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Winter Haven National flyin

The fabled pleasant weather of Florida was finally on tap for our event at Winter Haven in 2009.

This year we'll do something a little different and lead you through the sequence of events which has become Winter Haven.

Palmer's familiar golf cart, here piloted by Russ, met us all as usual, guiding us to our place in the lineup for the event.

As has been true for the last 10 years, Fay and Palmer Gehring stand ready to welcome us to their home and airport, with the able assistance of Russ and Lorraine Botheilo.

The second familiar sight most of us see is the friendly face of Palmer as he waves us into perfect alignment and ideal placement. Its a friendly face, that is, as long as you're driving a Cardinal! Otherwise he's been known to be a little grouchy... but we like that about him!

While we don't often share the stories from behind the scenes at these events, suffice it to say that Palmer outdid himself this year in making things work smoothly with the airport.


Of course this is Palmer's perspective on this process... Cardinal pilots and passengers smiling back, ready for a few fun days in the wintertime sun, along with the many other benefits about to flow in our recurring first national flyin of the year.

Note the uniform... comfortable shorts, warm weather sleeves, plenty of room in back for a CFO shirt and hat.


Our first stop is at the registration desk, where Debbie has everything ready. Pick up your meal ticket, shirts and hats, and the ever important badge, so you wont' have to explain yourself everywhere you go.

You'll notice that as usual this year, Debbie was blessed with the help of several members, who pitch in enthusiastically and help make this possible, even fun for Debbie.

If you watch closely, however, you may notice that there are still details to work out, still things which are not going quite as planned. Luckily Debbie is very good at this, and between her efforts and the help of everyone pitching in things have a way of working out. k_debbietalks.jpg

Meanwhile, over at Faye and Palmer's house, Faye and Ann Jent (one of our outstanding caterers) are preparing for the evening inrush of guests. We don't know exactly what they do there, but somehow by the time the people arrive a large supply of excellent food has been prepared and presented in an outstanding and inviting layout.

And the food keeps coming all evening, no matter how fast we seem to eat it. There must be some magic at work here somewhere...

It all starts at the front porch... party0.jpg
and extends onto the back porch, party1.jpg
and into the back yard, party2.jpg
where groups of people form, evolve and rotate until everyone has caught up with the year's events since we all saw each other herelast year. party3.jpg
Some groups seek the comfort of the sofa, and Faye's modernistic coffee table centerpiece (made from an old airport beacon lens, if you must know...) party4.jpg
Others find that the kitchen suites them best. Or is that more about the bar? Hard to be sure... party5.jpg
Most times there are at least a half dozen people nearby who you're really been looking forward to talking to. And most often there's even room to stand near them until their current converstation winds down. party6.jpg
Come morning, Keith and Paul stand ready to lead the day's events, fresh as daisies and raring to go. r_keithnpaul.jpg

Soon enough the crowd gathers and an epic airport walkaround is launched. Each owner talks about their airplane, what's new and what's next, and we get the chance to ogle and admire to our hearts content.

Sometimes there are interesting sights to see along the way, such as a small detail that has been missed or cleverly resolved. The pace of learning is gentle, to match the pace of our walk through the assembled aircraft.


Lunchtime is our time to hear from various sponsors and people of general interest. After a tasty meal we engage on several subjects, discussions and at times we even learn a thing or two.

Those who are familiar with this process know to keep an eye open for the cookies, which often make their way around just about the time we're ready for them.

After a shower and a little cleaning up, its' time to make our way to the Sea Flame where yet another fine meal is waiting for us. w_dinner 019.jpg
Our hosts set aside a full room for us, and we can make as much noise as we like. With a choice of meals everyone seems satisfied, and soon the conversation calms down enough for the presentations. w_dinner 020.jpg
This guy seems to be around most of the time, we're not sure why. But he hands out the awards so it's all good. w_dinner 001.jpg
The first award this year was for Faye and Palmer for their hospitality, patience and high level of tolerance for this group year after year. This may have been Year 10, reason enough for an award somewhat more special than usual. w_dinner 009.jpg
Next came the 'Flew Furthest' award, won this year by Bruce Hutchings for his flight of 1094 nautical miles. . w_dinner 022.jpg
John and Mary Anna Palmer walked away with the 'Came Furthest' award, as they traveled from Portland, Maine, but didn't bring their airplane this time due to especially bad weather forecasts. w_dinner 028.jpg
Chris Russman received a 'newest pilot' award, having received his Private only 2 weeks before our event. w_dinner 030.jpg
Sandy and Jimmy Honeycutt took home a Perfect Attendance award for attending all 10 years of Winter Haven flyins. w_dinner 032.jpg
Don and Mary Commer also received a Perfect Attendance award for attending all 10 years of Winter Haven flyins. w_dinner 033.jpg
And the big award of the evening, the People's Choice Nicest Cardinal, want to Brian Estes for his beautiful Cardinal RG. w_dinner 034.jpg

Once again Keith and Paul held forth at Sun & Fun in a Forum tent, speaking on the Care and Feeding of Cardinals. Thanks to all who attended this event and added their own perspective and voices to the discussion.

