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California City CFO Flyin

Those left coast CFO flyers are showing of in their nice winter weather and got together in California City. Here is the story of that flyin.

I was fortunate enough to be on the way home from a business trip and was able to join Paul Millner and Vince Endter for the flight over in Vince's Turbo RG. It's always fun to ride with on of these guys, especially when the tailwinds entice us up into the flight levels. The turbo really does fly high nicely!

With a groundspeed of 171, it wasn't long before we were seeing the wind generators on Tehachapi mountains, and soon the deserts around California City. The airpart is in the real desert scrub brush, near Mojave.

The Wind Sock restaurant had laid out a buffet for us, enoyed by about 20 people who had arrived in 8 or so Cardinals.

Karla Towe and Clair Milton came from the Airworthiness and Safety office of the Van Nuys FSDO to talk about vertigo, safety and so on. They had the vertigo chair and spun a few brave Cardinal Flyers around, just to prove that no matter how hard we try vertigo will, in time, confuse our senses.

Somewhat more interesting was Clair's later comments about the N numbers of several of the Cardinals in attendance. He indicated that if he were working in the enforcement group he would have written up several planes on the ramp for improper N numbers.

His complaint was with a light-blue on dark-blue scheme, and three aircraft that has white stripes running through white numbers. Evidently the contrasting borders on the N numbers was not enough. If you fly within the juristition of Van Nuys FSDO, well, we feel sorry for you.

Then it was time for the usual stroll around the aircraft. There were many nice examples there, with a range of interesting things from new metal panels to angle of attack indicators to very nice, clean, stock airplanes flown by the folks who bought it new!

Several people were unable to make it there due to fog in the Bay area.

All in all it was a nice informal time at an airport with a good restaurant and inexpensive fuel. Thanks to Ray Green for putting it togther!

The trip home with Vince was just as much fun... we got passed by an F18, shared the frequency with N4VN (Vince is N4NV) and generally had a great time cruising around California. Kinda reminds you why we do this!

Here was the initial announcement:

Saturday January 22nd
Ray Greene ( is arranging a fly-in for California City... Details to come; we'll have a go/no go update online here after 6AM that morning! (Rain date January 29)

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