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Some of the most fun you can have with your airplane is to share it with others, at least in a 'look at this' sort of way. And looking at other people's airplanes is certain to give you inspiration and motivation to make your bird even better.

We have found that most Cardinal owners don't have much opportunity to do this kind of sharing, as Cardinals are often alone on the field. While some breeds of aircraft flock in great numbers, we're more the solo type in the wild.

Luckily CFO gives us the opportunity to change that from time to time with CFO Flyins. Once you meet the people who fly Cardinals you'll want to see frequently, so make your way to a flyin near you and start planning for the next national event.

On these pages you can learn about the types of CFO flyins, our schedule, and even, if you wish, how to plan your own local gathering of Cardinals.

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