Welcome to the CFO Classifieds, where you will find the best cared for Cardinals on the planet. At least they are owned by the most well informed owners! The rest is up to them. :-)

This system is provided for posting of non-commercial ads by CFO members as part of your CFO Membership Benefits. If you have a commercial product or service and are interested in reaching the Cardinal marketplace through CFO please contact Keith or Debbie for details.

This system provides two levels of access: Non-members may see the ads, but not the personal data of our members. They may click on a `contact` button to send a note to the person who left the ad, without ever knowing their email address.

Members can see all the same information plus the name, phone, email and a private comment, if entered. And they may use the `contact` button as well.

Ads may be edited by their owner, right away or over time, to make corrections or change prices, etc. You may change or delete your ad at any time. The links for those functions are sent to you in an email when you place your ad.

Ads will automatically `time out` so they are not visible after a set time, and will be deleted completely from the system after a longer time. An email will be sent to you in both cases. If your ad has timed out, you may edit it (by changing anything, even adding a space) to reset the clock. The link to do this is emailed to you with the `time out` warning.

You may set alerts to have an email sent to you when an item is added to the classifieds. Only items added to categories which you select will generate a notification. This feature is only available to members, and will show after you have member access.

Please enjoy the new system and let me know if you have any issues or concerns with it's operation.