In all it was an excellent year at Winter Haven, and we again thank our hosts Faye and Palmer Gehring for their hospitality and hard work to make this event an outstanding one.

We invite you to leave a comment below, and to also take the survey about this flyin (whether you attended or not) to help us make future events even better.

The following public comments about the flyin have been entered:

We had a great time hosting the event; looking forward to next year! Keith and Debbie Peterson

The following aircraft were in attendance, as well as a few more: our photographers may not have caught them all. Click on any image to load a larger one.

wh09air_r_01.jpg wh09air_r_02.jpg
wh09air_r_03.jpg wh09air_r_04.jpg
wh09air_r_05.jpg wh09air_r_06.jpg
wh09air_r_07.jpg wh09air_r_08.jpg
wh09air_r_09.jpg wh09air_r_10.jpg
wh09air_r_11.jpg wh09air_r_12.jpg
wh09air_r_13.jpg wh09air_r_14.jpg
wh09air_r_15.jpg wh09air_r_16.jpg
wh09air_r_17.jpg wh09air_r_18.jpg
wh09air_r_19.jpg wh09air_r_20.jpg
wh09air_r_21.jpg wh09air_r_22.jpg
wh09air_r_23.jpg wh09air_r_24.jpg
wh09air_r_25.jpg wh09air_r_26.jpg
wh09air_r_27.jpg wh09air_r_28.jpg
wh09air_r_29.jpg wh09air_r_30.jpg
wh09air_r_31.jpg wh09air_r_32.jpg
wh09air_r_33.jpg wh09air_r_34.jpg
wh09air_r_35.jpg wh09air_r_36.jpg
wh09air_r_37.jpg wh09air_r_38.jpg
wh09air_r_39.jpg wh09air_r_40.jpg
wh09air_r_41.jpg wh09air_r_42.jpg
wh09air_r_43.jpg wh09air_r_44.jpg

The following people registered their plans to attend this CFO Convention:

