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   Aveo Enginneering CFO Sponsorship page
                Aircraft Lighting Done Right

Aveo Engineering is the unmatched manufacturer of LED lighting for ALL manner of aircraft. From UAVs to cabin class rotorcraft, experimental to commercial, civilian and military, and spacecraft our proprietary designs have resulted in unequaled lighting products.

Manufactured with only the highest quality components from U.S. and European suppliers, Aveo provides lighting with features just not found anywhere else.

We offer zero-drag exterior navigation and strobe lights (visible & NVIS), stunningly bright searchlights, ACL beacons, hoist, hover, landing and taxi lights, and multi-feature interior illumination.

At Aveo, "Brilliantly Different" is not just what we build, but who we are.

  • AS-9100D Certified, EASA POA & DOA, FAA PMA, TSO
  • Numerous STCs and MODs across various aircraft & helicopters
  • Custom Designs and modifications welcomed
  • Market leader for UAV lighting
  • Over 350,000 square feet of company facilities
  • International Certifications
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Lighter. Brighter. Efficient.

Aveo Introduces Conforma for the Cessna Cardinal 177™

Aveo invented the Conforma™ airframe-skin conformal lighting solutions a decade ago for the General Atomics Predator UAVs.

Since then we have built and delivered a few thousand tips to owners of VANS, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and Mooney aircraft, as well as numerous other UAVs around the world.

For more information from the Aveo web site, please click here.

To Contact Aveo please send them an email at
or give them a call at 1 386-225-4779.

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