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Every airplane has it's little details that are different than other airplanes. Whether you have 30,000 hours or 300 hours there are things you can learn, and things you can teach us about the operation of a Cardinal.

This page is a place to bring all that wisdom together. The links down the left frame are the categories, and each is full of information and suggestions to make that category informative and hopefully interesting.

There is a lot of text here and not many pictures.. but the info is from the people you'd like to hear from: owners of Cardinals.

I'll make a start, since I have about 1500 hours of Cardinal RG time, but if you have suggestions or knowledge that you would like to share, feel free to drop a note to me, Keith Peterson, the Webmaster.

These pages are a collection of the ideas and impressions of the Cardinal pilots who frequent this site. This information is anecdotal, informal and may not be completely accurate. The Cardinal Flyers are not certified mechanics and do not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of these pages. Please research and confirm anything that is referenced on these pages with the experts appropriate to your situation.

As always, the Cessna maintenance, operations and flight manuals, and the advice of a certified mechanic and flight instructor, should be your primary sources of information regarding safe maintenance and operation of your aircraft.

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