or dire warning. We have heard most of the jokes and most of the warnings are bogus.
  • If you have something to sell, please use the Classifieds, although you may share an FYI to the digest.


  • Don't quote the entire digest back with your comment, the digest editor has already read it!
  • Set your email to send simple ascii text, not mime enclosed or html text.
  • Don't send pictures or digital enclosures to the digest. But the Webmaster might like them...
  • Long signatures lines lose their format in the digest and take bandwidth, try to keep it on a single line.


  • Follow the instructions at the end of the digest to add or change your address in the system.
  • If it just won't work for you, drop an email to The Webmaster Keith Peterson.


  • CFO will not share the email addresses entered in the digest subscription with anyone outside CFO.
  • If you send a question or comment to the digest, your email address will be included and visible with your entry.
  • If you don't wish your email to become public, be sure to indicate that it is a private email and "not for the digest."
  • You may be blind copied on an email response to someone in your area seeking help, but it is up to you whether to disclose your address to that requestor.

Editorial Policy

    Although it is rarely exercised, the digest editor will make adjustments as required to implement these guidelines and maintain the decorum of the list. These adjustments are always at the discretion of the editor. They may include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • CFO will not allow slanderous or libelous attacks. Statements of fact are allowed, with the burden of proof remaining with the submitter.
  • At times a message may be delayed for a short period to give related parties a chance to respond immediately.
  • Obscene language will be removed and may result in deletion of the entire message.
  • Off-topic ramblings may be edited.
  • Inappropriate subject matter will be deleted.
  • Commercial advertisements, spam and certain subjects such as virus or hoax reports will be deleted.
  • We don't print virus warnings, chain letters, internet hoaxes or dirty jokes. And we prefer not to see them at all, so please don't copy us on such things.
  • Frequent violators of these policies may be blocked from the list completely.
  • If you have questions about the policy, drop an email to The list Administrator Paul Millner.
Please note that in busy times there may be several digests of material 'in queue'. If you do not see your message in a short time, it is unlikely to have been edited for policy reasons. Most likely it is still coming around or has been lost in the internet somewhere. Please give it a good chance to come out before asking or resending.

Related digest pages include a page on how the digest is put together and a list of common email acronyms.

That's about it for the rules, so gather up your facts, check them twice and pitch in.

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