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Give Your Cardinal The Best

It's time for the tug industry to catch up with the technology of the aircraft they're moving. The days of circle gauges and analog displays are making way for touch screens and GPS. So it should be with tugs built from motorized tubing and bike brakes.

Best Tugs is engineered to protect your plane with industrial grade framework and state-of-the-art software that is designed for your Cardinal.

To see the Best Tugs Alpha 3 in operation on a Cardinal, check out Keith Peterson's unboxing and first test video on Youtube.

The following selected products would be an excellent addition to your hangar and help you to move your Cardinal with precision and ease:


Change the way you see dragger style tugs. With a digital display, Tug Smart™ Technology, and a patented pivoting design, the Alpha line is reinventing classic ideas.

Alpha 2:


The Alpha line is the latest addition to the Best Tugs lineup. Capable of moving planes up to 2,600 lbs, the A2 is a revolutionary option for pilots with small aircraft.

It comes loaded with standard features that will change how you look at dragger style tugs. Industrial hardware, coupled with state-of-the-art software, makes moving your plane simple and easy. When flying is convenient, you WILL fly more.

For more information from the Best Tugs web site, please click here.

Alpha 3:

Move More

The Alpha A3 is the upgraded workhorse of the Best Tugs Alpha line. An upgraded motor pushes the capacity to 3,600 lbs. Standard with all the Best Tugs technology that changed the industry, the A3 is changing how pilots see dragger style tugs.

For more information from the Best Tugs web site, please click here.


Remote Control Aircraft Tugs

With all the innovation, quality, and reliability Best Tugs is founded on we are proud to bring you our remote control aircraft tug. Coming standard with great features like Tug Smart Technology™, plane-specific software, intuitive controls, smart charge technology and torque control, the Romeo still has more to offer pilots.

For more information from the Best Tugs web site, please click here.

To Contact Best Tugs visit their web site, or contact them at:

Toll Free: 800.914.2003 |

Or visit them at 3573 N Main St Spanish Fork, UT 84660

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