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McFarlane is a diversified manufacturing company that specializes in providing affordable, high-quality FAA-PMA components. In addition to an extensive line of high-quality FAA-PMA replacement parts, they offer a complete line of customer-designed and OEM products, including door and flight control cables, push-pull controls, cargo and seat rails, and many other unique products for the broader aerospace community.

Their products are engineered with superior quality and longer service life. No matter what you purchase from McFarlane, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product at the lowest price!

McFarlane offers a 5% discount for CFO members. To get the discount you will need to make a request for special pricing through your web page login account.

Below are just a few of the items which McFarlane makes available which would be applicable to our Cardinals.

MT ‘Ultra’ Performance Series Propeller!
MTV-9-B/198-52 is the perfect propeller for your Cardinal!

•    Low weight prop - saving as much as 20 pounds on the nose
•    Increased static thrust
•    Improved CG and reduced stall speed
•    Shorter take-off distance
•    Improved rate of climb performance
•    Great cruise performance
•    No restricted propeller rpm ranges
•    Turbine-like smooth, vibration free operations
•    Nickel-Cobalt leading edge --> 60% stronger
•    Reduced noise
•    Unlimited blade and hub life
•    Reduced risk of engine damage resulting from prop strikes

Standard STC Kit Contents: FAA STC: SA03699NY
•    3-Blade Constant Speed Composite Propeller MTV-9-B/198-52
•    Kevlar Spinner with Painted Finish P-666-2 (+32mm)
•    STC documents with Letter of Authorization

Propeller Specifications:
•    Propeller Hub Designation MTV-9-B (145mm)
•    Propeller Hub SAE #2 ‘B’ Flange Hub milled from single-piece aluminum billet
•    Blades /198-52 Ultra Series, Scimitar design light-weight composite construction
      with Replaceable Nickel-Cobalt Leading Edge
•    Installed Propeller and Spinner Weight 54 lbs
•    Maximum Diameter 78 in. (198 cm)
•    Minimum Diameter 76 in. (193 cm)
•    TBO (whichever occurs first) 2400 hrs / 72 month

Fuel Reservoir Drain Valve
•    McFarlane’s blue vulcanized Viton rubber tip will outlast the original in any fuel!
•    All metal, one piece design eliminates the flimsy C-clip
•    FDV-KT-1 O-ring and plunger kit also available

* 1 each required for aircraft serial numbers 177RG0001 thru 177RG0282 and F177RG0001 thru F177RG0062.
* 2 each required for aircraft serial numbers 177RG0283 thru 177RG1366 and F177RG0063 thru F177RG0177.

Nose Strut Seal Kit
Don’t waste your time with substandard seals, nothing compares!
•    Double edge (“X” style) seal that will not twist and leak!
 •   Improved lock rings are made of 304 stainless steel for better corrosion resistance
•    Go years without servicing!
•    Components also available separately

Seat Rails
Available drilled or undrilled!
•    Carefully engineered with many improvements
•    Added strength and longer life
•    Anodized for corrosion and wear resistance
•    Easier installation
•    Full interchangeability with the original Cessna parts

McFarlane Tools – Making Life For Mechanics Easier Every Day
50+ different tools in stock to help you out!
Seat Rail Wear Gauge
•    Checks wear limits as per A.D. 2011-10-09
•    No more guessing!
•    Fast and accurate!

Seat Roller Housing Gauge
•    Checks wear limits as per A.D. 2011-10-09
•    Save Time! Faster than calipers
•    Measures all three dimensions

Vacuum Pump Wrench
P/N TOOL133 and TOOL133-L
•    Stronger & lasts longer!
•    1/4” square drive
•    Two lengths for different sized pumps!

See all McFarlane’s tools here!

Custom Flight Cables and Push-Pull Controls

Flight Control Cables

•    Pre-stretched and proof loaded to MIL-DTL-5688
•    Manufactured using the same materials and attention to quality as our FAA-PMA cables
•    McFarlane is a D.O.D. QML-6117 approved cable supplier

All of our custom flight cables meet or exceed all DOD, MIL-SPEC, and FAA specifications. We are DOD certified (QML listed) to fabricate flight cable assemblies to MIL-DTL-6117 specifications or we can manufacture to your custom specifications.

Our flight cables are produced with standard AN or MS type fittings. They are also pre-stretched and proof loaded in
accordance with MIL-DTL-5688.

We also manufacture and certify cable assemblies to the NAS302 through NAS310 standards. If you need cable assemblies requiring special non-standard terminals, we can quickly make them to your specifications or old cable using our precision machine shop, inspection system, and quality-controlled processes.

If you have any questions regarding custom flight cables, call Kelli Bishop at 866-920-2741 ext. 313, or email her at Original patterns may be sent to Kelli's attention at: McFarlane Aviation Products, 682 E 1700 RD, Building C, Baldwin City, KS 66006

Push-Pull Controls

McFarlane can manufacture Push-Pull Controls for most any aircraft flying today. All McFarlane Push-Pull Custom Control Cables are built to customer provided specifications. Our custom controls duplicate the original customer supplied controls in regard to length, thread size and pitch, wear sleeve locations, diameter and travel length. Vernier-Assist technology is also available for some controls in addition to our standard designs.

Custom controls are manufactured to the same standards using the same materials, rigorous testing and inspections as our FAA-PMA approved products; however, custom controls are not FAA-PMA approved.

If you have any questions regarding custom controls, call Kelli Bishop at 866-920-2741 ext. 313, or email her at Original patterns may be sent to Kelli's attention at:
McFarlane Aviation Products, 682 E 1700 RD, Building C, Baldwin City, KS 66006

Your Low Cost Maintenance Solution

•    Tempest Oil Filters & Tools
•    Engine Oil
•    Spark Plugs
•    DAM Toolbox Essentials
•    Induction Air Filters
•    Installation & Maintenance Tools

To Contact McFarlane visit their web site, or contact them at:
Toll Free: 1-866-920-2741 | | Direct: (785) 594-2741

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