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Help with Printing the Web site

Occasionally folks have problems getting certain of the web pages to print out. Usually they get a printout of one of the header pages, a nice page full of buttons.

The answer is probably with the browser. On some browsers you need to click on the frame you want to print before you click the print button.

You can see the frame get highlighted with an outline. It may select when you move to it or when you click on it.

Once the frame is selected move the mouse up and click on the print button. The highlighted frame should then print.

On a few you need to me careful not to move the mouse pointer over any other frames on the way to clicking the print button. Just slide the mouse off the side, around the outside of the browser, and onto the menu along the top.

The CFO system consists of four frames, usually the icon frame in the upper left corner, the toolbar frame along the left, the main navigation page along the top and the main body page where all the information is displayed.