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Cardinal Facts: Retractable Gear

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Facts and considerations by year:

1971 RG

Landing lights in wing. (two PAR36)
Separate mags on engine.
Optional entry Steps on fuselage.
Narrow panel.
Electric gear actuation.
7 solenoids in gear system.
51 gallon fuel capacity.
Holes in only one seat rail per seat.
200 hp Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 engine with seperate mags.

1972 RG

Both seat rails per seat have holes starting this year.
New propeller improves performance.
Scoop vents on tailcone inspection panels added.
Entry steps not available.
New step pad on gear leg.
First year of cowl-mounted landing lights. (two PAR36)

1973 RG

Engine changed to IO-360-A1B6D with Bendix dual mag.
Governer requires adapter plate to keep oil in engine.
Fuel selector changed to left-right-both-off type.
61 gallon long range tanks become standard.
Cowl changed to more streamlined shape.
Latching pins added to doors.
Gear system gets hydraulic downlocks.

1974 RG

Electric gear selection switch changed to hydraulic selector.
Improved seats: rear seats move from bolts to retainers.
Heater duct extended to rear seat along doors.
Shoulder harness storage changed from wire clips to trays.
Marker beacon system in panel made smaller.
Stabilator abrasion boots become an option.

1975 RG

"Hat tray" added to rear bulkhead
Bumper plates added to fuselage near latch gear.
Belly quick-drain becomes standard.
Heating ducting changed, improved.

1976 RG

Panel changed to full width.
Gear system changed, all solenoids eliminated.
Marker beacon moved into audio panel.
Specs and instruments changed from MPH to Knots.
'Owner's manual' becomes 'Pilot Operating Handbook' in GAMA format

1977 RG

New paint type used, no primer used in factory.
Higher incidence of filiform corrosion
Fuel selector type changed to rebuildable version.

1978 RG

28 volt electrical system
Transit speed of Gear doubles
Avionics master switch standard.
Higher incidence of ill-fitting panels
Painted with primer.. lower filiform corrosion
Last year of the Cardinal: 100 built.

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