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You can reach the principals of the Cardinal Flyers Online at the following addresses:

For Administrative issues, questions etc. email Debbie Peterson

Or send a message to Debbie using    

For Digest issues, questions etc. email Paul Millner

Or send a message to Paul using    

For Technical or Web issues, questions etc. email Keith Peterson

Or send a message to Keith using    

If you have an aggressive popup blocker running, as certain AOL systems do automatically, the above links may not work for you. However, we can't put our email address on the web directly either, as the spiders will pick it up and we'll get hundreds of spam messages.

If this is giving you problems, work this out: (obscured to avoid spam spiders) Keith's email address is Keith, and the domain is As usual, the symbol that hooks them together is an @ sign. With that data you should be able to manually generate an email to Keith.

Email is definitely the best way to contact us, but if you wish to hear Debbie's voice or wish to take the time to send paper, you may also contact us using the following low-tech methods:

Our direct phone number is: (847) 683-4799, but if we don't answer please call 224-286-4799. This system will attempt to find us and if it can't will let you leave a message. Keep in mind that we do have day jobs, travel on business and get busy at times. Email comes along and works late at night when we get home and the kids are in bed, phone messages do not. You'll get a far quicker answer by email than by phone.

Our snail-mail address is:
Cardinal Flyers   PO Box # 532   Hampshire, IL 60140
Direct Phone: 847-683-4799
Find us or leave voicemail: (224) 286-4799

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