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Passwords and Internet Explorer

Some members have experinced problems using the password system with certain configurations of Internet Explorer, in particular versions that come from certain providers. Prodigy is one provider that sends out their own version of IE with default settings that cause a problem.

The problem shows up as a quick pass-through to the page that says 'you are attempting to enter a Member's area' without any opportunity to enter an account or password. This is because your Internet Explorer is configured not to do any form of authentication, or at least not the form that allows user input.

CFO member Ed Vitek worked through the issues and reports this sequence as the solution to the problem on his system:

Ed writes:
Here's the path I took.

Open Control Panel
   click Internet Operations Icon
     click Internet Properties
       click Security
         click Custom Level.....
           Go to User Authentication (at the bottom of the list)
               ( ) Anonymous Logon
               ( ) Autologon only in Intranet Zone
               ( ) Autologon with current Username & Password
               ( ) Prompt for Username and Password

In my case, the 1st box was selected. I changed the selection to "Prompt for Username and Password and the problem was corrected. : )


Thanks for your help, Ed. Webmaster

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