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CFO Policies

We try not to have a lot of policies, and we didn't set out to write a bunch. But from time to time something pops up that needs to be addressed.

When that happens the founders of CFO confer with each other, sometimes at length. Keith, Paul and Debbie compare notes frequently about what's going on to be sure we stay in sync.

When we do discover that a policy is required, we try to write it down in a clear yet simple way for future reference.

This section is where these written policies live.

Overall we're here to have a good time and maintain the positive and mutually benefitial culture of CFO. We are pretty easy going, and our policies are meant to support rather than limit.

If you don't find answers to your questions here, please send an email to the webmaster and we will get back to you with an answer.

These pages are a collection of the ideas and impressions of the Cardinal pilots who frequent this site. This information is anecdotal, informal and may not be completely accurate. The Cardinal Flyers are not certified mechanics and do not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of these pages. Please research and confirm anything that is referenced on these pages with the experts appropriate to your situation.

As always, the Cessna maintenance, operations and flight manuals, and the advice of a certified mechanic and flight instructor, should be your primary sources of information regarding safe maintenance and operation of your aircraft.

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