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Aerial Shots

Here are a few samples of Cardinals owned by CFO members.

Click on each image to bring up a larger (and slower loading) image in a new window.

Also check out the gallery of aircraft Photographed on the ground.

This is an old page, the new system allows members to upload their own images and tell their story as part of their member profile. Check it out!

In the Air

Paul Whippo picked up this 1972 F177RG from a fellow CFO member. The tail art comes from its having been based in Malta.

Rich Celestre's 74FG purchased through the CFO Classifieds

Jim Johnson has his picture snapped on his way to Pell City Alabama

Here are John & Wendy Vahey taken over the Fire Island inlet on the south shore of Long Island, NY. The aircraft is based at Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP).

Bill Simmons may have sold this '76 RG by now, but his RG certainly can leap. He's done a lot of work on this bird, if only it had seats for 5...

Kent Raney sends this shot of his 75RG. He purchased it in June of 99 and it is hangared at Spirit of St. Louis airport (SUS). He also sent this landing shot and another one in the air.

Rick Kozubek sends a picture of his 76 RG. Purchased Aug 00. Since then, he has replaced all the glass, added the gear pump light and rebuilt the engine and several maintenance items. The plane has 1980 total hours. Thanks for all the help from the web site!

Jim Nicholson shares this shot of his new RG. He purchased the airplane as a student pilot and finished his private in it. This picture was taken by Dick Beede, the fellow who first told Jim about the Cardinal for sale.

This photo shows Paul MacLellan flying back to Philadelphia from Florida on a beautiful April day. With Paul is Dennis Fitzgerald, former owner of the plane. The 177 is now C-GSFU and based in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Buz Heuchan sends in this nice picture of his '76 RG. Purchased in 1985, it has gone through a total metamorphsis to what you see here. He uses the airplane almost daily for his aeral photography business in Western Florida. He also sent this picture of his panel.

Tim Foley shared this shot of his '74 over San Fransisco.

Tom Neale's '74 RG was captured over the hills (he says "They're mountains to the folks back east, but just hills here") east of San Jose, CA. It really is this color, folks!

Here's a nice shot of Carl Miller's airplane. He also sent this nice shot as well as this one.

Joel Brightbill sent this nice shot of his '68 over Louisiana, and later he sent a shot of the airplane in more visible lighting.

Guy Maher sends this shot of his '74 RG. Nothing has been untouched since he purchased it. This is his 5th Cardinal over 25 years. The photo was taken over High Rock Lake near Salisbury, NC. Here is a picture of his fancy new panel.

Claudia Ferguson got this shot of her red and white aircraft in the air.

Jim & Christine Flux handed me this picture at Boyne Mountain. They live in Salisbury, UK.

Hank & Linda Fore of Colorado Springs, CO sent several pictures of their 1974 C177RG, N2056Q, Hangared at Meadowlake Airport (00V). Also check out this shot in front of Pike's Peak, and this great picture on the ground.

Don Coles took this shot of his new airplane over Southeastern Michigan. He uses it for aerial photography, and says he has it just about up to specks now.

Duane Allen snapped this shot of Jim Wang's 77FG shortly after takeoff from IZA on their way home from a CFO flyin.

David and Paula DeWald call their airplane "Slicker", here taking off in Indiana from a friend's grass strip (IN62) named Tropria (airport spelled backwards).

Ron Lisberg sends this shot of his airplane in flight.

Joshua Avida offers this picture of his '78 RG, the last one built. He is a CFI based at Van Nuys CA, and recently redid the interior in black leather. "In 14 years it has not given me any trouble, and I would not trade for any other airplane."

Tom Wippler from Little Falls Minn sends this shot of his 1972 177B, with only 2400 total time.

Here is my '75 RG, which I have owned for nine years. I previously owned a '68 fixed gear for 8 years. The '75 is much easier to handle on landing. She is based in Gainesville, GA and has 1735 hours TT airframe and engine. Dave McKinnon

C-GFNZ is a 1977 model, serial 177RG1169 with 3,100 hours total, 1,200 on the engine. Gus Gillespie flew it for two years before deciding it was a keeper and doing the refurbishment project at Sky Harbour. CFO # 0230 He also sent another air shot and a ground shot.

Jan Hovet sends these updated pictures of his aircraft, taken by a magazine photographer in Norway. He also included a picture of his panel.

Al Knupp has spent a year on this beauty, with fairings and upgrades galore. He's now getting 125 knots at 8K' on 8.5 GPH. He says "The Garmin 430 is the best thing I ever bought & the S-Tec really reduces the work load. Check out his panel. Al's the only guy we know who flies with a smile while his prop is stopped. :-)

Here is Michael Chartier's airplane, taken near Orleans, "the 'old' one" he says. Since he lives near Paris, France, that's enough to send me looking for my world atlas.

We had to drag Paul all the way to Illinois to get a picture of his new RG in flight. It's a Turbo'76 RG with a metal panel and a number of speed mods and custom improvements. We also have a picture of his panel.

Jay Farlow flies this Cardinal, seen here over Illinois.

For something completely different, check out this picture of a pair. More about this picture on this page.

Keith Peterson has a '76 RG that is pictured here over the Bahamas. Also check out his panel.

Chuck O'Dale send this picture of his aircraft over the Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico. You can see more of the telescope in this picture.

'Jerry' (Not much data in an AOL email) sends this shot of his '68 that he's done quite a bit of work on. He does aerial photography with his Cardinal in New York and Penn.

Rene & Sue Redmond send this shot of their '70 'B' over the coastal Kaikoura ranges in their home country of New Zealand. Rene and his friend Lew use it for aerial photography and staying in the air.

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