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MAPLE LEAF Aviation Limited
Cardinal Speed Mods

Those who have been around Cardinals for a while are used to hearing the praises of Maple Leaf aviation, makers of the famous Fancy Pants speed fairings. This fairing system reduces the drag of the fixed gear nosewheel strut and protects the strut.

Maple Leaf may be best known for their fixed cowl flap, which attaches to the lower cowl of the early Cardinals and redirects the airflow away from the lower firewall. This mod alone generates a substantial improvement in performance for the '68 and '69 Cardinals.

Over the years, Maple Leaf has added a number of other products designed to improve the performance of all Cardinals.

These products include stabiliator tips and replacement wheel pants build from Fiberglas, a much stronger material than Cessna used.

They also offer improved fairings to fit around the brakes and axle of wheel fairings, tailcone and exhaust pipe fairings, antenna fairings and bolt fairings.

Most of their designs are the work of Roy Sobchuk, long revered expert in the reduction of drag and increase of speed and utility for the Cardinal. The airplane to the right is his test bed and personal airplane. And it's a fast one!

Listen to Roy talk and you will hear of experiments and sound engineering design, not flashy talk or outlandish claims. Because Maple Leaf makes their fairings and mods from aircraft Fiberglas, rather than plastic, they are very resilient and stable parts.

If you have an interest in making your Cardinal faster, more efficient, stronger and better looking, look no further than Maple Leaf Aviation.

To Contact Maple Leaf Aviation Limited, call call Dave or Chris at
204-728-7618, fax to 204 725 1719 or email

or visit their web page.

The snail mail address is:
Maple Leaf Aviation Limited
Group 520, Box 16, RR#5
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 5Y5

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