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Aviation Plus LLC
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We get an A Plus for service

If you're like most Cardinal owners, you're ready for a maintenance shop that really understands your airplane. Someone who deals with Cardinals day in and day out, who knows things about the fleet without you having to pay them to learn.

Your dreams are answered! The folks at Aviation Plus LLC have been maintaining Cardinals since they were the new airplanes on the ramp, and deal with many dozens of Cardinals annually.

Aviation Plus LLC is a full service maintenance shop, capable of handling jobs large and small, as well as special services such as prop balancing and corrosion proofing. Bob Russell, Quentin Russell, Pat and the crew stand ready to meet your every Cardinal need.

CFO highly recommends Aviation Plus LLC for annual inspections, special projects and any problem that seems unique to the Cardinal. Many Cardinal owners bring their airplane to Aviation Plus every very years for an in-depth checkup or an upgrade. They are centrally located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just north of the Chicago area.

Aviation Plus has also developed a number of solutions for challenging or expensive Cardinal parts, such as brake swivels, door hinges, gear leg saddles or door handle mechanisms. If you are stuck on a Cardinal part issue chances are Aviation Plus has the solution and can help.

To find Aviation Plus LLC, ask the tower for directions and look for the hangar indicated in this picture. They are located just north of the arrival end of runway 6 right. This view is looking out the right side of the aircraft on departure on runway 24 left, looking generally north. As you taxi up you will see the sign above alongside the hangar door.

Whether you live near by or far away, there will come a time that Aviation Plus LLC is just the shop you need. Keep them in mind, whether for that super annual you always thought you should get or a second opinion on the expensive project your home-field mechanic recommends.

Both Keith and Paul routinely visit Aviation Plus LLC, and we have both learned a lot from those visits. We consider this to be the finest Cardinal shop in the country.

A note to those hoping for free phone advice: Bob has always been willing to help a Cardinal owner in need, but his in-shop customers deserve his full attention. Let's use the CFO community, web system and digest to minimize the phone-support load on Bob, and share what we learn through the CFO forums. That way we can save his time for the really tough problems.. :-)

To Contact Aviation Plus LLC, call them at
262-656-1260 or email

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