Keith & Debbie PetersonHampshire, IL (68is)1976 177 RGn177kpWe're looking forward to welcoming you to Winter Haven; thanks to our hosts Faye and Palmer.
Dick AlmayHolland, MI (BIV)1975 177 RGN2643VLooking forward to another great event!
Bill & Lily ButlerMundelein; Illinois, (ENW)1969 177AN30571We will be driving down again this year. We are looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful Cardinals.
Dean CookEllkhart, IN (3C1)1971 177BN177XC
Mike SullivanManassas, VA (KHEF)1974 177 RGN2056QLook forward to attending
Kim PeckNeedham, MA (kowd)1975 177 RGN1533H
frank yowormond beach, FL (omn)1976 177BN10346
Bruce HutchingsLancaster, NH (HIE)1977 177 RGN52061Lookig forward to sunshine and warmth
Jim HendersonGulf Shores, AL (KJKA)1978 177BN1203C
Jacob LynnBogalusa, LA (BXA)1976 177 RGN7559VLooking forward to this history making event!!
Brad McHargueGreensboro, NC (W88)1977 177 RGN341RG
Robert HansonLeonardtown, MD (2W6)1976 177 RGN34565Looking forward to another wonderul fly-in! I predict excellent weather this year! C U there!
Patrick ClyneNeptune Beach, FL (KCRG)1975 177 RGN2657V
Guy MaherSalisbury, NC (KRUQ)1973 177BN34620
Winn BrownHorn Lake, MS (AWM)1968 177N29563
Hal Allman srSalisbury, NC (RUQ)1973 177BN34620
Mark SchuckSouth Bend, IN (3C1)1968 177N3489T
Paul MillnerBerkeley, CA (OAK)1976 177 RGN177SDIt's going to be great!
John SummerfordSumter, SC (SMS)1972 177 RGN1854Q
Russ & Lorraine BoteilhoGreen Valley, AZ (RYN)1977 177 RGN177LR
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttMallards Landing; Locust Grove, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSLooking forward to a GREAT CFO event and a GREAT Sun 'n Fun!
Karl and Florian OppeltGermany, GA (GA-20)1968 177I guess we are the only cardinalers who have the longest way to the event from germany ; Bavaria.!! My son Florian will be the youngest Cardinal flyer and co/owner he is 21 years old.! Maybe you will think about a award for him ??????
Al Van LengenLocust Grove, GA (GA04)1974 177 RGN912GMLooking forward to another great event.
Steve WellmanJackson, MI (JXN)1971 177 RGN8089G
David KnightEngland, (UK)1977 177 RGN8225YArriving from the UK
Jack Vandeventer, (TYQ)1977 177 RGN52046
Bob LutenIndialantic, FL (KCOI)1975 177 RGN2706V
Don JohnsonOphelia, VA (VA99)1972 177BN34108
Lloyd EdsonOmaha, NE (OMA)1976 177B
Bill Maynard, (GIF)1971 177 RGN8037G
Jim JeansReston, VA (HWY)1971 177 RGN8068G
Joe WinklerOviedo, FL (KSFB)1973 177 RGN1887Q
Dick DagleLewisburg, PA (N79)1973 177BN34542
Tom SaxonLeesburg, VA (JYO)1976 177BN478TCCardinalmania!! I'm IN once again!
Steve Meyer, N34833
Paul ToccoProvidence, RI (SFZ)1977 177 RGN52695
Steve MeyerTemple, TX (tpl)1974 177BN34833Looking forward to seeing everyone in Winter Haven.
Palmer GehringWinter Haven, FL (GIF)1975 177BN35086WOW !! Can you believe 10 years! This is the grandaddy of all the CFO fly-ins. We are proud to be part of the CFO family. Faye and I are looking forward to seeing all our friends and fellow CFO people at Winter Haven.
Roger MarlinNorth Little Rock, AR (KORK)1973 177BN34723
Albert ColangeloOcala, FL (GIF)1976 177B55KRJust flying in for the day and to enjoy the company of fellow owners
Alan & Jenny Powell, Sorry to say that we can't make it this year. Hope to make 2010; have a good time everybody.
Derek SharvelleBattle Ground, IN
Steve MeyerowitzGreat Barrington, MA (GBR)1974 177 RGAnyone flying from Charlotte to Sun-N-Fun? Got room for 1?
Jim HendersonGreenville, TX (KGVT)1975 177 RGN177JGMy first CFO gathering. Am looking forward to it.
Brian EstesColumbia, IL (CPS)1978 177 RGN52944
Martin BrincefieldCollege Park, MD (CGS)1969 177AN 30409
Ron KleinQuitman; , AR (1AR6)1975 177 RGN2760V
Alden LinkMilton, NY (MGJ)1974 177 RGN2143Q
Rogers FadenNorthbrook, IL (KPWK)1975 177 RGN1596H
Kurt EmmerlingClintonville, WV Can't wait!!! Hope we have great weather!
John TysonKeller, VA (NA)1973 177 RGN1885Q
Tom VogelpohlPort Orange, FL (7FL6)1973 177BN34354
Bob DellBradenton, FL (srq)1976 177 RGn34944Will drive as my plane is sick; so would appreciate a short flight in a well cardinal.
Charlie & Beverly RossCross Plains, TX (TX11)1975 177 RGN177BCArriving via KTPA on airlines as IO-390 STC probably won't be completed until around May 1.
Robert DindaDaytons, FL (7FL6)1977 177 RGJust celebrated my 80th Birthday. Margit had a ministroke day after Thanksgiving. Completely recovered; no permanent damage.
Denis PlanteRoberval, Canada (cyrj)1973 177 RGc-fkwrwe will land on 04/22 or 11/29 the 03/2009/19
John & Mary Anna PalmerOxford, ME (LEW)1973 177 RGN1909Q
Keith BaumannFairfield, IL (FWC)1968 177N3334T
Fred SchmidGreenwood, IN1971 177 RGN8291G
Dollard LeBlancNorth Port, FL (KVNC)1974 177 RGC-FLDFReturning for our 2nd annual 177 fly-in
Fred BrownCarson City, MI (driving)1976 177B
Jim HannifinCleveland, TN (3m3)1977 177 RG
Carolyn BeattySuffolk, VA1978 177BN177FL
Carolyn BeattySuffolk, VA1978 177BN177FL
Rick & Chris VeachLiberty, MO (GPH)1971 177 RGN8200G
Richard GullettSnellville, GA (9A1)1971 177 RGN468LE
Leven GoreeSt.Petersburg, FL (SPG)1974 177 RGN2140Q
Curtis AdkissonBlacksburg, VA (BCB)1977 177 RGN52074
Charlie StracuzziOcala, FL (FD04)1969 177AN30353
Jonathan BaxterHyannis, MA (Khya)1976 177 RG34221Fun! Fun! Fun!
Bruce WallenNew Britain, CT (KHFD)1976 177 RGN7555V
Hank HiscoxBrooksville, FL (bkv)1977 177 RG52060
Richard VerdierOriental, NC (EWN)1975 177BN35114Looking forward to another great CFO Fly-in
Art BruceBainbridge, GA (KBGE) Driving in from GA. My first event. I can't wait!
Brady TurnerSt.Simons Island, GA (SSI)1977 177BN778RD
frank yowormond beach, FL (OMN)1976 177BN10346
Jimmy & Sandy HoneycuttLocust Grove;, GA (GA04)1976 177 RGN177BSHope this is the best ever!
Bruce HutchingsLancaster, NH (HIE)1977 177 RGN52061WOW! First to sign-up. I guess that tells you how anxious I am to get out of this New Hampshire winter.

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